“Summon Dark Magician! Draw one card. Add a skill card and Time Wizard into my hand! Summon Time Wizard! Guess the coin! Head! Correct! Dark Magician is turned into Dark Sage! Draw three cards! Add three skill cards and three trap cards into hand! Activate magic card! Harpie's Feather Duster! Removed one placed card from all players! Black Magician Girl and Dark Sage, attack Banana Lord!”

“Activate placed card! The Symbol of Freedom! Attacks to my character in this round will be ineffective! And remove two cards from the attack source!” Fang Ci flipped a card and Aniki, Van, and Banana Lord made a peace sign and blocked the attack. The Swords of Revealing Lights and Ring of Destruction were removed.

“Why kill each other when you two are actually lovers?” Gongsun Qian said as she walked to them from the kitchen. SpyingBlade and Fang Ci were trapped in an awkward situation. 

“Place five cards and end turn,” SpyingBlade placed them on the duel disk.

Since Lin Le’s character was being confused, he was forced to skip his turn. Huang Zhong then made some moves. “Summon Kaito Kuroba! Steal a card from three players’ hands. Able to use it! Steal from Yugi Mutou, Zhao Yun, and Liu Bei. Activate Voice-changing Bowtie. Randomly choose a target. Target Banana Lord. Obtain Aniki’s defensive skill - F*ck You Block! Equip Power-enhancing Kick Shoe! Draw three cards and their damages are doubled! Obtain an extra chance to attack! Attack Banana Lord!”

Shinichi Kudo sent a flying kick right into Banana Lord’s face and Anikie who popped out to block was instantly killed.

“Attack Banana Lord again!” Shinichi Kudo attacked and killed Van. Fang Ci’s Banana Lord had lost his ultimate form and was unable to counterattack as all skill cards would be ineffective against it. Fang Ci had no choice but to do nothing. At last, he was then kicked out of the game by Liu Bei.

“Summon Yu Ji! Draw two extra cards every round! And obtain Separation! Adding Farewell My Concubine into my hands! Summon Fang Zeng! Able to block one skill card from every player in every round. Attack! Use the setting card! Feast At Swan Goose Gate! I can activate the Feast every round! Activate now!” Liu Bei summoned two of the key summoners.

“Second father, who should I kill?” Xiang Yu asked Fan Zeng.

Fang Zeng who had a dangerous aura burning in him gradually opened his pair of merciless eyes, “Kill Zhao Yun! Prepare for the feast!”

“Successful! Zhao Yun is down!”

“WTF?! Successful on the first time?! What a lucky bastard!” AV put down his cards and was speechless.

“Hmph.” Fan Zeng closed his eyes.

Liu Bei’s Fan Zeng, Yu Ji, and Feast At Swan Goose Gate had become the most threatening presence in the game. They knew in order to kill Xiang Yu, they had to remove Fan Zeng and the Feast and not to mention, Yu Ji too.

The situation in the game intensified. In the murder case, everyone guessed wrongly and Huang Zhong was able to summon Rachel Moore. He activated The God of Detective mode, jumped through the plot and killed Xiang Yu. He also attacked everyone else and killed them. Ye Cang was the only one left. Huang Zhong ended his turn after placing three cards.

Everyone pondered. Old Huang is really lucky to get all the cards he wanted every round. The case card appeared in the first round. If Ai manages to be summoned in the next round, the game will be over.

Ye Cang smirked, “Summon Qiongqi! Able to activate skills during the summoning round! Since there are more than four creatures recorded in the Classic of Mountains and Seas, able to record Torch Dragon in! Destroy all non-hero beings! Remove all placed cards! Draw three cards! Summon Taotie! Swallow three cards from Conan! Attack! Kun! Hundun! Qiongqi! Since all four perils exist, activate All Belongs to Mountains and Seas!”

The four perils swarmed the opponent together with all the evil creatures from the Classic of Mountain and Sea. Conan was being swallowed in a blink of an eye.

“Victory belongs to me!” Ye Cang laughed. The Mount and Sea Boi kept away the Classic of Mountains and Seas and jumped back into the deck. “Nine states, The Map of Four Seas… when would I be able to write them in the book…”

“Old Huang, you’re actually quite good, but…” Nobody cared what he wanted to express, “Let’s eat. Let’s eat.”

“It’s just some simple cooking. Why are you guys so excited? Tomorrow let me...cook.” Ye Cang said speechlessly.

The usual cold face was on everyone’s face, especially Wu Na. I dare you to set your foot into the public kitchen!

Waves of laughter filled the atmosphere throughout the dinner. Ye Cang was looking at everyone. Wu Na, FrozenCloud, Gongsun Qian, and Little Ye Tian were having a female talk while A’Xiong, Old Huang, Old Liu, AV, and the rest seemed to be talking about something serious. Hmm...wonder what they are talking about. It feels like they are some warriors who are about to go for a battle. Fang Ci was having a great conversation with his sister. The harmonious and cheerful scene made Ye Cang think he did not deserve this. He thought to himself about the bleak reality that he was in. Under my foot is emptiness and below it is an endless tunnel that leads to somewhat a blackhole that can swallow me into nothingness the very next second. When he saw the smiles on the faces of the rest, he let out a faint smile as well and grabbed a drumstick, “Hey, what’s this? Not crunchy on the outside and not chewy on the inside. I can’t even taste any flavors inside. Not to mention, there’s still some hair on the skin. Trash… How dare someone enter the kitchen and cook with such a standard?! *sigh*”

“Regarding that, Lil’Dino was the one who made the chicken.”

“Oh Lil’Dino, do you know that cooking requires talent? It’s sad that you aren’t that talented. I can’t even teach you even if I want too...Oh well, we’ll just tolerate your cooking skills then…” These words caused utmost speechlessness, especially for FrozenCloud. Thanks but if I’ve ever learned any of your cooking skills, I guess I would be single for the rest of my life. “Yes, yes, director. I’ll try harder.”

“Hmm... not bad. Having determination is good even though it’s useless for you.” Despite saying  it that way, Ye Cang still ate half of the chicken, leaving no single slice of meat on the bones. He then called RedMoon.

Island Nation. DB City. RedMoon was sitting beside the entryway of the dojo located beside a pond, observing and enjoying the cherry blossoms. Her phone rang. Team leader? She answered the call softly, “Is there anything, team leader?”

“Ever since you’ve joined HappyFirmaments, your performance has improved. I think highly of you. I now officially invite you to join the HappyFirmament workshop,” Ye Cang was picking his teeth with a toothpick. AV, Lil’Wang and the rest said that if RedMoon ever decided to stay here, they would be coming here often. Lil’Wang then stared at AV with a despised look, ‘I thought someone said that Sister Lil’Tian is the only true love?!’ AV replied to him with his eyes. ‘That’s the future. Before Sister Lil’Tian accepts me, I’m still free! A free warrior!’

RedMoon remained silent for a moment. Even though I’m a spy, I’ve got to know the true meaning of playing games. But of course, it will be perfect if I don’t have to eat those horrible stuff. Throughout all these years, I did not know what the true meaning of playing the game was. I was really happy. Actually, in the Black Dragon Union, I’ve always been suppressed. I feel like I’m a robot being summoned every single second. It’s impossible not to be aware of others’ behavior. She brushed her kimono. Nagasawa, just as you wish… “Team leader, can I consider for a moment and give you a reply later?”


Just when RedMoon was about to hang up, she heard their voices. 

“If she ever rejects my offer, I’ll make her know the consequences for rejecting me…”

“Boss, if RedMoon rejects you, what will you do?”

“According to boss’ personality, I think he will stuff those sauces in her ass and use her to boil soup.”

“Hey, can you not?! It’s so disgusting! We’re still having dinner here!”

“Sister Na, that was my fault…”

“Hmm...I think it’s possible since Brother Lil’White is the man who would use Cain’s and Cthulhu’s body parts to make sashimi…” Sun Quan said. 

“Then, I want to eat her left breast…”

“I’ll eat the right…”

“Lele wants to eat too! Lele wants to eat too! Em… Lele eats the butt!”

“AV’s idea is not bad. Originally, my plan was to cut her hair bald if she ever rejects me.”

“Hey, do you guys have to be this disgusting in playing games?! Don’t teach Lele the wrong things!” Song Xin held Lele and fed him something else.

AV, Lil’Wang, Fang Ci, and SpyingBlade explained that Ye Cang was a demon in the game. To kill or not, it all depended on his mood.

RedMoon quickly hung up the call and wiped her cold sweat. Gosh, these people will sure do all these horrible things. Those three cousins of his even slept with the boss’s wife.