ThornyRose and MistyVeil noticed CloudDragon’s actions and went to distract the iron dragonman from the other side.

Spartan’s Will! The Battling Warrior! ThornyRose raised her hammer with one hand and rushed towards the iron dragon like a heroine. However, despite the buff from her skills, the hammer was stuck on the barrier right after her first hit on it. Seeing the spear getting closer to her, she knew she was going to die. Just then, a sticky sensation came from her waist. It’s the toad! Little Tadpole literally rolled her into its stomach with its tongue and spat her out after taking cover behind an iron rod. “*croak* *croak*”

Ye Cang who was climbing up to a higher spot did not forget to turn around and translate. “It says, ‘female human, improve your positioning, don’t burden us’.”

“......” ThornyRose stared at Little Tadpole’s serious look.

“Climb to your high spot and shut the hell up!” ThornyRose was speechless.

However, ThornyRose’s attack created an unexpected chance for CloudDragon. As his Titan’s Flammable Kick smashed the barrier, a tiny hole was formed which allowed CloudDragon to quickly sneak in. Little Ren and SpyingBlade who were nearby followed up before the hole closed. The three of them were roaming around it but had no plans of attacking because the risk of being caught was too high. We’ll wait for the mages’ help. As long as ShakingBear manages to come in, that’d give us less pressure. Dodging all the flying swords inside here is already stressing us out.

Zhang Zhengxiong who was outside of the barrier was frustrated as he could not break the barrier. Continuously attacking the same spot would cause the dragon to attack it and he would have to retreat. “Lele, can you break the barrier?”

“Let me see. My Armed Destruction should be enough to break it but you might need to wait for its cooldown. I’ve already used most of my skills too. Oh, wait! Lele has a canon! The barrier will definitely give way to continuous attacks!” MistyVeil who was beside Lele heard it. Oh, I heard nothing. I know nothing. I only saw Lin Le shoot three continuous full-star shots. CloudDragon who was inside the barrier was dumbfounded realizing what happened. Three shots! Three f*cking continuous shots! How much is this?! It might be necessary but it’s still money! Real money! It’s obvious that the first shot has already made a few holes and he just has to make the second one?! And now we have a big opening for them to come in! The third shot landed right at the dragon’s crotch. CloudDragon shouted as LordAsked stared at Lin Le, bewildered, “What the f*ck are you looking at?! Get the hell in! Don’t freaking waste the money!”

LordAsked’s heart was bleeding inside but nothing could help it. He hopped in with Ji Xiao and MistyVeil followed up too. “We’re definitely going to sign the IOU form and get ourselves stuck with a debt trap. Let me roughly calculate how much we need to fork out each...”

“Don’t bring up such a saddening topic now. We’ll worry about that after killing this dragon. If we can’t, that’ll be even more saddening…” LordAsked readjusted his mindset. My money! Three full-stars shots without cooldown! Brother Le, no, Master Le, you’re using everyone’s money, do you know that?! We might have a decent earning back in the north but we’ve spent most of it on you but not on research and development!

ThornyRose pondered. If we can defeat this boss, we’ll be rich as f*ck! She hopped on Little Tadpole and jumped into the barrier.

The iron dragon who got hit at the crotch stumbled backward and almost lost its balance. Yet, it managed to get a grip of itself and roared, “@#%#@#$”

“It says, ‘you bugs have completely made me rage’!” Ye Cang translated while pushing NalanPureSoul’s butt up.

“It’s going to unleash its ultimate! Be careful!” LordAsked shouted.

The dragon stabbed its spear on the ground and numerous magic circles appeared in the sky. Hundreds of gigantic swords were summoned and rained upon them. The entire landscape was full of swords. CloudDragon and some who were agile stood on the hilt of the swords and looked around, “Are we going to walk on poles now?”

On the other side, Ye Cang who successfully climbed up to a higher hill started to cast his combined magic. Deadly Acid Rain/Tide. The green water droplets poured on the dragon and the tide rose to attack it waves after waves. Clouds of green smoke filled the atmosphere and the dragon stared at the source of magic, “%$$#%^#$.”

“It says, ‘Frans! Get the hell up and thunder the mage into ashes’!” Ye Cang finished casting and planned to use his remaining mana to cast another time. Yet, he shouted back in Draconic before that, “Oh yeah, Frans has been killed by me! And I’m not a mage! I’m a ranger who upholds justice!”

“Frans is dead?! Impossible!” The iron dragon made a wide swing with its spear, knocking away numerous swords and projected them away in all directions.

NalanPureSoul suddenly saw a dwarf with white beard patting Ye Cang’s shoulders from the back and that alerted him to prepare to cast his magic.

Looking at Broken Fist, Ye Cang took out the bottle of Black Dragon Kill, “How do I kill this guy?”

“You meant Marla? This fella is totally different from the other four. It is the product of a dragon and a valley giant. It has the godly strength of a valley giant and the exclusive draconic magic of the dragons. It’s undefeatable… undefeatable…” Alodudu shook his head with regrets.

Just when Ye Cang was about to turn around and cast magic, Alodudu quickly suggested, “Unless, you give me one more bottle and I’ll tell you about it.”

“You haven’t even given me my reward! You said that if I shot it with the Giant Dragon Thorn Nail, you’ll come back and grant me my reward! And now you still have the nerves to ask for more?!” Ye Cang was frustrated.

“Oh come on, both are different matters. Well, you’ll definitely benefit from it.” Aludodo smiled and Ye Cang handed another Black Dragon Kill to him.

“The best way is to use icy-acidic medicine to crush its dragon blood armor. But the materials to make such medicine is difficult to obtain… It’s made from the Hundred Thousands Years Frozen Grass, the Acidic Tears of a monster from thousand meters down in hell, the Holy Ashes from the Great Angel and many other precious materials… It’s also time-consuming to make it and luck is also an important factor. The process is extremely complicated. It’s like this… and this…” Alodudu’s words made NalanPureSoul drip cold sweat. Isn’t this the scam team leader loves to use?

Ye Cang threw a poker face at him, “Shut the hell up. Give me the medicine and I’ll give you another bottle.”

“Nice, here you go,” Alodudu took out a big bottle of blue liquid. “Oh yeah, and your Giant Dragon Thorn Nail.”

He returned the thorn to Ye Cang.

“Let me use the what-dragon medicine of yours again,” Ye Cang pointed at the thorn.

“Nope, it’s useless against Marla,” Alodudu shook his head.

Ye Cang then changed his position, tied the medicine with his thorn and aimed at the dragon’s neck. In order to ensure its success, he activated Space-time Reverse Piercing. He launched the shot. The thorn coming at Marla was not a challenge for it as it just smirked and tossed its spear. The spear hit the thorn and made it disappear upon contact. Getting a good aim, Ye Cang pulled the trigger again. The thorn pierced right into Marla’s right eye and caused some icy yet corrosive medicine to leak out like tears. The armor started to freeze and become weak. Moments later, the whole piece broke into smaller ice pieces and fell off. The thorn appeared from the virtual space and pierced through its head. In a blink of an eye, the pain caused Marla to lose consciousness and even the tormenting agony could no longer be felt.

With Little Tadpole’s help, Lin Le slashed its neck with his dragon steel blade. Armed Destruction! Everyone quickly attacked with all their might. Some went for its reverse scale and some hit its head as if they hated it for years. The extreme pain regained Marla’s consciousness instead this time. Yet, Zhang Zhengxiong who was riding on Little Tadpole stared into its eyes. His eyes shined with grey light and he could somewhat hear a faint but devastating scream from Medusa.