RedMoon called Aota Hikoishi and told him her decision to stay at Ye Cang’s house.

Aota Hikoishi was shocked and at the same time, he understood that Nagasawa had been using all kinds of tricks to suppress her. “Is it because of Nagasawa?”

“She’s not the main reason. I’m rather tired of all these. As for the compensation for the breach of contract, don’t worry, I’ll pay you.” As she hung up the call, RedMoon transferred a large amount of money to Aota. She then came to her room, changed into casual wear, carried the naginata - Dragonfly, and closed the dojo’s door.

The incident of RedMoon pulling out from the Black Dragon Union shocked every member, especially Nagasawa. Even though I’ve achieved what I wanted, it all happened too abruptly that it greatly affected the union. Despite this, she was still in a good mood to advise Aota and apologize at the same time. The fact that she was more influential in the Black Dragon Union made her happy. 

Lin Hai Airport. Upon landing, RedMoon boarded the train and headed to the location Ye Cang sent her.

In the meantime, Ye Cang and the others were having a barbecue party at the beach. Just then, a cool and beautiful lady walked towards them and caught their attention. AV and Lil’Wang blurted, “So RedMoon is the RedMoon from the Black Dragon Union!”

“What is Black Dragon Union?” Cao Cao was confused.

“The Black Dragon Union is one of the largest guilds in Island Nation. So, that means she joined our team in the first place with bad intentions!” FrozenCloud accused her without blushing as if she had totally forgotten how she betrayed the team in the past.

“Oh, the Wa Nation…” Cao Cao roughly remembered.

“Calm down, alright.. I don’t have any relation with the Black Dragon Union anymore,” RedMoon bowed.

“Actually Lele noticed it long ago…” Lin Le’s words made Song Xin smile, “Lele sure is smart…”

“Of course, I’m not as stupid as Little Tian.”

“......” Little Ye Tian rolled her eyes.

Ye Cang helped her to get up. “Come, eat something. Since you’re here, we are all good friends now. I’ll personally cook you some food tomorrow to welcome your arrival.”

“......It’s fine. It’s fine. Today’s barbecue will do,” RedMoon shivered and quickly shook her head.

“Oh, she has surely left the Black Dragon Union. The compensation must be quite a large sum, huh?” FrozenCloud was looking at the Black Dragon Union’s feed as the termination of the contract caused quite a furor.

“It’s nothing. I’m really sick of dealing with Nagasawa every day,” RedMoon smiled as she sat beside the fire.

“Sister Lil’Moon, I’ll go get you a room.” Wu Na got up and headed back to the house as she was the person RedMoon was closest to in the team.

AV and Lil’Wang then sat beside her, squeezing RedMoon in the middle.

Lil’Wang then said gently, “Lil’Moon, it’s alright. If you’re tired, I’m still here for you.”

“If you ever need a shoulder, I can lend it to you…” AV smirked.

“...... can you two stay away from me…” In the team, the two of them were the only people RedMoon could not stand, especially when they went to the special realm.

Zhao Xiangyu noticed the sword she put down. Hmm...I can test my skills with her next time.

Little Ye Tian handed RedMoon a contract. RedMoon was amazed by the terms and conditions and signed it immediately, officially becoming the member of HappyFirmaments workshop and the member of Thorns and Roses.

RedMoon escaped from Lil’Wang and AV and fit into the girls.

“I’m back!” Huang Zhong’s voice was heard from the sea. As Liu Bei pulled for the shore, Huang Zhong came down from the boat with a 20-meter long trout. The boat shook a little as it went ashore. Wu Na who came back from the house facepalmed as she saw the fish, “Do you guys ever think about it before capturing such a big fish? Can we even finish it?! It won’t be fresh if we freeze it overnight. I better call Flasher Uncle, Panty Uncle, Old Wang, and the rest to come over.”

Seeing Huang Zhong dragging the fish like it was nothing, RedMoon pondered. This man sure has the strength. 

Under Old Li’s instructions, Ye Cang made sashimi. Even RedMoon was surprised after seeing how refined their cooking skills were. This elder, Old Li’s skills sure are remarkable when it comes to Japanese food. Ye Cang’s cutting skills are also amazing. They can dismantle the fish in a blink of an eye, without destroying any part of it?! Everyone was chit-chatting and was busy with their respective jobs. Some were cooking, some were barbecuing and some were drinking wine. RedMoon felt happy. It’s like a festival. Liu Bei then sat beside her, “Would you care for some wine?”

Liu Bei’s elegant and graceful manner made RedMoon hard to reject. Liu Bei gave her a bowl of Chinese white liquor and placed some petals he got from the tree. The aroma of the wine and petals made RedMoon feel calm. She drank it in one shot and her face turned red immediately. Oh, this wine is high in alcohol percentage! But it’s nice!

“Your excessive training caused some side effects to your health. Come, touch it. It’s a gift for meeting you the first time,” Flasher Uncle opened his windbreaker and revealed his shocking elephant. RedMoon was dumbfounded. I know who this man is. An international artist. The naked legend of bass. But...this...this… She was hesitating.

“Touch it. It’s beneficial to you,” Liu Bei smiled as he drank a bowl of wine. Just a touch and she could feel a warm energy surge through her body and each and every cell in her body was recovering. It was so comfortable that she moaned. Fang Ci, SpyingBlade and the rest who saw this scene shared the same thought. Am I the only one who call this sexual harassment?

RedMoon was so pleased that she almost stuck her face onto the elephant before being stopped by Flasher Uncle, “Hey, that’s a little overboard. Touching is enough.”

“I’m sorry. It’s my bad for not controlling!” RedMoon immediately let go of her hand and apologized.

“The soup is served!” Old Wang came with a big pot of fish head soup. “Gosh, it’s used up all my energy dealing with such a big fish.”

Lin Liang poured himself a bowl of soup, ate some meat and repeatedly took gulps of the soup while exclaiming, “The true master. This soup does not only have the sweetness of the trout but also the scallop from the fantasy shell, the rainbow tofu, and the moon-pattern mushroom. Fresh and sweet.”

“Brother Lin sure knows how to eat. Haha!” Old Wang laughed.

“Thank you, thank you…that’s nothing much,” Lin Liang said humbly as he flapped his feathered fan.

Old Li sliced the part that consisted of almost equal parts of meat and fats and pierced through it with a barbecue stick. As he grilled it over the fire, he sprinkled some salt made from the heavenly heart flower. Sun Quan grabbed one and ate it. The juiciness of the meat filled the whole of his mouth. So tasty! I don’t even want to finish it off. Juicy, sweet, and not greasy. This is a masterpiece! He gave Old Li a thumbs-up. RedMoon also ate one. This…this is… She could not help but ate the second, the third stick, and many more. She did not seem to be able to stop herself. This is too delicious! He didn’t even put much seasoning in but just salt! I’ve eaten the fanciest barbecue in Island Nation but it’s no match for this!

“Old Wang, what’s with this pot of oil?” Ye Cang saw Old Wang carrying a pot of oil.

“This is not some ordinary oil yo~ It’s made from the tiny fats in sky phoenix and bandicoot rat. It’s good for frying!” Old Huang then put the fish’s bones into the pot to fry and the aroma filled the atmosphere. 

“Ten times brushing skill,” Lin Liang pondered. Old Huang’s way of frying the trout’s bones sure is educational. The bones of the trout are very fragile. It will crack and lose its special sweetness if you fry it too long. This skill requires one to be precise and skillful. The time for frying and the size of the bones must be at one’s fingertips. Old Huang then placed the bones on a plate, sprinkled some salt and put a scoop of mashed jade carrot at the side. Lin Liang picked one bone, dipped some mashed carrot and popped it into his mouth. *crunch* *crunch* It was crispy and nice. The bone immediately dissolved. The mashed carrot removed the greasiness from the oil and satisfied our taste buds. He once again exclaimed, “Lin Liang is impressed.”

Cao Cao and Sun Quan felt that the fried fish bones were the best side dish one could have to match with wine. The two of them were eating the fish bones and drinking the wine happily. Once in a few mouths of bones and wine, they would drink a bowl of soup. The warmth from the soup made them feel like spring had arrived.

Huang Zhong was impressed by the delicious dish made from the fish. “I’ll go get us another one! I remember seeing a shell larger than the fish in the sea just now!”

“Oh, cousin Huang! Next time, you can get it next time, alright? We can’t even finish this so don’t waste any more food,” Wu Na quickly stopped Huang Zhong.

“Alright, it can stay alive for two more days,” Huang Zhong continued to enjoy the feast.

Suddenly, RedMoon felt chilly at her private part and she turned to see Panty Uncle holding her panty.

“Traditional Japanese thongs. Not bad. Here’s a signature for you,” Panty Uncle returned it to RedMoon. Staring at the S on the thong and the jealous look of other girls in her surrounding, RedMoon pondered. Are all the people in this place weird?

“The last dish is made by Old Li and me. Hamburger.” Old Wang took out the hamburgers.

Upon grabbing one, Lin Liang knew it was extraordinary. Staring at the patty in the middle - Nice! The fried fish bones, the fish fillet, the fish roe and the bun made from gold wheat. The meat is juicy and sweet! The bun is soft af! Gosh! He was on cloud nine.