Much to their surprise, all the noble and royal dwarfs did not show the competitiveness side in them. They did not show much of a reaction as well when they saw Ye Cang and the rest and even started greeting them.

Moments later, they arrived at the dark palace. Zhang Zhengxiong took the lead and the rest followed.

By the look from the outside, the palace was more spacious than expected and there were neither rooms or dorms, except a black dragon sleeping on the altar.  On top of its head, a spiral black thorn was sticking out. It gradually opened its eyes and flapped its shadow wings. They were not solidified. “How dare you trespass the King’s grave. Now, accept the consequences for triggering Sanchez’s anger and vanish in the shadows!”

A dark breath was shot from the dragon’s mouth and the tankers came rushing one after another to block it. Ye Cang’s dark resistance buff enabled them to take on the damage without the need for Zhang Zhengxiong to activate his absorption barrier. Ye Cang had always wanted to try on his Giant Dragon Thorn Nail. Hence, he climbed up to the highest part of the palace, inserted the thorn nail into his heavy ballista and aimed at the dragon. I’ll wait for them to make it fly and I’ll send it back down!

Zhang Zhengxiong activated Fearless Charge and Super Speed, went through the attack and smashed right into the dragon’s head. The direction of the dark breath was changed and the close-combaters rushed their way towards it.

Lin Le jumped up high, activating all the strengthening skills he had, The Power of Money and Once Rich, Dick Big. With a beheading slash with his dragon steel blade, the dragon’s blood splashed everywhere. Just when they were about to launch a few more attacks, Sanchez screamed and a dark explosion knocked them away. The shockwave was so strong that even Ye Cang’s hood was blown down, revealing his silvery hair in the gust of wind. Sanchez quickly turned into a dark dash and flew upwards. Yet, upon flying, an unbearable pain could be felt from its back and it was paralyzed. “@#$%! (Anti-dragon Grass)”

Lin Le then dropped low and placed his hands at his waist as if he was drawing a sword. “Lil’Dino, give me a sip of the dragon shit wine.”

Knowing that Lin Le was about to activate his ultimate, FrozenCloud quickly gave him a sip of the Black Dragon Kill. Lin Le closed his eyes and dashed at the falling Sanchez. Surging Dragon. Returning Dragon. Green Lotus Sword Dance. Dance of Mess. Armed Destruction.

Slashes of the sword bloomed like fireworks. The Green Lotus exploded as the sword slashes were glowing and shining streams of light in all directions. Black blood poured like rain. The dragon roared in pain and shook all the graves in the Five Dragon Hall. Just when CloudDragon and the rest were about to kill it, another dragon’s roar was heard from the sky. A massive snowball that landed upon them came as a surprise.

They quickly hid at the little space below the altar. Zhang Zhengxiong, LordAsked, ThornyRose, and VastSea were covering them, defending against the damage and speed reduction from the snowball. Meanwhile, AV was summoning healing plants for recovery. Ye Cang who was at the top of the palace saw the other four dragons flying up into the sky from their respective graves. Oh shit! Now, this is troublesome. “They are all awakened!” 

Sanchez pulled the Giant Dragon Thorn Nail away and turned into a dark shadow, breaking through the ceiling of the palace, including the layer of ice that dammed the roof. Despite being heavily injured, it’s speed was remarkable.

“Everyone run! Something big is coming!” Ye Cang jumped off the palace right before a gigantic spear pierced through the palace. Everyone made a helter-skelter escape from the collapsing building.

“Divide the team! But don’t stay too far from each other! Make sure there’s a healer in each team!” Little Ye Tian commanded at once. The gigantic spear then disappeared all of a sudden. Ye Cang caught up with the rest but picked an alternative route to get back his Giant Dragon Thorn Nail. He looked at the sky. Ice Emperor - Ace, Spirit Shadow - Sanchez, and the red dragon were fluttering their dragon wings, making their way towards them whereas the blue dragon from the fourth palace was sneering at Sanchez, with a lazy face that suggested it just woke up. Thunder roars were getting louder. Through Eagle Eye, Ye Cang saw something unbelievable. The last dragon… wait, no, it doesn’t look like a dragon. It’s more like a dragon man. It’s hundreds of meters tall, holding an enormous spear and has a pair of wings and muscular arms. The armor on its body was thick and heavy. I can even hear the crackling sound of the armor from here.

Ye Cang quickly activated stealth mode and climbed up a magic tower, preparing Giant Dragon Thorn Nail. I must kill the ice dragon first. A’Xiong can counterattack the shadow dragon when it uses its ultimate. Suddenly, a dwarf in a white robe with a white beard popped out of nowhere and glared at Ye Cang. His eyes were relatively darker than the rest of the undead, “Hey, young fella! Didn’t you know you need people’s permission to get on their rooftop?! Oh? Giant Dragon Thorn Nail! That’s some good stuff you got there! Half-elf?! Help me kill that lightning dragon and I’ll give you something good! It snores every day! Which makes us unable to sleep! I haven’t been having a much-needed good sleep for some 560 years! Come. Paint this thing on it. It was made out of Anti-dragon Grass, Soul-breaking Flower, Mushroom of Despair and also other stuff. If you shoot it with this, I guarantee that the dragon will not be waking up for at least half a day!”

The white-beard dwarf climbed up the rooftop, painted the substance on Ye Cang’s Giant Dragon Thorn Nail, and urged him, “Quick! Shoot it! Shoot that lightning dragon!”

Staring at the dwarf with severe insomnia-madness, Ye Cang shot the lightning dragon. Meteor Shot! It landed right into Frans’ chest. Frans wanted to dodge but its eyelids were getting heavier. In the end, it fell into the palace with no movements.

“I’ll go kill it! I’ll come back and repay you later!” The dwarf headed downstairs after grabbing a few bottles of medicine, some tools and an axe along. Ye Cang shouted, “Hey, save the corpse for me! Keep it as a whole if that’s possible!”

“Gosh, keeping a complete corpse is hard!” the dwarf complained.

Ye Cang then handed over a bottle of Black Dragon Kill and the dwarf opened the cap. A strong scent of wine filled the atmosphere and he quickly drank it, “Ahh! This warm energy! This wine! Give me one more bottle and I’ll keep a complete corpse for you!”

Ye Cang took out another bottle. Just when the dwarf was about to grab it, he knocked away his hand. “Do you think I’m an idiot?! Give me the corpse and I’ll give you this bottle!”

“Wait for me, baby!” The dwarf glanced at the bottle of wine and rushed down the stairs, heading to Frans’ palace. “Frans has been poisoned! I’m going to save it! Don’t attack me! I’m the medical magic knight - Alodudu!”

“Wow, just how great is his hatred?” Ye Cang stared at the dwarf rushing towards the palace happily and fooling others saying that he was going to save it.

“Congratulations! You’ve obtained the likings from the retired core members of the valley dwarf tribe, Alodudu - Broken Fist. You’ve triggered the secret mission ‘The anger of the ex-royal medical magic knight, Alodudu - Broken Fist who can’t sleep’.” 

Little Ye Tian and VastSea had come into an agreement in terms of tactics which was to pursue the shadow dragon, make the other dragons follow up, and find an opportunity to injure them in one shot. Little Tadpole and Little Ren had become the main units for pursuing the dragon. Since it did not stop bleeding, the shadow dragon could not fly too high and too fast. Little Tadpole was riding on it, poking its eyes and splitting its holy saliva on it.

Little Ren and Lin Le’s dragon steel blade slashed one of its wings and broke its bones which grounded him from the skys. The ice and fire dragons quickly rushed at them and dispersed the crowd. FrozenCloud, LordAsked, AV and the rest ran towards the left.

The ice dragon sent a snowball at them and slashed with its sharp claws. LordAsked grabbed his Moon Tiara and activated the Glory of the Moon Princess. The light engulfed him and broke the snowball into pieces. Some hit the dragon’s head and sent it flying aside. LordAsked jumped on it and swung his sword at the dragon’s throat. Shit! The damage is not enough! Battling one dragon is draining enough and yet, we need to fight five at a time now! The other two are still on their way! I must be quick!