Marla was petrified and CloudDragon smashed into its reverse scale, crushing its muscles by using his iron gauntlet that was effective towards dragons. SpyingBlade was trying his best to damage its veins. Even if we can't kill it, we must at least slow down its movement. Meanwhile, Cao Cao activated The Conquest of Heaven. Many clones of Cao Cao were standing all over Marla's body, each slashing it with a war spear. The damage was severe. 

Marla then broke out from its petrified form and gave everyone a shock of their life. Just how strong this fella is? It’s still not in a weak state yet?! After so many slashes from Lele and its wounds are like mini waterfalls, overflowing with blood!

As it swung its spear, shook its arms and body to get rid of them, its body glowed with a green light. The molten iron from the cliff was flowing towards it as if there was an attractive force. 

“Better stop it right now! The molten iron will recover its wounds quickly and even strengthen its battle power!” Alodudu said casually with his arms crossed. 

“Solutions…” Knowing that he was trying to scam him for the Black Dragon Kill, Ye Cang took out a bottle. 

Alodudu shook his head and showed three fingers. 

“Hey, don't go overboard!” Ye Cang stared into his bag. I have only tens of bottles left! 

“Quick! The molten iron is gathering! If you don't stop it now, it's the end!” Alodudu exclaimed. 

“God damn it! You have it this time!” Ye Cang tossed him three bottles and Alodudu grabbed them. “The only way is to bathe it with icy-acidic medicine again. In that case, the molten iron can't enter its body anymore. But I only have four bottles left and I don’t think it’s enough to kill it.” 

“At least it’s better than nothing.” Ye Cang tried to grab the medicine but Alodudu hid them well and showed him three fingers again. 

Ye Cang was so frustrated that he was trembling. The one who used to frustrate the others was getting a taste of his own medicine. I really want to slash this old freak to death! He took a deep breath and exchanged another three bottles for the medicine. 

“Be quick yo! They are never going to defeat Marla with their current status. Once the molten iron gets into its body, all of you shall die. Well, I don't care about its life. You're the one who killed Frans. I've nothing to do with it. I'm going back to have a good nap later,” Alodudu smirked. 

Ye Cang grinded his teeth, crossed his arms and put on a thinking cap. NalanPureSoul pondered. Here he goes. Team leader's thinking mode. 

Before a second passed, Ye Cang clapped, “Got it.”

As fast as usual. His average timing is around half a second. NalanPureSoul was amazed. 

Ye Cang brought out a big pot and added magic water infused with high-class ice elemental crystals and all kinds of corrosive substances and fluids. Not to mention, his secret sauce - Zombie Abscess Meat Sauce and all kinds of poisonous mushrooms. Due to time constraints, he asked NalanPureSoul to heat it with his flame spell and he cooled it down with his ice spell. He swiftly added the icy-acidic medicine into the pot and mixed them well. Little Tadpole was ordered to his side. The clock was ticking fast and the molten iron was reaching Marla's feet soon. All of them felt that they were doomed. Our skills are all cooling down and still, we haven't killed this dragon! 

Just then, they saw Little Tadpole flying towards Marla secretly around the cliff. Ye Cang was casting magic to attract Marla's attention. Wow, this pot must be another disgusting stuff. Even though they could not smell it, they knew they would not dare eat a tiny bit of it.

Everyone seemed to understand Ye Cang’s intentions and once again attacked Marla with all their might. VastSea had already prepared to sacrifice his life to restrain the boss. 

“@#&%@#,” Marla roared at the sight of the molten iron advancing to its feet. 

“Prepare to die, little bugs!” Ye Cang shouted what he translated. 

Just then, Little Tadpole poured the greenish soup on its head. Wherever the liquid flowed through, it frozed that part and burned with green acidic smoke. Some of the liquid that fell on the molten iron around his feet froze it to prevent it from coming any nearer. 

“So smelly! So disgusting! Argh! Bastards! It's suffocating! Kill me already!” The dragon's face twitched and froze at an extremely disgusting expression. The molten iron had stopped flowing and returned to where it came from. 

“Congratulations! You've successfully defeated the Five Dragons! Since you completed it in hell mode, everyone obtains a chance to the special realm. Level +8, obtain a random hero talent, a hero skill, a particular body part legendary equipment, a random legendary equipment, skill points +20, talent points +25. Overall resistance increases 35% permanently, all attributes increase 25% permanently, all damage received reduces by 15% and obtain a title - Conqueror of the Five Dragons Hall!”

Conqueror of the Five Dragons Hall: Players with this title will cause an extra 50% damage to dragon types and magic damage received from dragons will be reduced by 30%. Players can also render terrifying effects on dragons whose strengths are similar to the player. 

Alodudu looked at the dragon's painful face, “Wow, what did you add into the broth? What a horrible death.”

“The lightning dragon's corpse, here I come~~” Ye Cang turned around and ran towards the hill behind him. 

“Quickly protect the corpses of other dragons!” ThornyRose shouted. Lin Le quickly touched the iron dragon's corpse and went down the hill for the fire, ice and dark dragons. Ye Cang’s excited face made CloudDragon wonder, “Even though he killed the dragon alone, but still… whether or not he could get a single item from the corpse, should he know by now?”

“If he knows, he isn't the Acting Emperor we know,” LordAsked mumbled with a sense of sarcasm. Although it may seem that the loss of one dragon is quite great, the adventure this time is too important. It is a whole new level of rewards. Hero spirit realm, hero talent, and hero skill. All three in one. The team's standard has moved up, not to mention all the talent and skill points we obtained and the permanent increase in attributes. LordAsked then saw Lin Le making his way back from the corpses. “Come back and wait for Little Ye Tian and the rest… Rose, as for the money, we'll talk about it only when we return to the north side.”

“Sure. Not a problem,” ThornyRose smiled. Yet, sacrificing a lightning dragon's corpse was still saddening. Well, at least we passed this level. 

Ye Cang then came to the lightning dragon's side. Along the way, he touched two chests but even though they were empty as usual, his necklace shone and five dragon souls were completely collected. The necklace had also turned into a colorful crystal and its name had also changed. 

Hand of Jackoss (Exclusive - Broken Sky Hall - Mission - Five Dragons Hall - Key) 
Category: Key/necklace 
Requirement: None
Defense +2400
Damage +100
Spell power +190
Fire elemental magic spell power +350
Ice elemental magic spell power +350
Lightning elemental magic spell power +350
Dark elemental magic spell power +350
All resistance +337
All attributes +700
All attributes +55%
Magic spell cast will ignore 40% of the resistance of the creature. 
Damage received will reduce by 95% (for the first time), 50% (for the second time) and 35% (for the third and subsequent times). The effect will be reset every hour. 

Iron Wall Barrier: Produces a barrier to block damage every 10 minutes. The amount of damage it can absorb is three times of your health. When the barrier is activated, the damage received that does not exceed 25% of your health will be completely blocked by the barrier. No cost. 

Five Dragons Protection: Once activated, you will be immune to magic ranked below holy curses. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown: one hour.

Broken Shy Hall - Key: Able to open the door of Broken Sky Hall. 

Five Dragons Hall - Key: Able to open the door of Five Dragon Hall. 


Ye Cang pondered. My decision of not replacing the necklace is right. Look at these scary attributes. Defense 2400… He stared at the dragon's corpse and gradually reached out his hand. Appear before me! Divine artifact! 

ThornyRose and the others were waiting for Ye Cang’s return and true enough, they saw Ye Cang, NalanPureSoul and Alodudu come back a few moments later. 

Their stares indicated that they were waiting for him to say something. Ye Cang awkwardly touched his nose and said, “Well… let's distribute the equipment. I'm pretty sure everyone is waiting for it.”

“I knew it!”

“Someone must have touched the corpse. It's my fault for not touching it before that. will be no next time.”