With a scream, the ice dragon charged into one of the houses and LordAsked hopped off its back. On the other side, Zhang Zhengxiong was staring at a sky full of fireballs. Everyone quickly stood behind him. Sime ring - Red! All the fireballs landed on Zhang Zhengxiong were absorbed and he threw one flame burst which was as hot as the sun at the ice dragon - Ace. The shockwave was so great that it sent LordAsked knocking away and into the wall. “Dafuq! What kind of power is this?!”

Flames engulfed the ice dragon and it was desperately trying to extinguish the flames. NalanPureSoul reached out his arm and clenched his fist. A red lotus exploded. LordAsked, FrozenCloud and the rest quickly went over and attacked at once.

“These damages are not even enough! Once all the five dragons come gather around, we’ll definitely die!” LordAsked was getting nervous.

Suddenly, an enchanted arrow - Fire was shot at the ice dragon’s reverse scale. LordAsked turned around to see Ye Cang walking on the path not far away. “Where the heck have you been just now?”

“Hmph, I have finished the lightning dragon. We have three more to go for now. Not to mention, there’s a heavy-armored dragon-man,” Ye Cang smiled. 

Riding on Little Tadpole, Zhang Zhengxiong hopped on to the ice dragon. The shadow dragon’s Eliminating Shadow Shockwave was coming at him. Absorption Barrier - Dark!

Zhang Zhengxiong absorbed the dark energy and grew double its size within a second. With the diamond gauntlet, he smashed the ice dragon with force. He raised his blood halberd high.  Pierce of Giant Dragon! The halberd pierced through the ice dragon - Ace’s head. Holy Judgement Dance! Holy One Strike! The weapon once again pierced through the head and a gigantic holy sword landed on it. With the title of Bloody Dragon Slayer, the blood halberd’s ability to convert health into damage, and the armor penetration from the Pierce of Giant Dragon, he ended the life of the frosty creature in a blink of an eye. The dragon’s blood was all over his body.

“Charge!” Zhang Zhengxiong let out an intimidating scream which caused the Red Demon to hesitate instead.

“Pallbearing Manifesto! Pursuit! Powerful Attack! Charge!” Ye Cang activated all the team tactics skills.

Little Tadpole swallowed Zhang Zhengxiong and shot him out like a canon. The blood halberd stabbed right into Sanchez’s body. Heavy Strike! I have to attack, especially when the buff is still going on! Hence, he gave up defending and launched the attacks. Blood, in black and blue, stained every part of his body. Killing the boss-level dragon granted him another increment of 15% on health. I have 30 seconds left!

“Diamond Dust!” Seeing the Red Demon about to fly, Wu Na drew the sign of the zodiac and punched. A starry blizzard was sent to the Red Demon, causing its left wing to be frozen. Reacting quickly, Zhang Zhengxiong dashed at the Red Demon and slashed it with seven strikes. Ye Cang also came in with Shadow Step and unleashed Solo Slash on Mount Hua and Darkness Single Strike. With Little Tadpole’s help, LordAsked came in with his Pierce of Giant Dragon too. Lin Le’s dragon steel blade was also slashing like a mad warrior; SpyingBlade activated The White Rainbow; CloudDragon was shooting the Ultraman’s laser and the shadow hand summoned by Ye Cang stabbed its dagger into the dragon’s throat. The amount of damage was beyond what it could withstand and the Red Demon lay dead in a pool of blood.

“Run!” Zhang Zhengxiong saw a long spear descending from the sky. Unfortunately, his health buff ran out and he died as he was hit by the spear. Yet, he managed to turn into a statue upon death and broke out of the stoned shell again a few moments later with full health.

“&&*#¥@&#&@&¥” The King of Metal retrieved its magic spear as it came to the top of the middle hill.

“It says that we did well by killing four useless idiots…” Ye Cang translated.

“I’ll reply to it.” Ye Cang shouted, “@#$#@#%&#@#$%@@ (The lady warrior beside me says that you’re an idiot with a brain grown in the ass. So get your ass here and let us kill you! Mutated living being...half human half dragon. Wearing the armor will only make you look like a turtle with gold coating)”

“Roar!” The King of Metal glared at ThornyRose.

“What did you say this time?!” ThornyRose stared at the eyes which could almost tear her apart.

“I said that you’re the strongest among us,” Ye Cang smiled.

“Stop fooling around. Prepare the acids. This fella must be way stronger than the four and we’re running out of skills…” VastSea said in a serious tone.

The metal dragon tossed the spear all of a sudden. Its speed was almost that of a shooting star. VastSea knew it was bad and so he activated his hero spirit skill. “Sticking To The Rules!”

The gigantic spear then stopped and froze in mid-air.

“Let’s go and find our positions!” VastSea led the way. Among the tankers, he was the only one who had not used the hero spirit skills. If things go well, we might be able to survive till the end.

Most of the routes were destroyed in the battle which left them with the only way - climbing through the hills. However, the iron dragon’s distraction was unavoidable. They could only resort to using their skills to protect the core members of the team. Along the way, Wu Na, Little Ye Tian, FrozenCloud and Gongsun Qian accidentally fell into the lava and no one could save them.

“We must protect AV, Lil’Wang and Emperor of Han!” Little Ye Tian missed Little Blue Feather’s and Little Ration’s rescue because the two creatures were being shot by a metal sword. Little Ren was the first one to reach the King of Metal. It tried to use its speed to distract it but it’s effect was limited. Everyone was cautious. Ji Xiao, with the Swallow - Li San’s inheritance, was the second person who reached the dragon but he dared not attack it. Ye Cang heard the cheers and encouragement from Little Dream’s and Weak Sauce behind.

“Gambateh! Gambateh!”

I should have boiled them together last time.

The iron dragon was defending Little Ren’s attack like a piece of cake and continued to attack the team. It once again threw the long spear but suddenly, its eyes were confused. The long spear’s trajectory was off its aim and went above everyone’s head before landing on the cliff. Little Dream continued to cheer for them even though the initial enthusiasm died down. Ye Cang sighed. At least, it did something. That attack just now, I was able to dodge it but the others might not. VastSea knew it was the last part of their journey but they were too exposed in that place. Even though team leader can get us immune for ten seconds, it can’t block the impact and falling off the cliff would be game over. He then activated his last hero spirit skill without the slightest doubt. Caring and Impartiality and State Consequentialism!

The iron dragon wanted to raise its spear but its strength was insufficient. It was as if an invisible hand was pulling its arm. It could not help but look at them coming.

As the effect wore off, the team arrived just in time. They spread out immediately. LordAsked grabbed Lil’Wang with him and ThornyRose dragged AV to take cover. Zhang Zhengxiong went head-on.

Not affording to stop, Ye Cang and NalanPureSoul hurried towards the high grounds on the other side. This place is not good for long-ranged players. It’s too flat! Once there’s an area attack, we’ll either fall off the cliff or die on the spot!

Lin Le tied a bundle of acid bottles and tossed it over directly. However, a half-golden half-transparent barrier blocked the attack. “Eh? This is…”

“Break the barrier first!” LordAsked ordered. But how strong is the barrier? We won’t know until we try breaking it. “CloudDragon, try to use your hero spirit skill. If you can’t, I’ll use mine!”

CloudDragon nodded and started roaming forward, preparing to use his Titan’s Flame Kick to break the barrier.