Yesha was absorbing their health madly and CloudDragon felt that even the sea of flames could not stop the boss. However, Little Ye Tian’s words silenced the atmosphere, “Her wounds did not recover but signs show that she was being poisoned.”

Yesha screamed in pain but she was unable to stop her life absorbing skill. Her eyes, mouth, and ears were burning with flames as if her blood was ignited too. “Argh! What have you guys done to me?! What have you done?!”

Everyone was speechless. We didn’t do anything. They then recalled a boss they once fought with who had a large area life-absorbing skill also had a similar situation as her. We’re sorry. Our health is’s the world’s most disgusting thing...sorry...

“She wants to stop absorbing! Get to your knees and hug the branches and roots, force her to absorb!” ThornyRose immediately grabbed the roots to wrap around herself.

“You guys are inhumane.” Speechlessly, AV was healing them with all his might. They almost dig a hole and bury themselves to make it absorb their lives.

Yesha’s health was depleting like how the tide was ebbing. Her skin started to dry up, cracked and her face was twisted in pain. With a devastating scream wave, Wu Na, FrozenCloud, ThornyRose, and Lil’Wang died in an instance.

“These types of deadly screaming skills usually have instant death effects. Quickly resurrect Lil’Wang and ThornyRose! The two of them are the priority!” CloudDragon shouted as he almost died together with them.

Even though absorbing four lives eased Yesha’s pain, still, double the pain surged through her body. It was freezing and burning at the same time. “Kill me! Kill me already! You bastards! What have you done to me?!”

LordAsked was dumbfounded. “Does that mean our souls are poisonous too?”

“I think it should be the food buff we have on us. Those were all grandmaster-level and above biological dishes’ buff. It’s not surprising if it can reach our souls.” CloudDragon was too lazy to attack the boss as he felt that the boss was almost being tortured to death by their poisonous health.

Little Tadpole jumped on her, gave her some holy slaps, a few kicks, and a spat of holy saliva that covered her face. Little Ren and SpyingBlade proceeded to slash her body a few more times.

Meanwhile, CloudDragon casually dodged the catchfrom Yesha. Little Tadpole rolled him into its mouth and shot him out like a cannon shot. He landed right at her face with Titan’s Flammable Kick and caused severe damage .

CloudDragon could not be more amazed at the talent and instinct of Little Tadpole. It is really strong. I’m kinda curious about its final form.

“Imma eat you up!” Yesha came at FrozenCloud who just revived with her bloody mouth.

“Stop! Don’t move! Let her eat you! But before that, quickly drink a mouthful of Black Dragon Kill!” CloudDragon was interested in the effect of their buffs.

“......” As no one objected, FrozenCloud quickly drank the wine and let Yesha swallow her up in a gulp.

While waiting to get digested, FrozenCloud could clearly see how the skeleton and skull-face clouds were torturing the boss from the inside. In her body, the air smelt exactly like the familiar dishes which made FrozenCloud faint a moment later. It smells so bad! It feels like being trapped in the nonsensical broth team leader always boils!

“Looks interesting. Lele also wants to be eaten!” Lin Le jumped over, opened the boss’ mouth, and forcefully hopped in. He saw the fainted FrozenCloud who was being digested. This smell is familiar. He fainted too. The mixture of poison from the two bodies created an even horrible effect.

Yesha who was deeply poisoned and was on the verge of death begged them to kill her as she surrendered with a haggard and awfully looking face

Zhang Zhengxiong then unleashed Holy One Strike at her skull. A holy blade descended from the sky and killed it at once.

“…” Yesha was relieved from the pain.

“Congratulations! Your team has successfully killed Yesha! Level +2, life-steal +3%, health recovery speed +20%, a random legendary accessory, skill points +5, talent points +5.”

As Ye Cang came to the corpse, he was blocked out by everyone else. As for Lin Le, he touched the corpse after waking up and went to vomit with FrozenCloud. The smell inside the boss’ body was indescribable. To say that it was gross was just an understatement. The two of them suddenly understood the feelings of the cooked food being inside.

“This boss is really a noob, isn’t it? It’s even weaker than Lightning Fist,” Ye Cang was thinking whether he would need to use any of his hero skills before that.

“Yeah, yeah, you contributed the most…” LordAsked said. Originally, this boss is really stronger than other guarding bosses and it has unlimited life-steal, which was able to suck one’s soul, a large-area deadly, scream, and scary cells-regenerating ability. Yet, your dishes shut down all her skills, poisoned her and made her beg us to kill her. To be honest, this is the first boss that begged humans to kill her due to the torture she suffered. And from what… the great food you cooked. Wow. She looked more peaceful when she passed away as compared to living with whatever you’ve cooked.

“What do you mean?” Ye Cang did not understand.

“Your dishes poisoned our blood and souls…” FrozenCloud was trembling.

“Then, what does it have to do with me? That’s not considered poison! That’s the holy power of cooking! It’s obvious that the boss died because her evil body was absorbing the holy power and she was being punished by it. Oh, Lil’Dino, looks like you’ve much to learn,” Ye Cang argued.

“But to be honest, when she absorbed my health, I felt so good. It was as if I’m excreting toxins from my body…and that was a relief,” ThornyRose’s words made them recall the feeling when their health was being absorbed. It was indeed different than before. It really felt like excreting toxins. We feel so much more energetic now.

Meanwhile, Lin Le was glaring at FrozenCloud angrily, “Lil’Dino! It’s so not fun inside! It feels like being tossed into the pot and being cooked by Brother Lil’White! Why didn’t you warn us?! You made me go in for nothing! I hate you!”

“Oh, so it’s my fault now?! It was your own curiosity that killed you. How could I warn you when I was stuck inside?!” FrozenCloud shivered as she recalled the feelings of being trapped inside. She then stared at CloudDragon, “I’ll be prioritized for the next grapple item! Okay?!”

Seeing their awful expressions, CloudDragon could make a rough guess of the situation inside. “Sure.”

Little Ye Tian was so happy when she saw Lin Le suffering.

Ye Cang did not bother what the others said about his dishes and took the items handed over by Lin Le. Two legendary items, two high-quality skill books. Since one of the legendary items, the Regenerating Cape was a nature elemental equipment, it was given to AV and the others had no opinion. AV had been quite a good team player as he had strong healing abilities and helped the tankers in defending enemies. As for the other item, it was a legendary ring with high damage, strength, and explosive skills. Originally, Lin Le wanted it but he agreed to give it to CloudDragon after some thought in exchange for the rights to get similar items in the future.

Among the skill books, one of them was the skill to summon Soul-sucking Flower. It could continuously absorb enemies’ health to recover allies’ which was also given to AV. The other one was a Fallen World skill book - Breaking Free. When receiving damage, one could leave an empty shell to block the damage and instantly move to another desired place. Since VastSea was the only one who did not have a second displacement skill among the three main tankers, they came to a decision to give it to him.