“I’ll promise you as long as I’m not ordered to do anything in betrayal to the king…” Wind Fist nodded. Even though the Three Goddesses of Nature are weak and the Goddess of Half-moon is not that strong either, Assenroche is one of the top elemental gods. She controls the mysterious arcane energy. We were once under her blessings too. Besides, I don’t think he is fooling me. That sword has Assenroche’s aura.

After much difficulties, the team managed to defeat Swen with the use of some hero spirit skills. Ye Cang then patted on Geas’ shoulder, “Your turn! Be harsh on that female warrior.”

“Alright, Leader White.” Geas jumped down the battle arena and Swen came back with much frustration, “God damn it, you guys didn’t even plan to share the good food and wine with me huh!”

“Who said so? I’ve saved some for you.” Ye Cang took out a set for Swen. Wind Fist then introduced, “This is my friend, Brother White. He’s the one who made all these. There are more to come in the future.”

“Really?!” Swen was excited, “Brother White, the leader’s friend is my friend too!”

Everyone then saw a dwarf with the duo blade being ordered by Ye Cang to battle them. Little Ye Tian did not dare disclose what she lipread from Ye Cang’s mouth and just stared at ThornyRose, “I think you’ve to be more careful…”

ThornyRose saw Geas had his eyes fixed on her. They followed wherever she went, “What did your father say…”

“I don’t know…” Little Ye Tian diffidently turned around, “Here he comes!”

Instantly, ThornyRose was knocked away and Zhang Zhengxiong quickly blocked Geas’ continuous attack, “Wow, sister-in-law, you sure have a lot of haters…”

“Thanks to your asshole brother! Damn it!” ThornyRose gasped. This motherf*cker always makes people hate me for nothing!

After using almost all of their skills and had three of the members sacrificed, they accomplished the challenge. Little Ye Tian and Zhang Zhengxiong started to resurrect the others. Since Cao Cao used Self-sacrifice, they had to wait for a few hours to revive him.

Wind Fist then asked them to pick a weapon on the rack.

“You need a key to open the door to the Five Dragon Hall. But it looks like you already have it,” Wind Fist glanced at Ye Cang’s necklace. 

Ye Cang had been wearing the necklace given by Old Mar. Wow, I’ve never thought it would be this useful. Because it has a ??? skill, I didn’t dare swapping it away. I thought that it would have similar effects like the ring.

With cheers and applause from the crowd of soldiers, they formed a line for Ye Cang to pass. Lightning Fist and Wind Fist stood there and observed.

“Do you think he can persuade our king?” Lightning Fist poured himself a bowl of wine.

Wind Fist remained silent for a moment. “I hope he can. If our king has really joined the Shadows of Natural Destruction Legislature, I will never forgive him…”

Wind Fist frowned and his tone turned serious at the end of the sentence. Lightning Fist knew the reason behind it. This legendary dwarf soldier’s parents, siblings, and wife died because of the pandemic that happened in Sorilla. I was there too in the battle to reconquer Sorilla. I saw how he ended the suffering of his loved ones who were already infected by the plague. From that day, among the ten great anti-disaster warriors, the Hammer of Storm - Sackendoss - Wind Fist was born amidst the thunderstorm.

“My face! Let go of me! Let go! Guys, help me drag her away!” Ye Cang bellowed. 

“Actually, we aren’t that close with you…” Everyone said.

“......” Lightning Fist and Wind Fist were speechless.

Ye Cang whose face was full of tooth marks came to the circular door. There were five different shapes of dragons on the door. In the middle, there was a hole. Ye Cang took off his necklace and poked it in. A dim light glowed and spreaded to the heads of the dragons. The mechanism started to rotate and the door opened itself.

Ye Cang pulled the necklace out and realized its attributes have changed.

Touch of Jackoss (Exclusive - Key - Five Dragon Hall - ??? - Mission)
Category: Key/necklace
Requirement: None
All attributes +100
Spell power +100
All attributes +20%
Defence +150
Damage +55
Souls of Dragon collected: 0/5
The key of War Fist’s inner grave: Open the heart of the Broken Sky Grave - The door of Five Dragon Hall.

Ps: Jackoss is a mechanic from one of the dwarf tribes in the Steel Empire. He is a mixed-blood with the parentage of human and dwarf. He is good at constructing buildings and palaces. In the War of Disaster, the Angoss Fortress was a structure he built and after that, he followed the King of Dwarf in the south - War Fist to build this grave. In the end, though still alive, War Fist dragged him who was still alive to be buried together so that he could serve him in life after death. This key was his last piece of work before he headed for the grave. It was kept hidden outside the grave and was forever lost in the chaos.

Ye Cang did not bother about the ‘souls of dragon collected’ and put on the necklace casually. Who cares about it. He then walked into the hall and witnessed the grandeur of the underground city. There were five hills fully connected underground, each with different heights forming a pentagon. Each hill housed a palace and iron thoroughfares criss-crossed over the cliffs. All kinds of residential blocks, halls, and magic towers were built along the hills at strategic locations. Light energy crystals were glowing everywhere. The palace located on the highest hill was the most eye-catching, being surrounded by light energy crystals and a stream of molten iron was flowing down like a river was just in front of their eyes. They came to the very first bridge and below the bridge was a sea of molten iron.

“From the look of the locations of the five palaces, the first one we should head to is the palace of Spirit Shadow - Sanchez. The elite warrior from the dark dragon tribe. According to all the drawings, literature, the shape of the palace and their colors, the Red Demon - Casain will be the next. Followed up by Ice Emperor - Ace, the King of Metal - Marla, and the Falling Lightning - Frans.” Little Ye Tian arranged the map.

“What about those little buildings?” LordAsked questioned.

“They are the graves of the royal family, some servants and mechanics.” Little Ye Tian made a 3D map to prevent missing out any details.

“Luckily, the first dragon is a dark dragon. We have Shaking Bear here. The difficulty level might be relatively lower,” ThornyRose was glad. Continuously fighting five is not gonna be something easy.

“Yeap. But still, it’s gonna be a hard battle. Everyone, please fix your hero spirit skills and their cooldowns. Father, you can try to cook some food with dragon-slaying effects. It might help us with fighting the dragons. These five battles are tough, we can’t be sure that there aren't any other factors in between,” Little Ye Tian analyzed.

“I’ll ask Little Blue Feather to fly high into the sky and have a look.” Just when Ye Cang was about to summon Little Blue Feather, Little Ye Tian stopped him, “No father, don’t! Dragons hate having other creatures flying above their heads. They would feel discriminated and launch attacks as a result of that.

“Indeed…” CloudDrgaon and LordAsked who had more experience nodded.

“This week is ending soon. Once our skills are ready, we will test out the dark dragon’s strength. If we can beat it, then we will battle the remaining four next week and head to the Broken Sky Hall to try getting the rewards before the Martial Arts Competition.” ThornyRose sat down as she stared at the first palace. “Oh, this weekend, some of us need to head to the Li family’s place. We can talk to FlameEmperor too and try to get some information on what they are up to. It feels like they have stories up their sleeves…”

“Forget about it, I don’t want to talk to him at all…” LordAsked hated FlameEmperor a lot but it mainly built up from the hatred between the Ji and Li family.

“Actually, he isn’t that bad,” NalanPureSoul smiled.

“VastSea, go with me,” CloudDragon asked VastSea.

“Sure, we can have a look at his current state and get some info. So, why not?” VastSea agreed. To CloudDragon’s surprise, he thought that VastSea would reject him. Yet, for the sake of the team, he never expected that he would let go of his hatred. He sure is from the Ever-Green Competition.

The Li family...his sister seems to have some feelings for me. I can go there and try it out. VastSea thought. Oops, I’m too greedy. The high school girl with black socks, no worries, I’ll never forget you!