SpyingBlade was rewarded with Heist's Silence, Lil’Wang had gotten the storm elemental - Anloss and AV obtained Garros’ Mad Growth. Everyone had gotten their respective strong hero skills and leveled up to their limits. Without asking, LordAsked knew that Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan must have received some holy hero skills. Please don’t bring any paladins to this team. It’ll only be more difficult to distribute the items. 

Seeing the image of SpyingBlade’s body becoming blurry, CloudDragon thought. These stealth-type skills suit him a lot. He then stared at his own Rapid Thunderstrike and his equipment. We’ve been way ahead of other nations. Our equipment is at least two or three levels higher than the rest, not to mention our skills. I’m just afraid of a civil war between China players in the end.

Lin Le touched the corpse and passed the items to Ye Cang. There were three magic iron equipment. The necklace was given to Lil’Wang, an accessory was handed to LordAsked and the remaining item, a pair of nature magic boots, was distributed to AV. As for the skill books, one of them was the Mana-depleting Spore Powder skill from the boss. In the team, no one besides Ye Cang and AV could learn it. After pondering for a while, Ye Cang gave it to AV. My mana is not enough for so many large skills even when my mana is three times that of NalanPureSoul. Large area skills surely consume a lot of mana. 

As for the remaining ones, they were distributed according to their own needs. Those leftovers were either thrown into the handcart or bought by MistyVeil and the rest.

Ye Cang was interested in Gulogu’s corpse due to its strong taste. Mmhmm~ I have another significant fermentation catalyst for my secret sauce. He then separated the core spores and its outer part and kept it away. They continued to go deeper or to be exact, towards the exit. Surprisingly, as they progressed, there were lesser spores and fungus. Most of them were wrinkled. When they arrived at the outer hallway of the garden, a strong odor triggered their noses and LordAsked told himself, “I could eat two bowls of rice just by smelling this.” 

Blackish maroon roots and branches were everywhere. Ye Cang and SpyingBlade sneaked into the garden and saw a maroon plant-creature or creature-plant in the center. The type of species was unknown because various organs seemed to be all over the plant-like creature and were full of nodules. On top of it was the head of a female with white long hair and a pair of gigantic and dried black arms swinging. Just the sight of it sent chills to their spines.

Mixture of Mutated Spirits - Yesha: This creature is made out of a combination of plants, spores, and dead spirits. It has strong damage and their mental status is usually messy. It was nurtured by negative energy, the effect of the landscape, and the plants in the surroundings. Holy, fire, and lightning elements are its weakness but water and earth are its favorites. It can absorb life energy and regrow at a mad speed. Its ‘heart’ and ‘brain’ are precious ingredients.

The two of them went back and explained the landscape and the boss’ characteristics to the team.

“Yesha, as recorded in the literature in the sleeping chamber, is the daughter of War Fist’s. However, she was killed by War Fist and buried in the grave for secretly entering the place where they stored the Star of Broken Sky.” The name rang a bell for Little Ye Tian and she added on.

“Get the molotov cocktails ready,” CloudDragon looked at Ye Cang.

“Of course. 10G per bottle. Lele, start distributing,” Ye Cang nodded.

“You still can’t let go of the chance to scam money from us?!” MistyVeil almost ran out of gold coins. Lin Le’s cannon shots had taken half of them. In addition, she had already spent quite an amount on buying the leftover equipment.

“What do you mean by scamming? Do you even know what the molotov cocktails were made of?! The blood of the hellhounds and advanced level fire elemental crystals. I’m giving you guys a friendly price. I usually sell it at 30G!” Ye Cang argued as he gestured at a bottle of molotov cocktail.

“8G, okay, 8G,” LordAsked was speechless. Isn’t it just fire elemental slime gel?! It’s even made out of those leftover gels. The cost of it isn’t even 10% of the selling price.

“*sigh* Alright, Lele, give them the cocktails.” Lin Le accidentally knocked the handcart and hundreds of bottles poured out. “Buy more. Why don’t you buy more? Lele always makes them when I’m free. Since Lele had used a lot of fuel to make the boss explode back in Thousand Peak Mountains, I’ve made a few hundred thousand more to make that worth! In the past, I could only toss them one by one but now, I can toss them in a bundle…”

“......” LordAsked, CloudDragon, and the others wondered how scary and intimidating Lin Le was. His battle instinct was sharp and he is from the top-up class with various money skills. As he gets richer, it becomes more impossible to kill him. Yet, if he wants to kill you, burying you with money is more than enough.

LordAsked put down 2000 gold coins. “I’m taking 600 bottles. Well, just treat it like you’re doing a Buy 5 Free 1 promotion.”

“Brother Asked is sure good at negotiating. Alright, it’s up to you,” Ye Cang kept the money away.

CloudDragon also bought 600 bottles and Gongsun Qian and MistyVeil bought 300 each. MistyVeil was crying inside. I wanted to buy more but it’s better for me to save some money for emergencies. This thing is really useful and he’s the only one selling it.

Meanwhile, AV, Lil’Wang, SpyingBlade, and the others told the rest that they had hundreds of bottles in their bags together with a few super elite ones for their own safety.

“We’ll need to use molotov cocktails to cover the space since the roots and branches must have their own damage,” CloudDragon pointed at the roots that were in maroon with a hint of black.

“Yeap, and don’t hesitate to use hero spirit skill or hero skills. After clearing this garden, we have to prepare for the Hammer of Storm. According to the info I’ve gotten, it’s different from all the bosses we’ve encountered. So, that will be a do or die and there’s no turning back,” Little Ye Tian reminded them.

“Let’s go,” Ye Cang signaled and Zhang Zhengxiong, VastSea, LordAsked, ThornyRose and FrozenCloud took the lead. The rest followed.

Upon arriving at the garden with the mutated creature in the center, the five tankers surrounded it.

The lady looked up with her maroon eyes full of hatred and screamed as though there was no tomorrow. Her emotions were intense.

“Why?! Why?! I just accidentally entered to have a look! That’s all! Why?! And I’m your daughter! Why did you kill me?!”

“Didn’t you say that I’m the daughter you loved the most?!”

“Liar! Liar! Cruel slayer!”

“Who am I?! Where am I?! Who are you guys?!”

“Father, I didn’t go in on purpose! Don’t kill me! No! Ah!”

“I hate you! I hate you! It must be Father who sent y’all here! Now die!”

Lin Le blinked his eyes and threw a bundle of molotov cocktails right at her face. “Are you done? Now give us the equipment, quick.”

Everyone was dumbfounded by Lin Le’s action. Seeing Yesha screaming with flames surrounding and engulfing her, they besieged her.

NalanPureSoul and Ye Cang once again put up the bloom of red lotus act. Their chemistry was getting better and they smiled at each other.

Wu Na was making a mini fireball. Whenever I see the two of them look at each other, I can’t stop myself from feeling like there are some dirty matters behind it. She was even jealous when she knew NalanPureSoul liked Ye Cang.

“It’s painful! Painful!” Yesha was screaming and swinging her arms like she was trying to take off into a flight. The black roots in the garden then started absorbing their health. AV healed them at once while Lil’Wang’s water elemental was also casting some water healing spell and his lightning elemental was attacking the boss madly.