“Activate equipment card. City-destroying Dragon Halberd! Draw two cards. Here it goes! Activate summoning card! Summon Yu Ji. Place three cards and my turn ends,” Liu Bei knew that he could attack anyone but if he made a move, he would be everyone’s target like a carrot hanging in mid-air. As for the last person, Lin Liang who had been observing the situation the whole time drew three cards on his turn, “Activate special skill - Clow Card. Add three Clow Cards into hand. Equip Sealing Wand. Able to add one Clow Card into my hand every round starting from the next round and able to draw an extra card. Placing five cards and end of turn.”

Little Ye Tian was judging the situation as an observer. In the first round, Brother SpyingBlade is the most threatening one. He has obtained two cards of the Legendary God of Exodia and Swords of Revealing Light is placed hidden. The next will be Brother Lil’Wang. Someone will definitely be kicked out from the game in the upcoming round.

The second round commenced.

Huang Zhong’s hero character - Conan stood out and raised his hand.

“The case starts! A murder case has happened in a mansion deep in the mountains! Let’s go have a look! This is the crime scene! A completely enclosed room! The victim is Lil’Hong. Lil’Ming was the first one who discovered the corpse but it was Lil’Fang (Lil’Hong’s husband) who called the police. There were no traces of the room being opened before and no windows were on any side of the wall. In such a closed environment, the victim was killed by a Thompson Submachine gun. All ten shots landed at one single spot! Look, there’s only one hole here! It’s so precise… Here are all the dialogues between every suspect in this mansion and the evidence gathered in the crime scene. There is only one truth! WHO IS THE MURDERER?”

“I think it’s her husband,” AV impatiently chose Lil’Fang.

“The housekeeper - Uncle Zhang!” Lil’Wang stared at the polite face of the housekeeper, warm and kind. He has the look of a murderer!

“The nanny - Lil’La!” Ye Cang chose the babysitter. Based on the plots of soap operas, this babysitter must’ve had the desire to be the lady of this house! So, she killed her and acted innocent.

“Lele thinks it’s… this hiker - Lil’L!” Lin Le randomly picked one.

Little Ye Tian was analyzing the case with her arms crossed. No matter how I restore the facts, it doesn’t seem to be logical. Lil’Hong is a famous girl in town. The possibility of being killed by lovers is relatively high but there are just too many suspects. She has an affair with Uncle Zhang, the chef, and even the newspaper boy. The important clue is the Thompson Submachine gun. Either a pro killed her in the house close-ranged or the murderer pressed the gun onto her body at a fixed position. But how did the murderer get the gun out from the room under such an enclosed environment? There are no windows here and the crevice under the door was so small that only cards can go through. It’s impossible to get the gun out of there. How did this mysterious murderer keep such a clean crime scene?

Little Ye Tian then analyzed everyone’s relationship and the possible evidence in the house. Her eyebrows drew into a frown and her little eyes squinted. I assume every man here has served the army for a short period of time so they can all shoot. But I don’t have more information about it.

After some thoughts, SpyingBlade still could not make up his mind. In the end, he chose Lil’Ming who seemed to have the highest and lowest possibilities at the same time.

Fang Ci believed that the case would not be that complicated so he locked on Lil’Ming and Lil’Fang. He chose Lil’Fang in the end.

“Lady Lil’Hong is a beautiful lady, who would be that cruel…” Liu Bei voiced out his sympathy and picked the chef.

“Isn’t always the one who has the least possibility the murderer? Like people won’t expect such surprises. Like this newspaperman. He always come here for sex,” Cao Cao picked the newspaper delivery man.

“I think the food delivery man is more likely to be the murderer,” Sun Quan looked at Liu Bei and Cao Cao nodded as he understood the meaning behind Sun Quan’s words, “Zhongmou is right...but it’s a pity I’ve already made my choice.”

Liu Bei rolled his eyes and let out a deep grunt in disacknowledgement.

Zhang Zhengxiong looked through all the information thoroughly and still had no clue. In the end, he gave up and randomly picked the servant - Lil’Green.

Lin Liang was analyzing again and again. He even used some ancient ways but then saw Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan staring at him in a despised look. He could imagine them saying ‘Pfft, it’s just a game. Doesn’t he feel it’s too much for using such deep ancient Chinese divination?’. After much thought, he had no idea who the murderer was. This lady really has a messy relationship with so many people. He then picked the postman who was waiting to meet with Lil’Hong under the basement.

When everyone had made a choice, Conan adjusted his glasses, “There is only one truth! The murderer is…!”

“The hiker - Lil’L!”

The Lil’L on the screen shivered and accidentally dropped his hiker’s hat. Everyone stared at Lil’Wang. “It’s XX!”

“That’s right! It was him who shot from 10km away!” Conan found out that there were traces of gunpowder on Lil’L’s hand with the detector machine.

“But it doesn’t mean I’m the murderer! I was indeed training to shoot at the target board. But to kill the victim from 10km away with a Thompson Submachine gun is ridiculous! You really think I’m the best shooter in the world?! Its shooting range is only 200 meters!”

“I won’t believe it if it were ordinary people but you definitely can! Because you’re a mad scientist with superpowers.” Just when the murderer was about to draw a gun, Conan blinked confidently. Instantly, Lil’L was stabbed by the babysitter, “How dare you kill my beloved mistress! Now die!”

“*Sigh* Hatred will only create more hatred. I’ve seen so many tragedies…” Conan sighed and took out a scope from XX’s bag. “This is the evidence. A 1000x scope. With this man’s power, I believe he could reduce the actual distance to the sight’s distance through the scope. What more with his hardcore training and talent. Besides, the peephole of this door is empty and the hallway is directly facing the mountain.Ten shots can be easily sent through the peephole by repeating multiple times and there we have the victim. The hole on the wall proved the bullet’s trajectory. If I’m not mistaken, there might be some evidence left on the mountain. But I guess it’s not necessary now…”

“WTF?! That’s how you find the murderer? Who the heck knows there are even superpowers in such a situation?!” Everyone was angry and Little Ye Tian stomped her little feet. I’ve discovered the murderer killed the victim through the peephole but who’d ever thought that the murderer will be 10km away! I must be the first to close the case next time.

Conan dug his hands into the pocket and walked out of the mansion, “Farewell…”

“Help! Help! There’s a mysterious murder case in Old Li’s mansion!” The food delivery man shouted and Conan sighed, “Another tragedy happened… *sigh*”

“He sure is the student who triggers death wherever he goes…” Little Ye Tian mumbled.

Everyone except Lin Le could not use any skill cards and had to discard one card. They stared at Huang Zhong. God damn it! I don’t mind losing the game but this kid must die!

Huang Zhong could sense the fury in everyone who looked at Conan. “Hey, I’m just playing the game according to the rules. No hard feelings…”

The second round began and AV was the first as he switched the sequence beforehand.