“We've cleared most of the outer region. Everyone, please prepare well, physically and mentally for the Hammer of Storm region. The food buff is fading soon. Let me think of something else.” Ye Cang asked them to dismiss as clearing so many regions continuously had been exhausting for them. Those little monsters are killing us already. It's not good to be so tensed up for a long period of time. Just like what Little Tian said, the Hammer of Storm region might be a critical point. We must go in with our best form. And of course, I must also come out with the best food too!

“Brother White, just prepare something easy and effective. There's no need to make a feast,” LordAsked shivered and his stomach felt a little unwell even before eating anything. 

“No worries. I'll take note of that. I can guarantee that it’ll be quick and tasty,” Ye Cang’s words made everyone's skeptical hearts sink. 

Their tremendous increase in level gave them a relief to battle extra monsters in order to level up. Everyone logged out to rejuvenate themselves mentally, by eating something good, drinking some beer, and going shopping. MistyVeil felt that insanity was getting the better of her and was taking over her actions. At the thoughts of those pots of food, she quickly opened the fridge and mixed whiskey, vodka, tequila, and lemon together in a glass. Holding the cocktail she prepared herself, she went to the pavilion on the deck of the pond to spend some time alone. After that, she decided to take a good shower and it was then when she recalled the times when Ye Cang took a shower there and the bullet was about to pierce through her hand. That idiotic white-haired… But he is sometimes reliable, no doubt… 

The Qin family's branch. 

Staring at ThornyRose who was stuffing all kinds of food in her mouth madly, the housekeeper pondered. Ever since my lady and the white young man were together, I feel that she became less picky. Yesterday, I remember seeing her stealthily trudging to the fridge and eating the leftover food from the servants. Her eyes showed her heartfelt gratitude and she was thanking God while eating. The power of love is surely great. 

Meanwhile, LordAsked and Ji Xiao were at the hawker stall by the street.

“Six sets of meals please!”

“Hey, the two young men, if you’ve been tortured by someone, you can always make a report to the police. Don’t just quietly endure it. *sigh* Life is hard nowadays…” The stall owner felt pity and gave them two big bowls of vegetables and fried rice with meat slices. “Just pay for three meals. The others are on me.”

For some reasons, LordAsked felt his heart grieving. However, when the aroma of the potatoes, beans, chilies, and other food stimulated his nostrils, he dug in like a beast. Ji Xiao was crying as he ate. This is so good! So scrumptious! The owner lit up a stick of cigarette and stared at them. These two young men are too pitiful. I must help them. Grandmaster, I knew that you gave us the order not to show our secret art to the world unless it was necessary. But I don’t have children or a wife to pass this technique on to. Look, these two young men are talented but their luck was limited. How pathetic. Whenever they come to my stall and eat, it just gives me the feeling they are just a step away from swallowing the bowl. I just can’t resist it when seeing this. Rather than allowing the skill to be gone to waste, I’ve decided to pass them the Xuantian Arhat’s Demon-Slaying Secret Art. I, Shi Qiantian, have never fought for status and positions in my life. No matter what sword saints or fighters appear, I’ve always defeated them. But we are the same grandmaster, we don’t like battles and would always hope someone could inherit our spirits.

Staring at them as they were eating, the owner said, “When you’re done, come with me.”

Sensing the serious expression in the zestful eyes of the boss, LordAsked was shocked. His aura is never any weaker than any of the elders in our family. He dared not resist. Xiaoxiao, looks like we have encountered someone incredible. He increased his vigilance.

Meanwhile, Ji Xiao was licking the bowl and praised the owner, “This is the best fried rice I’ve ever eaten!”

The boss’ sympathy for them was getting stronger as he wondered how horrible their life was in the Imperial City.

VastSea’s house.

CloudDragon was dumbfounded by the sight that VastSea could do almost 381 one-fingered upside-down push-ups as an ordinary person. Just how much effort has he put in to do that?! Even I would be exhausted from doing so many repetitions and yet he could still continue. VastSea would switch arms when either of his hands was exhausted. When both arms were down, he would use a metal rod to hold himself, preventing his muscles from relaxing, not even for a second. In the meantime, he would switch on the TV to keep himself updated with the latest news about which new player has debuted. He would never miss out any of the details. When he was satisfied, he would nod at the poster of his defeat and head to bed.

CloudDragon was in complete bewilderment. This is an ordinary day in his life?! He was so precise that he even recorded his breathing. Not to mention, he used most of his time to train physically and mentally. In the end, he took notice of all the updates around the world in his own ways and greeted his poster before he sleeps. Gosh! CloudDragon was having goosebumps as he was so amazed at how organized and disciplined VastSea’s life was. He even felt guilty. I’ve always been treated as a genius. But if my talents were to be given to this man, I can’t imagine how it would end up for his enemies. So that is why Flame Emperor pays him that amount of respect.

VastSea who was in his room quietly pulled out a couple of sheets of tissues. Next, it’s the best time to fantasize…. Everything I’ve done throughout the day was to ensure that I can completely release… Ah~~ 

The house by the beach.

Gongsun Qian and SpyingBlade were spending their own romantic time in the room with each other’s company. AV and Lil’Wang decided to come over for a two-day short stay. The two of them were eavesdropping outside SpyingBlade’s room. Fang Ci who was coincidentally passing by sighed when he knew what they were up to and decided to walk away. Yet, they exclaimed, “Even though we know that...how should I say this…well, you’re jealous, Zhaozhao is actually awesome. He always takes care of you during our adventures. You can’t be jealous, alright, since Sister Qian is his official wife.”

“......” Fang Ci’s chest was heavy. Just then, the door opened and they grabbed Fang Ci to prevent him from leaving. “We know that it isn’t easy for you but since Sister Qian has accepted you, why don’t you give them some personal space? Stop eavesdropping outside their room… *sigh* Whatever.”

The two of them left casually.

Seeing Fang Ci standing in front of her, Gongsun Qian grabbed his hand, “Sister, come in. Let’s have a talk. Wanna go on a shopping date with me and Sister Song?”

“......” Fang Ci was screaming on the inside. Did you just call me sister?! Sister?!

SpyingBlade wiped his sweat. I guess I roughly know what happened but… Gongsun Qian likes to crack jokes about Fang Ci, doesn’t she… Don’t tell me that she is a yaoi fandom...

After making her return to China, the first place Song Xin went to was Lin Le’s room and they started clearing each other’s mucus in their ears.

Ye Cang quietly opened the drawer and took out a picture of Xinxue. “Xue, I’ll never forget you. Your death anniversary is around the corner. You wouldn’t hate me for starting my life again, would you? I don’t even know whether a creature like me deserves to have a future or not but I… I’m sorry…”

He clenched the photo really hard and once again recalled his momentary experience after his grandmother’s death. Family members. Lovers. I couldn’t differentiate anymore. I only knew that she was once an important person to me. The future, the past, and the present are bothering her. In the end, he put the photo back to where it was and stared into himself in the mirror, “Am I really who I am? How can I anticipate a future and have false hope when I know they’re absolutely non-existent?”

He then came to the balcony and left his mind blank as he stared at the beautiful tree surrounded by its dropping petals being blown back up by the light wind. Maybe I was meant to die… But thoughts of Nana, that crazy bitch, Lele, A’Xiong and the rest kept flashing through my mind… Xue, what should I do?

Qin family. Main branch.

“Qin Zhong, do you have in mind any candidates for The Great Families’ Youth Meeting this year?” Qin Xiong was sitting in the trigram.

“Qin Yunlong (CloudDragon) from the main branch and a relative of someone from the side branch. My son-in-law, Ye Cang! And Qin San’s two apprentices, Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le! I can be the guarantor of their strength even though they’re not from the main branch.” The first part of Qin Zhong’s words earned some nods from the elders but the latter gave rise to some dissatisfaction. 

“You are talking about that white-haired fella?” Qin Xiong had a rough idea of who Ye Cang was. That fella’s strength is obviously the best among his batch of people since not many can put up a fight with those old freaks from the Liu family. “Hmm… Qin San’s apprentices are not bad too,” Qin Zhong knew Qin Xiong had a faint impression of who Ye Cang was.

All of the elders started to object and argue.

“Shut up! Qin Zhong, you’ll be responsible for the Youth Meeting this time! Anyone who has any objections, come and talk to me personally!” Upon finishing, Qin Xiong closed the gate of the eight trigram.