“The first dragon is a dark type right? Hmm...let me think what I should use as the soup base… maybe a large amount of withered ash, dark elemental crystal powder, withered shade - Rabbis’ ashes, and magic water made from dark elemental crystals. Slime gel will be able to mix them up. Together with some delicious herbs, mushrooms and a piece of bone from the deep abyss dragon. Last but not least, my secret sauce. Alright. That’s a perfect recipe.” Ye Cang started cooking right after he finished his sentence. The soup was black in color and a dark vortex was forming in it despite the screams and the malodorous odor from the bubbles. 

“I have a bad feeling about this…” Zhang Zhengxiong mumbled as he pinched his nose.

“Don’t jinx it…” ThornyRose saw the vortex getting bigger and bigger. Just then, a black hand got up from the vortex, holding a gigantic black dagger. On the back of its hand, there was an enormous Eye of Darkness glaring at them. It screamed out loud and slashed at Ye Cang before anyone knew what had happened.

Swiftly, Ye Cang appeared behind ThornyRose with Shadow Step and identified the hand.

Withered Shade type - Unknown species (Can be named): A type of mutated withered shade. No detailed information available but it should be afraid of light magic.

“It’s afraid of light! It will be called Shadow Dagger,” Ye Cang shouted and gave it a name. Little Ye Tian used light elemental magic to blast it into nothingness. Yet, ThornyRose felt something was off. She turned around and found to her horror, that the hand came out from the shadow behind Ye Cang due to the light just now. “Dodge!!!”

ThornyRose knocked Ye Cang away and blocked the dagger with her shield. However, the expected impact could not be felt and the hand went through the shield and pierced right into ThornyRose’s body. Like a hook, it hooked her up and tossed her away. Once again, it vanished back to the shadow on the ground.

“So disgusting?!” Ye Cang could not sense where it was because of its movement behind the shadows, sneaking changing where it was.

“Whose fault is this?!” LordAsked quickly protected Lil’Wang. “Hey, summon the light elemental out!”

CloudDragon was cautious with his surroundings. This withered shade’s speed is too fast and the way it attacks is creepy. The damage is relatively high too and it looks like there’s a chance for instant death. Rose’s health point isn’t that low but it could pierce through her and kill her just like piercing through a piece of paper. So, its armor penetration must be high too.

“I have an idea. When it appears again, Lil’Wang, use your light elemental to cover all the shadows in the surroundings. We’ll trap it in one place. Then, paladins and Little Tadpole will attack at that spot!” Right after Little Ye Tian finished her command, SpyingBlade kicked it away and blocked its attack with just his single-handed sickle and long sword. Yet, he was knocked away. The hand with the dagger once again disappeared and reappeared behind SpyingBlade and gave him an instant kill.

Zhang Zhengxiong had paid attention to it all these while. Fearless Charge! Super Speed! In a blink of an eye, he knocked away the dagger and the hand. Holy Judgement!

The hand was blocking the attacks with the dagger and yet, it was smashed into dust.

Meanwhile, after Lil’Wang summoned the light elemental out, LordAsked asked him to come to a place where there was only a shadow behind his back. With this, I can at least protect him well.

Ye Cang quickly grabbed his arcane sword and cooking knife as long-ranged weapons were useless given the situation. Together with Lin Le, they faced their backs to each other, “Why do I feel like this fella kinda hates me. It was difficult bringing him up, ya know.”

Zhang Zhengxiong quickly opened his holy text and used the resurrection spell he saved on ThornyRose.

“Hey, be careful! This fella comes with instant kill! God damn it! Why do you always have to add weight on our shoulders?! By creating such a disgusting boss?!” ThornyRose shouted at Ye Cang. Geez. Even hero spirit skills are useless in this sense. We can only fight it with the correct techniques!

On top of the cliff, Little Tadpole could easily observe everything and its saliva was accumulating. It appeared! It’s a demon boss! Swiftly, a huge spat of holy saliva landed on the hand. Little Tadpole dashed at it. Ye Cang used his blades to block the dagger’s attack and Lin Le tried to deal damage in the meantime. Yet, it did not bring much effect since his attacks were not holy elemental. Just when the hand was about to vanish again, Little Tadpole grabbed the dagger’s blade with its heavy-armored metal palms. “*Croak* *Croak*”

“Little Tadpole said kill it now!” Ye Cang translated as he escaped.

The three paladins (Liu, Sun, Cao), LordAsked, Zhang Zhengxiong, and Little Ye Tian used all their holy skills on the hand. The hand’s shadow was getting weaker and Little Tadpole spat some saliva in its eyes. Clouds of green smoke were formed. No matter what, that hand could not get its dagger back. Little Ren then slashed it with its twin blades. With attacks from everyone coming at the same time, the hand had no choice but to let go of its dagger and vanished into the only shadow. It then reappeared at Ye Cang’s back, trying to grab him.

Ye Cang smirked. I knew you will be coming for me! Using the shadow behind the hand, he dodged the claws with Shadow Step. Little Ye Tian quickly cleared away the shadow behind Ye Cang.

In the meantime, Ye Cang had already filled his guns with light elemental crystals. Aiming at the eye, he shot. Overload! Numerous energy bullets were shot into its Eye of Darkness. The hand was then destroyed, at last.

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully defeated the Shadow Dagger and obtained 150000 cooking experience! Character level +1, a random basic attribute +5% permanently, able to obtain a random attacking skill, a random cooking talent, a random cooking utensil, skill points +6, talent points +5. Since you have multiple successful attempts in creating lives through cooking, you’ve successfully mastered Cooking Summoning Spell.”

Cooking Summoning Spell (PaleSnow - Cooking - Summoning - Grandmaster): When you create a life through cooking and defeat it, it will be stored into your Cooking Summoning Spell and can be summoned anytime. Summoned creatures will be affected by your cooking level, cooking special effects and its level is similar to yours. You can store at most two creatures at the moment.”

“If it wasn’t that we have more paladins, light elemental skills and that toad, we wouldn’t be able to kill this thing! Physical damage, rage points skill, fire and other elementals are useless against it. It can even kill us with just one basic attack,” FrozenCloud did not manage to touch it before it was being restrained by Little Tadpole. Little Tadpole is amazing.

“Luckily, the rewards are still not bad.” ThornyRose stared at the rewards. She then collected the random skill. The Fire Explosion Blade. Wow, an epic ranked skill. Not bad.

Everyone was putting their backs into blocking Ye Cang away from the corpse but Ye Cang was immersed in his newly obtained cooking skills and utensils.

Foundation - Knife Technique (Chef - Great Grandmaster): Talent level +20 for blady weapons, Dexterity +50%, Armor penetration +70%, cooking attributes +35%, sashimi type +50% and weapon damage +30%.

Shaya’s Cooking Headband (Cooking Utensil - Exclusive): Wearing this headband will increase your cooking speed by 30%.

Ye Cang stared at the image of the Shadow Dagger in his Cooking Summoning Spell.

Shadow Dagger
Level: 62
Tribe: Withered shade - mutated - cooked food
Specialty: Shadow Locating, Instant Death, Armor Penetration
Skill: Deadly Hook, Deadly Pierce

Lin Le then touched the dagger left behind by the hand. He turned around and saw a hand holding a dagger in Ye Cang’s shadow. Yet, it was small in size but at least six meters long.

“Summoned creature… because of shaman? Or chef?” CloudDragon saw the hand glance at Ye Cang happily the moment before it vanished into his shadow.

Ye Cang mumbled, “I knew it. The knowledge of cooking is beyond measurement! Looks like I must try even harder in my discoveries!”

“......” Everyone was speechless.