Ye Cang took the items Lin Le handed over. A legendary dagger and a skill book. The skill book was the Deadly Hook from the hand and it was given to SpyingBlade. As for the enormous dagger, it was recycled by Zhang Zhengxiong, “Wow, this material is not bad. Dark crystal fragments.”

“Alright, let’s eat,” Ye Cang pointed at the pot of dark soup. The soup was not as smelly as before but still it was like a mixture of the smell of underground tunnel rats and dirty socks left aside for two thousand years. The dark aroma that leaked out from the soup was more than enough to make them faint. They quickly drank a bowl, endured the pain and logged out.

ThornyRose took out seventeen variants of high-class air freshener to spray her surroundings. Meanwhile, CloudDragon saw VastSea taking out a big pile of wagyu beef, sprinkling some seasonings and herbs. He sliced it and dipped it into a glass of lemon juice to make beef sashimi. Not waiting for CloudDragon to react, he dug in. The calories here are sufficient and it doesn’t come with a lot of fats. Looks like he took my appetite into consideration. Now, this is what I call food. Even though it isn’t something special, at least it doesn’t have any weird tastes.

The mansion by the beach. In the living room.

Pale faces resulted from the weird raw delicacy they had just consumed and they were drinking beer in the living room.

“Boss, when will you make something edible? Can’t you pity us once?” AV asked.

“Looks like you’re having problems with your taste buds. Alright, I’ll make something simple next time. To readjust your tastebuds,” Ye Cang rolled his eyes.

“Brother Lil’White, is it Monstrous Bird? Yes? Yes?” Lin Le had the clearest memories of whatever edible food made by Ye Cang, including those sashimi.

“Sure, why not,” Ye Cang gave it a thought. Hmmm...we can finally eat those Monstrous Birds after the boss’ corpse had been stored for so long.

“That’s great…” Zhang Zhengxiong heaved a sigh of relief as he leaned on the sofa.

“It’s the weekend already. How about making some good food tonight?” Wu Na suggested.

“Then, I’ll head out to sea with Lady Lil’Tian at noon to bring back something,” Huang Zhong brushed his white beard with a smile.

“Don’t get something too big alright?” Yet, Wu Na felt like he was not going to listen anyway.

Zuo Yiyi tapped on Huang Zhong’s shoulder and pointed at her own hairstyle, “How about this?”

Staring at the braids she had on each side, Huang Zhong recalled some bad memories from last night. That abbess was wearing this fake hair when she was killing me yesterday! That demonic laughter, that blushed face and the cunning smiles from the nuns around her. He shivered, “Abbess, don’t come near me!”

Immediately, he fled back to his room.

“......” Zuo Yiyi stared at Huang Zhong’s back. Let’s change the hairstyle again.

After seeing Huang Zhong’s reactions, AV pondered. *sigh* Looks like he must have played hell mode. It is either he experienced the consequences of having the Undying Body or he was forced to cut his d*ck off and stream it live. The thought of it sent a chill down AV’s spine. 

Lin Liang was happy as the news of having another feast reached his ears, “Not bad, a good meal for our team before going for the battle is good in increasing our morale.”

AV and his adventurous team had planned to head to Illusion World the next day.

“Father, father, the tree has grown a fruit!” Little Ye Tian went to the manor to do her job of sneaking around and getting information.

With much curiosity, they then came to the manor. The tree had grown tall at least one third of its previous height. Fruits ranging from various sizes and colors were hanging on the tree. Some were in the shape of a pentagon, a triangle, a circle, an oval and even a dick. Yet, the number of flowers did not reduce. Ye Cang plucked a moon-shaped fruit and took a bite. The time of the day did not stop him from feeling the gentle caress of the moon. Sweet and slightly bitter at the same time, the taste was not very strong but gentle, so gentle that it was melting his brain and heart. He felt a surge of calmness in his body. “This fruit has the effect of calming whoever that eats it. The taste is delicious. Now, this is indeed the tree I planted.”

Trying to take all the credit? “Brother,we all pee-ed here, alright?” Zhang Zhengxiong smiled and ate a golden pentagon fruit. Mmhmm. Sweet! But not greasy! Wait, there’s some saltiness inside.But it’s a good combination.

AV plucked a dick-shaped red fruit, “Come on! 1, 2, 3!”

Lil’Wang who lost the bet among the team members of the adventurous team was forced to eat it. Gosh! Spicy! It’s so spicy! But, but, it’s thrilling! Suddenly, his face turned red. Oh no! My dragon is…!

Everyone saw a bulge in his pants. Oh, this is some good stuff!

“Everyone, there’s no need to taste them anymore. The fruits aren’t completely ready to harvest. According to this growth rate, tomorrow is the best time to eat it. I’ll contribute a few jars of good wine at that time,” Lin Liang flapped his feathered fan while helping himself with the sea-urchins-shaped fruit. Hmm...its thorns are hard but it tastes just like fiber. The core was unbelievably sweet. The fruit-bearing cycle of this tree is way faster than its growth but it seems like there aren’t any side effects to me. It’s even better for it to grow bigger and produce more fruits. The world is truly full of wonders. 

“Brother! Come and have a look! There are mushrooms in the gaps between the tree roots!” Zhang Zhengxiong stared at the tight slit where the mushrooms grew. Ye Cang came and had a look. There were long ones, red, blue, grey, needle-shaped, umbrella-shaped, thick, and rough. Each of them was in different shapes and sizes as though they were planted by magic. 

Lin Liang who was the most knowledgeable looked at the mushrooms. Even though they are ordinary types, they hold some extraordinary traits. The abundance of spiritual energy makes them no longer ordinary mushrooms. “If I’m not mistaken, under its shelter, it is not a problem at all for agricultural products to be reformed.”

Top-grade ingredients! It caught Ye Cang’s interest, “Then, what are we waiting for?! Lil’Tian, you’ll be responsible for getting us some top-notch vegetables and fruits!”

“Alright, father! You can leave that to me!” Little Ye Tian was happy to receive orders from Ye Cang.

As everyone left with happiness, Ye Cang caressed the tree trunk, “You never fail to bring us surprises...good child.”

The scene of him vanishing into ashes flashed through his mind again.

Ye Cang came to a S-shaped tree root and sat down. Is it over here? He then gradually got up after a few thoughts and left.

As everyone returned to the game, they stared at the food buff they obtained.

Shadow Mixture Thick Soup of Deep Abyss Dragon Bones with Vegetables, Mushrooms and Secret Sauce: Recovers 10% of health and 2% of mana every second but there is a chance of being swallowed to death by darkness. Obtain 400 darkness resistance, dark type damage received will be reduced by 35%, maximum health increases by 30%, Strength +50%, Damage +40%, Defense +30%. Obtain advanced level Explosion, advanced level Swallow of Darkness (there is a chance of absorbing part of the dark damage received), and advanced level Cost-reduction effect. Last for 2 days.

The darkness resistance was adequate and it came with Swallow of Darkness. They could also once in a while absorb the damage received. Together with Zhang Zhengxiong’s Absorption Barrier - Dark, they were well-prepared and they headed to the first hill.