“I'll prepare a dish too!” Ye Cang forcefully requested to add another dish for everyone. 

“You can only use salt…” Wu Na decided to give him a chance and Ye Cang rolled his eyes, “Alright, naive ordinary people…”

Ye Cang came to HappyFirmament Tree and reached out his hand to pluck some vines. As he returned to the beach, he added them and some oil extracted by Old Wang from the golden cauliflower. At the instance when all the ingredients were poured into the pan, he added a pinch of salt. His imitation of Old Wang’s signature style was on point and made him look like a professional chef. After three flips, he placed the food on the plate.

The gentle and sweet aroma that could spread miles away made Old Wang pick some up with his chopsticks and insert them into his mouth. Soft! Fresh! Crunchy! The reason for only three flips is to ensure the freshness of the food. By sprinkling hot salt when cooking it, it helps to enhance the effect! But what vegetable is this?! It’s so refreshing and delicious. The feeling is like being immersed in the autumn breeze blowing at low tide infused with a light scent of flowers. He could not help it and took another bite before giving a thumbs-up, “Brother White, your cooking skills are on par with mine now huh.”

“Are you serious?!” Wu Na smelt the aroma of the dish and ate some. It’s so soft and crunchy! It tastes like the highest grade bean sprouts but this has a more refreshing taste! Even though the great dishes made by Old Wang and Old Li are not greasy, having this as the last dish is like finishing the last touch on a masterpiece! It feels like I’m at the beach in heaven. Sweet scent of the flower. The sound of the waves. The company of friends. Everyone was amazed by every bite they tasted. This must be made by a fake team leader!

“Hmph! If I were to add my secret sauce, it would be more delicious and nutritious!” Ye Cang said as he took off the apron and the white headband.

“......” However, the speechless expression on everyone’s faces made Ye Cang sighed, “Cooking for you guys is just like casting pearls before swine.”

Liu Bei was lazing around beside the fire and he looked up at the moon. His hand was supporting him at the back while the other was holding a bowl. His naked shoulder was exposed slightly as his white robe dropped about an inch. With his long hair swaying in the wind, he looked so elegant. Blushed, RedMoon glanced at him secretly. From his eyes, she could tell that he was missing someone. Is he missing the lady he loved the most?

Second and third brother, even though we said goodbye, I still miss you guys. Such nice wine with a peaceful and calm life. It will be great if you two are here. Liu Bei was thinking about his brothers. Staring at the burning flames, it was as if Cao Cao saw Cao Ang and Cao Zhi and that made tears fill his eyes. Just then, Zhao Xiangyu patted his shoulder. “Everything will be alright, Uncle Cao. Come on, let’s toast.”

Even though he knew Zhao Xiangyu’s mind was not running in the same channel as his, Cao Cao smiled sympathetically and finished a bowl of wine in a gulp.

As the night fell, the fire at the beach gradually extinguished.

In the house, Huang Zhong quietly downloaded a specific kind of game.

“Huang Hansheng, please choose the ability of your starting character. There is a chance of obtaining extra ability.”

Huang Zhong’s experience in gambling told him that he just had to give it a shot. He picked “random”.

“Congratulations! Your character, Huang Hansheng has obtained three abilities! The master of sex toys! Speedy fingering! And Godly ability - Undying Body!”

“Hah! You ladies are not running anywhere!” Huang Zhong stared at his abilities and entered into the game.

10 Commandments. Virtual world.

Cold Moon told the boss that Ye Cang had quitted his position as No. 7 and had SpyingBlade and Fang Ci to represent him as the new leader and assistant leader. This suggestion was approved by the boss. No. 2, War Soul did not say anything because she had already obtained some key points after trying to seek information. I’m afraid that Silver Demon and the boss have some special relationship. No boss will keep allowing such recklessness from his members. Silver Demon can attend meetings depending on his mood. Cold Moon and Hunting Flame must have known something between them to act in this way. These two were assistants of Silver Demon. It’s obvious that Ardent Wind belongs to the fangs and my troop no longer has the upper hand. I must do something. Since you guys have killed Sky Burial, don’t blame me… She stared at Cold Moon. It’s time to clear our resentment.

Fang Ci and SpyingBlade who got out of the virtual world smiled bitterly, “We can’t go back anymore. Team leader has surely let us see a world beyond our reach. This world is too dangerous…”

“So, I must protect my sister...the rest and you...” Fang Ci stopped a second after saying ‘you’. SpyingBlade also felt the awkwardness. Silence filled the atmosphere. They quickly grabbed some cans of beer to break the silence.

“You have been really quite cissy recently…”

“F*ck off!”

Lin Liang was being dragged into the band room by Wu Na. “My band, Falling Sand lacks a rapper. Old Brother Liang, are you interested…”

In entering a band? I’ve never tried this before. Well, there’s no harm trying new things. He agreed.

“I’ll give you some beats and you can try freestyle,” Wu Na hyped up the environment after picking up an electric guitar. Lin Liang then started writing some rap about wars and fighting peace. Wu Na felt it was great and agreed to let him play the guqin and rap at the same time. I’ve seen all kinds of rappers using different instruments but just not the guqin. This is something just so unique. Besides, Lin Liang’s skills are good enough. Electronic guitar and guqin, funky and rap. These are good combinations. As soon as she picked up the guitar, Wu Na showed all her aura, all sorts of international offensive gestures, and vulgarities. Lin Liang was surprised. Is this really the same person I know?

Meanwhile, Ye Cand was laying on the bed reading a book named “Virtual World: The Legend of Little Lin”. He mumbled, “This bastard is really lucky. Him and I are quite similar.”

Zhang Zhengxiong stood at the balcony, took off the glove and smiled at the eye with curiosity and glee, “I will definitely protect you, Old Beauty…”

FrozenCloud was exercising in her room. She was wiping the sweat with a towel. “That Shaking Bear… I don’t believe he doesn’t know my feelings for him…”

Cao Cao’s room looked like one of a high school student’s. Liu Bei and Sun Quan were laying over the place and reading books. Even though Cao Cao was annoyed by them, they would be talking about some random yet interesting topics like how much can one stuff into an 18-year-old girl’s or boy’s hole and whether the female models are comfortable with the little clothes they wore.

RedMoon was caressing the naginata on her bed. The scene of Liu Bei enjoying the wine while watching the moon was still fresh in her mind. Moments later, she switched off the light and went to bed.

Zuo Yiyi was thinking about a hairstyle that Huang Zhong would not dislike.

AV was seeking happiness in the virtual world. Meanwhile, Lil’Wang took out some xuan paper and swung his brush. The ink stained the paper, leaving a sentence ‘I’m really handsome’. Satisfied, he brushed his hairstyle that Ye Cang cut for him.