Qin san put down his communication device. The old fella still did not know that his grand son-in-law had a chance of surpassing him in terms of strengths… Asking that young man to join the Youth Competition… What if he suffers from a trauma? This is too cruel but interesting at the same time. He then called Ye Cang, “Son-in-law, there's an act that I hope you can have some fun from…”

“Father-in-law, I'm sorry. I’ve never liked acting like an idiot,” Ye Cang said in a serious manner. 

“......” Qin San was speechless. Yeah right. 

“But since it’s your order, I could still forcefully accept it. What’s this thing about?” Ye Cang sighed.

“The Ten Great Families’ Youth Competition. This time around, my old man had chosen the representative for the Qin family. He chose Qin Yunlong (CloudDragon), A’Xiong, Lele, and you.’

“When is it?”

“On the tenth day of the following lunar month. Zhen’er will come and get all of you.”

“Alright. Oh yeah, father-in-law, how’s Teacher La Hongye?”

“I feel like it gets bigger. It’s so amazing. The billowing wave…”

The two of them then started talking about the teacher’s boobs and picked a slot to sit in her class again.

ThornyRose also got the news of Ye Cang joining the Youth Competition. Ye Cang can battle with dad for a long period of time. “You and grandpa are really…”

“He said that he doesn’t like doing any idiotic acts but accepted the offer for the sake of our relationship…” Qin San’s words made ThornyRose choke. He doesn’t like what?! Father! Do you know your son-in-law’s nickname in the virtual world?! It’s “Acting Emperor”! Things like killing lectures, technical faults, blocking others from their respawning spot, taunting others, and grabbing the butt of the Rose of Versailles while watching battle matches, you name it, he’s done it. This notorious perverted man even pierced her butt at the end and gave an excuse that it was only considered one time if he pierced in and pulled out. If he doesn’t pull out, it wasn’t considered as one go! He’s just so unbelievable!

Lost for words, ThornyRose returned to her room, “As long as you guys are happy.”

Ye Cang told the rest about the Ten Great Families’ Youth Competition.

“We’ll go and cheer for you guys,” Wu Na smiled.

“Hmm...it’s on the tenth. Nice, I have a day off, I don’t need to apply for leave from the boss,” Huang Zhong was drinking his tea.

Just how much you care for that mascot job. Everyone pondered.

“Hmm…the Imperial Capital. We can go have a visit and experience their culture,” Liu Bei smirked. Cao Cao and Sun Quan nodded too, “Yeap, it’s beneficial for us to experience more. Grandmaster, you’re a resident in the Imperial Capital, right?”

“No worries, I’ll welcome you guys,” AV smirked.

Everyone understood.

“Oh lord, I, Huang Hansheng, am really glad to be your follower and be taken care of by you… From today, your business is my business! I’ll never say no!” Huang Zhong’s words made AV ponder. Why do I feel that team leader’s relatives are all insane in one way or another? “Nah, it’s nothing. Lil”Huang, that’s my responsibility as the leader.”

He then pulled Huang Zhong to a side and handed him a new resource. “New stock… limited edition. The Story of The Subcontractor and The Nun…”

Huang Zhong quietly looked at the description and read to himself. The nun from Mount. Heavenly Phoenix has not been repaying her loans for a long while. As the subcontractor and the boss of the SME, what should you do? The choice is ultimately yours. Are you going to kick them out of the place and threaten them? Are you going to kidnap them? Or are you going to rebuild a new harem and create an endless hell? Good, evil, demons, gangrape, wives, and killing. You have the say. You...can really do whatever you desire.

Nuns… Huang Zhong was bothered by the goosebumps he was having from the previous game but it was balanced out by excitement at the same time. He thanked AV. Hehe, another sleepless night. “Oh lord, I’ve never regretted joining the team.”

Meanwhile, Wu Na, FrozenCloud, Gongsun Qian, Song Xin and the other girls started preparing dinner. Since he was bored and usually kept himself out of the kitchen, Ye Cang took out the board game, “Let’s play a few rounds before dinner.”

After familiarising themselves with the rules, the four ancient men joined in. Everyone picked their own hero character.

“Mine is Xiang Four-eyed...Xiangyu… Not sure if he’s still mad at me…” Liu Bei looked at his hero card.

“Ash from the Really New Village?” Cao Cao did not recognize the boy in his hand.

“That’s his nickname. Go have a look at this person. He’s f*cking OP. Throughout the few hundred years of shows, he had been capturing all the Pokemons from the sky to the sea. It’s quite pitiful that he didn’t manage to be the Pokemon Master,” Little Ye Tian who was being banned from playing the game said.

“Hey, young sis Little Tian, as a girl, don’t use words like ‘f*cking’, alright? It’s very vulgar,” Sun Quan reminded her and the moment he looked at his own hero card, “What the f*ck…”

He could not avoid turning the air blue when he saw Liu Bei in his hand and the phrase ‘The Emperor of Han’ written on the card. He almost tore the card into halves, “I got the Big Ear Thief Liu Bei.”

“It’s the Emperor of Han or also known as Emperor Zhaolie,” Liu Bei glanced at him.

You motherf*cker. Having his back against Little Ye Tian, Sun Quan cursed Liu Bei silently.

“Liu Bei has high compatibility and surviving ability. It’s a deck that tolerates a few mistakes. It’s suitable for Uncle Sun.”

“Mine is the Rabbit Demon!” Lin Le obtained a cute water-arrow rabbit.

“Hmm...Saber (Artoria Pendragon)” Zhang Zhengxiong revealed his card. Not bad. I’m quite familiar with this hero.

“The Mount and Sea Boy…” Ye Cang did not like that character as he was familiar with Saint Joan of Arc, Zeus, and Athena.

“The Reaper Student - Conan?” Huang Zhong stared at the student with a ribbon on his neck.

“This is even stronger. The show is still ongoing now. If you calculate the number of dead people, I bet they could circle the world three and a half rounds,” Little Ye Tian sent Conan’s profile to him.

“Since our adventurous team’s activities are very soon, I’m here to standby,” Lin Liang walked in.

AV and the rest sighed, “Get one hero card too.”

Lin Liang picked one. “Cardcaptor Sakura… these cute girls remind me of many unhappy memories.”

“Special hero, XX…” Lil’Wang opened his card and his mood was slightly dampened. The special hero is of an unpopular category. Not that it isn’t strong enough but the possibility of getting it is very small. Most of them have special abilities and I know I’m not so compatible...

“Metal clips, frying pan, SKS Infinite Kill, Super Aiming Formation, Surface Brothers, Baboon’s Scream, Li Style White Meat, Lawyer’s Letter, Poisonous Snake Summoning, Three Ways of Cheating. All these are strong skill cards and they can be used for attack and defence. Once the Ways of Cheating is activated, having 29 kills in a 30-men game is not a problem,” Little Ye Tian analyzed AV’s deck.

“Yu-Gi-Oh! - Yugi Mutou” SpyingBlade showed his card.

“The Banana Lord (Richard Milos)…” Fang Ci hesitated for a second and showed his card too.

AV and Lil’Wang nodded, “I knew it…”

Fang Ci had the urge to kill himself as he stared at the hero card he got. Why do I always have bad luck?

“Little Tian, you’ll decide who goes first,” Ye Cang said.

Little Ye Tian used the distribution machine. However, she made some adjustments and let Ye Cang start first. The battle then began.