The next day. 

Huang Zhong was shivering as he washed up. His experience last night was still fresh in his mind. I will not enter the nunnery anymore! The Undying Body is the real nightmare. Being jailed by a few pervert and insane nuns... They were so aggressive. Next time, imma reject everything related to nuns from Lord AV next time. That’s not something I can handle myself...

The rest took their turn to enter the game after having breakfast.

The Sleeping Chamber.

Once again, after saying their farewells to the female servants, the team headed north. The bridge on the north side was long. A cluster of enormous and grand palaces could be seen and there was an iron door at the end of the bridge. As they slowly pushed it open, they were welcomed by a slope. With Little Ye Tian explaining, they knew that the murals on the wall and pillars were related to the life of War Fist. Upon reaching the top, the floor was as if lined with a layer of red metal. It was like a huge colosseum. At the far end, there sat a dwarf with silvery armor and a hammer chained with lightning on an altar. He had a golden beard braid and many undead spirits of soldiers were sitting and lying around him.

This man was the Great General of the Hammer of Storm - Wind Fist. He opened his eyes which were glowing and reflecting the pattern of lightning and smirked, “You must be the persuaders Lightning Fist mentioned huh. Too weak. But I can let y’all in if you play with my soldiers...”

The iron door creaked on its hinges and slammed shut with a loud bang.

“Arena type…” ThornyRose mumbled.

“What does that mean?” Ye Cang stared at the spirits that gradually woke up and roared. 

“Continuous boss. Usually, one has to continuously challenge many bosses, and sometimes even multiple bosses at once. Lil’AV and Lil’Wang, be careful of your endurance! You two must control your mana. This will be a consuming and lasting battle…” Little Ye Tian said.

“Go and welcome the guests!” Wind Fist roared and a gigantic one-eyed dwarf jumped into the arena with a war axe in his hand. His roar was intimidating, “Fight! Fight!”

Ye Cang summoned Little Blue Feather but Wind Fist struck it down with a thunderbolt. “I hate things that can fly. Give your opponent a good fight! He’s a brave warrior from the seventh troop - Swen - Iron Fist. A true warrior!”

Seeing the team having a tough time battling Iron Fist, Ye Cang pondered. Wherever the hammer swings, there is a storm of qi energy. It’s hard for the close-ranged combaters to get closer. Even if they could, they couldn’t last for a long time. He then walked towards Wind Fist who was on the altar. “How can we have no wine when watching battles?”

“Oh?! You have wine with you?” Wind Fist ordered the soldiers who were about to block Ye Cang to back off.

With Shadow Step, Ye Cang appeared beside Wind Fist and handed him a bottle of Black Dragon Kill. The strong aroma immediately aroused Wind Fist as soon as he opened the cap. He then drank a sip. Burning! Energetic! It feels like I’m still alive! He quickly shared it with the other soldiers. “What a talented kid! I like you! You’ve passed! Come, sit beside me and watch the battle!”

“Sure,” Ye Cang turned around and glanced at his teammates who were battling Iron Fist. As he sat down casually, he handed another bottle of Black Dragon Kill to Wind Fist.

“This wine is the best! Do you have any more, Brother White-haired?!” Wind Fist and the other soldiers were excited. Their eyes were red. This wine is so strong! One sip is enough to make you feel alive in dire situations!

“I had a lot in the first place but I gave most of them to Lightning Fist. He has a few big jars of them there…” Ye Cang smiled.

“That Lightning Fist… I knew he was up to something when he complimented you guys! Soldiers, let us go to the Land of Furnace to get the wine when we are done here!” Wind Fist shouted and the soldiers were excited. Some of them who did not manage to taste it stared at their leaders with a desperate look.

The passionate eyes from the soldiers earned themselves a treat from Ye Cang who took out the last jar of Black Dragon Kill, “This is the last jar I brewed. A little luxury for everyone! Come! Drink!”

Ye Cang’s heroic spirit reminded Wind Fist of their king. He looked exactly like this in the beginning. But it’s sad that he is no longer the Star of Broken Sky we knew. After hearing that Ye Cang brewed the wine himself, Wind Fist asked in shock, “Wait, you’re the one who brewed it? What is this?”

“I named this Black Dragon Kill. It is made out of the excrement from the Black Dragon King and some other precious ingredients,” Ye Cang’s words amazed Wind Fist. The excrement of the Black Dragon King is included inside?! No wonder my qi was swirling when I drank it. This means he put a lot of it in this jar. He then realized he had the guilt of mistreating Ye Cang when he was treating him with a sincere heart instead. “Brother Lil’White, from now on, you’re a friend of mine, forever!”

The two of them toasted. Ye Cang was twitching as he could not resist the alcohol level and Wind Fist was laughing. He could feel the sincerity from Ye Cang. When you toast with a dwarf, you can never leave any wine in your bowl. Moments later, Ye Cang woke up, “Gosh, one bowl of wine and down I went. Well, let’s enjoy the battle, Old Brother Wind Fist.”

“Forget about it, I’ll let y’all pass.” Just when Wind Fist finished his sentence, Ye Cang shook his head, “Actually, I’m not that close with them…”

Wind Fist was shocked and laughed, “Interesting. Alright, giving them some training is not too bad of an idea too…”

“If y’all manage to complete the challenge, I’ll give y’all the warrior’s reward!” Wind Fist laughed and finished another bowl. He then swung his arms to knock off a black-haired dwarf with a duo blade. “Hey, one bowl per person! There are still so many warriors who haven't gotten their chance to drink! Geas, what the hell are you thinking?!”

“I apologize for my mistake, leader. I just couldn’t help it. It feels so great to be alive.” Geas’ words strucked Ye Cang’s mind with something. He remembered and took out some leftover food he made, “Since we have something to drink, how can we leave the food out?”

“I can feel the taste! I can feel the taste! Even though it isn’t that tasty, I can really feel the taste! The taste of being alive!” Geas expressed his gratitude to Ye Cang and Wind Fist had completely let down his guard to Ye Cang. “I’ll not help you fight the king. Even though our strength is on par, he has the Star of Broken Sky and I was his underlings in the past.”

“Oh, I’ve already known that, Old Brother Wind Fist. Come, let’s dig in!” Seeing Wind Fist drinking and eating his food, Ye Cang pondered. I don’t care about games or whatsoever. All I need is someone who enjoys my food.

The teammates who were having a tough battle in the arena noticed the rapport between Ye Cang and the soldiers. Yet, they were pissed off especially when Little Ye Tian lipread what Ye Cang had just said. How dare he watch us suffer while he’s having a party over there. ‘I’m not that close with them.’ That’s what he said huh?! This fella’s personality… is really evil to the max! ThornyRose was also frustrated and was one step away from making the air turn blue.

“Father is trying to help us to get the reward of winning the challenge,” Little Ye Tian tried to cover for Ye Cang.

“That’s what we can hope for now…” LordAsked sighed.

In a blink of an eye, the warriors finished the Black Dragon Kill and almost every soldier had a chance to drink it. Staring at the empty jar and the satisfactory look on his customers, Ye Cang took out three large pieces of the deep abyss dragon’s meat even though that made him cry on the inside. He then commanded the soldiers to pierce the meat with spears, make a fire and grill above it. He brushed his secret sauce and slime gel on the meat and grind the light elemental crystal into powder. Wind Fist did not understand Ye Cang’s way of cooking. Light elemental crystals will do damage to people like us who are dead. But, I’ll just trust him since he dares to use them in the public eye. A malodorous smell filled the atmosphere. In the end, Ye Cang sprinkled some wild herbs, spore powder and light elemental crystal powder on the meat, “Those who want to eat, cut it yourself ya!”

Wind Fist cut a large slice and stuffed it inside his mouth. The spiciness surged through his body. Despite the pain, it was still refreshing. It’s just like sitting on a massage chair. He could not help it and ate the food in a large portion. “God damn it, someone, go over to Lightning Fist’s side and bring the wine back!”

With a large slice of meat in his mouth, Geas went to find Lightning Fist. Moments later, Lightning Fist came over reluctantly. The altar in the arena had turned into a party. All the undeads started singing and dancing. Some were drunk and some were fighting. Wind Fist smiled at such a scene. The memories of battling with his teammates, drinking wine, eating meat, and fooling around flashed through his mind. He stared at Ye Cang and mouthed the words sincerely, “Thank you…”

“Congratulations! Your reputation in the Storm Army has increased to ‘Salute’. You have also obtained Wind Fist’s friendship!”

Ye Cang then dragged Lightning Fist over, “Hey, go ask him to join our Goddess Association…”

“Are you sure, this fella is insane…” Lightning Fist rejected.

“I’ll make two jars of newly brewed wine for you privately.” Not waiting for Ye Cang to finish, the enthusiastic Lightning Fist dashed to Wind Fist’s side to persuade him with his whispers.

Even though he was hesitating after hearing all the benefits, Wind Fist shook his head, “I will not…”

“No, our association is the most peaceful place in China. Since you guys will be staying here forever, why don’t you join us? Food and wine will be provided. Nonetheless, you’ll be blessed by the goddesses. Currently, we have five goddesses in our association. The Three Goddesses of Nature, Goddess of Half-moon, and Assenronche. They used their bodies… *cough* *cough* they are being worshipped in the shrine…”