Knowing that he was forbidden from using any skill cards, AV drew a card, placed one down, and ended his turn. Everyone ended the second round with resentment. However, Lin Le managed to get his rabbit twice and got the Earth Bear material in his hands and ended his turn pretending that he could not be bothered. Huang Zhong was amazed when he drew a card. This is not bad. “Activate character murdering case! Satisfied the condition of eight or more players. A random character will be killed and a murderer card will be added into the hands of a random player. Players who are able to guess where the murderer card is are able to draw three extra cards and the player who has the murderer card has to discard all his cards into the deck and lose one turn. If no one is able to guess it correctly, the player with the murderer card will lose one turn…”

Conan then walked to the center of the table with an exclamation mark above his head. He turned to look at Cardcaptor Sakura, “Another tragedy happened! So unlucky! Let me find out who the murderer is…”

“Syaoran!” Sakura bled and fell on the ground with a knife stabbed into her back. Lin Liang was kicked out of the game. Whut?! I still have a lot of hidden cards!

“These lovely b*tches should have died way earlier,” AV and Lil’Wang stared at Sakura with hatred.

Lil’Wang then saw one of his cards turn red. Shit! Why is it me?! Sorry Sakura, I shouldn’t have scolded you. “Hmmm...who’s the murderer? It must be among you guys…”

Ye Cang raised his eyebrow, “Lil’Wang is the murderer! Damn, his character was the murderer in the last round as well!”

“You’ve got a point!” Lin Le chose Lil’Wang and the rest followed suit.

“......” Lil’Wang had no choice and could only stare at his cards falling to the ground while his hands were cuffed.

Everyone drew three cards and was prepared to kick Lil’Wang out of the game like a butcher sharpening his knife.

The third round started. AV instantly activated Seven Attacks of SIlver Dragon, killed Lil’Wang, and drew two cards. He was granted another chance to attack and he aimed at Ye Cang. Ye Cang quickly activated the cards he placed, “God damn it! You’re really serious! Summoning Kun!”

“In the north, there was a giant fish living in the sea. Its name’s Kun!” Mountain Sea Boy flipped a page and a gigantic fish flew up. It swallowed the silver dragon and dived back into the Classic of Mountain and Sea.

“The attack for this round is nullified! Kun will be added into my hand next round and recorded in the Classic of Mountain and Sea,” Ye Cang made a ‘hmph’ sound.

“Oh come on, boss. The earlier this ends, the quicker is dinner,” AV did not have the guts to make a move again. He has a lot of cards placed. I’ll save the attack sequence card in my hand for now and find an opportunity later. We’ll wait for the holy dragon’s guts.

“Van!” It was Fang Ci’s turn and Banana Lord roared. Van burst out from the ambush area with a ski mask. “Argh!”

Aniki, Banana Lord, and Van hugged themselves together and hit each other’s chest. Everyone stared at Fang Ci with a poker face, “Since Van has joined in, I can draw another card whenever I use one starting from this round. Activate skill card! Aniki’s Passionate Shoulder Smash! Target Conan!”

“He’s still a child!” Huang Zhong could not resist seeing Conan screaming in pain and so he activated an equipment card. “Activate the stun-gun wristwatch! Target Banana Lord!”

Conan shot a tranquilizer at him and Banana Lord fell asleep. Aniki could only back off. Van then came at Conan with a flying kick and Huang Zhong flipped one of the cards he placed earlier. “Status card! Shinichi Kudo!”

Conan took off his glasses and became an adult as though twenty years of growth was shortened into seconds. He kicked a ball right into Van’s crotch, forcing him to retreat.

“The status of Shinichi Kudo remains for three rounds. In the first round, Kaito Kuroba will be added into my hand. Next, it will be Rachel Moore and Ai in the last round. In the current round, he will be able to see through all skill cards used against him and they won’t be able to activate! And summon Richard Moore! Whenever there’s an incident, a suspect will be eliminated. I’m able to draw an extra card every round.”

“Using the ultimate already huh.” Fang Ci knew he could not do anything to Huang Zhong, not even his ultimate. So, he placed three cards and ended the turn. On the other hand, SpyingBlade pondered. We must restrain Old Huang’s status but Lil’Fang is strong too. He is even more dangerous than Old Huang as Aniki and Van were already on his side. There are so many special effects from them. Dealing damage to him is basically just damaging myself.

“It’s my turn. Since it’s Bulbasaur’s evolution round, evolve! Ivysaur! Obtain the skill Razor Leaf! Draw two cards! Summon Snorlax! Obtain Mega Punch! Snorlax must be killed before attacking Ash! Launch Wine Whip at Banana Lord!” Cao Cao summoned Snorlax and asked Ivysaur to use Wine Whip.

Banana Lord was being whipped with a vine and Fang Ci lost one random card in his hand and suffered some damage due to the effect of Wine Whip.

“Activate skill card! Thunderbolt! Target Zhao Yun!”

Pikachu used Thunderbolt and made Zhao Yun unable to use more than one skill card in the next round.

‘I’m not done yet! Activate Mega Punch! Target Yu-Gi-Oh!” Just when Snorlax was about to strike a punch at Yugi Mutou, SpyingBlade activated a trap card. “Activate trap card! Magic Cylinder!”

Snorlax was sucked into the cylinder and appeared before Lin Le’s Rabbit Demon. The punch landed on its face. Due to the effect of Mega Punch, Lin Le had to discard one card that was placed apart from suffering from damage.

“Summon Mewtwo! Draw five cards! The next three attacks and next two skills will be ineffective on me! Place four cards and end turn,” Cao Cao ended his round after summoning Mewtwo.

Little Ye Tian pondered. In the current situation, Lil’Fang’s Banana Lord, Uncle Cao Cao’s Mewtwo and Old Huang’s Conan have entered into ultimate form. Father has to wait for Kun’s presence before entering. If I’m not wrong, Brother SpyingBlade would be summoning Black Luster Soldier. He still has the arm of the Legendary God of Exodia. Uncle Sun Quan’s Liu Bei is already in pre-ultimate form. It all depends on his desire. Uncle Liu Bei has Yu Ji in his hands. The next round is crucial.

Due to the effect of the sandals, Sun Quan was able to draw an extra card and obtain an extra turn. “Equip Bug Sword! Draw two cards! Activate its effect to remove one of Ash’s cards and draw another card. Equip Hell Sparrow Sword! Hehe, remove one of Conan’s skill cards and draw another card! Summon Guan Yu (Yunchang)! Able to draw an extra card every round. Zhang Fei will be added into my hand in the next round. Activate status card! Idiotic Emperor! All characters will discard one equipment card and I’ll obtain one of the equipment randomly! Obtain Banana Lord’s America Boxers. Equip! Activate its effect! Draw three cards and confuse a target! Target Rabbit Demon!”

“Old Sun, you bastard!” Lin Le was frustrated as he stared at the Earth Bear material card in his hand but Little Ye Tian was so happy to see Lin Le getting raged up. Uncle Sun, nice move.

“Attack Xiang Yu!” Sun Quan was disgusted by Liu Bei’s skills and effects. I must kill the real source first! God damn it! True Dragon Sword! Hell Phoenix Sword! Emperor of Han! Han your ass!

“I knew you would come for me. Activate hidden card! Overlord With The Bow!” Liu Bei activated the card and Xiang Yu picked a bow and took his shot. The hero Liu Bei blocked it with his swords and rendered the attack useless. Sun Quan placed three cards and ended his first turn For his second turn, Activate skill! Roar of Dragon and Phoenix! Yet, Liu Bei activated another card, “Overlord Carrying The Ding!”

“Come, come at me~” Without suffering the slightest speck of damage, Liu Bei sneered at the character Liu Bei.

“I will kill you! With Guan Yu! End turn!” Sun Quan was pissed.