From the dragon corpses, they obtained ten legendary equipment and four mythic equipment. 

The mythic equipment are Marla's Hand (Heavy-armored gauntlet), Ace's Iced Wings (Cape), Sanchez's Claws (Boots) and Casain's Heart of Fire (Necklace). 

The gauntlet was given to LordAsked as Zhang Zhengxiong passed. Ye Cang handed the cape to Wu Na. Wu Na who was shy to take the gift but eventually accepted it as she was the only ice and wind mage in the team happily put on the cape and let a sense of satisfaction recharge her energy. The snowy iced cape was long and beautiful and the ice attributes were strong. She was extremely satisfied. I may not have any good moves but I have a legendary scepter and a mythic cape in hand. I'll just use my AOE skills for the PK! MUAHAHA! 

SpyingBlade wanted the boots and Ye Cang agreed to give it to him. Meh. Those boots do not match with my outfit. I'll go back and make one myself. The necklace was given to NalanPureSoul. On the other hand, CloudDragon was occupied with his own thoughts. NalanPureSoul has gained a lot of rewards this time around huh. If we have any water type mission next time, I'm going to make him repay me. 

There were sixteen skill books in total. Four exclusive ones, almost ten rare ones, and two from the Fallen World. 

Roar of Blizzard - Ace was given to Wu Na. The fire elemental one was taken by NalanPureSoul. Marla's Barrier skill was distributed to Zhang Zhengxiong and Ye Cang took the dark type Shadow Spirit Shot. The two from the Fallen World were Razor's fragment and AOE Exorcism skill. Zhang Zhengxiong gave it to LordAsked. The skill had a direct effect of exorcism, stun and terror targeted towards dead spirits in a large area. Those who cannot withstand the lock on would be killed instantly. It was effective in killing monsters to level up. Its cooldown was only 3 minutes and most importantly, the lock on did not depend on spell power but overall attributes and will. 

As for the remaining ones, RedMoon, Liu, Cao, Sun, VastSea and the rest took at least a book each whereas MistyVeil bought the last one. 

“Alright, we are done with the distribution. The others will be given out as we move. Let's head to the Broken Sky Hall and have a look. I feel like we are getting closer to the king. If we don't be any quicker, I'm afraid we won’t be able to meet him at all. As for the hero skill and hero spirit realm, we’ll talk about it later...” Little Ye Tian who revived rushed to the team with the others and said. Even though many pledge that they would never betray the king, the king might still get brainwashed by the evil. Everyone’s expression was sad and disappointed when they talked about the king. If the king really changed his mind, then...well, it’s just a matter of time.

Ye Cang took the lead and started their journey through the gallery road where they distributed the legendary items along the way. Ye Cang changed all of his below-legendary equipment to the new ones they obtained. Four were replaced. No one said a word because he was the team leader and it was a silent agreement that the team leader would get a bigger portion. As for the remaining ones, he gave it to VastSea to do the job. CloudDragon frowned. Is he trying to recruit my men? Upon receiving the equipment, VastSea nodded and started distributing in accordance with their attributes.

As they reached the top of the highest hill, they saw a gigantic door made out of mythril. It was glorious. The drawing of the rectangular-shaped war hammer on the door was surreal. In the middle, it was the same circular hole at the door of the Five Dragon Hall. It opened after Ye Cang inserted the necklace. He then pulled out the key.

A stream of heat blew into their faces as they were welcomed by a long hallway towards the palace. On each side, it seemed like a mini forest with a pond was mirrored to the other. The only difference from the natural habitat was that the plants and water had turned into molten iron and all kinds of light energy crystals. As they entered the palace, the under-distinguished interior was not what they expected. There were only three circular paths. In the middle were a furnace, a throne and a gigantic lava crystal was floating above it. All the molten iron was melted from the crystal and reaccumulated back to it. On the throne, an intimidating dwarf with a silver war hammer and a man in a black robe were looking down at the uninvited guests. 

“Kill them?” Dark magic was surging in the black-robed man’s hand.

“Let’s go, these are just ants. They aren’t fit for my war hammer,” War Fist gave them a cold shoulder. “Tell Wind Fist that he owes me nothing now…”

The black-robed man opened a magic door full of skeletons and they walked into it.

“Shall we chase after the...?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked.

“No, we can’t beat him. If War Fist uses his true power, just one smash and he can turn this place into ruins,” Little Ye Tian sort of guessed War Fist’s true power through his experience with literature. He is not someone we can handle at this level.

As the magic door closed, the trio Liu, Cao and Sun sneered at him, “Luckily he is fast enough to flee the scene! Or else, I, Liu Xuande will definitely kill him to commemorate the cute empress.”

“Yea right, continue your bullshits. You only know how to talk. Why don’t you try talking when he was still here? But that cat-eared empress is quite energetic. Hehe. This shortie sure is good when it comes to picking his mistress,” Cao Cao rolled his eyes at Liu Bei.

“Mine is not bad too. That pair of legs…” Sun Quan put his palms together and prayed.

Wow, these three paladins are seriously… Everyone’s back was already soaked in sweat. Luckily, the king left, or else he would definitely bombard this place.

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully conquered the King’s grave. Since you have the Hands of Jackoss, you’ve successfully controlled the Broken Sky Hall and the Five Dragons Hall!”

Ye Cang heard footsteps from behind. It’s Wind Fist.

“In the end, his decision was still to leave. He betrayed us! Betrayed the dead warriors who sacrificed in the War of Disaster! The citizens! He betrayed Jenna!” Wind Fist was overwhelmed with emptiness and anger as he stared at the throne. In the end, he calmed himself down, “War Fist, I don’t owe you anything from now on…”

“Looks like there’s gonna be another bloody disaster in China…” Alodudu sighed.

“Uncle Broken Fist, what should I do now?” Wind Fist stared at Alodudu with respect.

Standing behind Wind Fist, Ye Cang took out the last three bottles of Black Dragon Kill and pointed at himself. Alodudu who saw it said to Wind Fist in a serious manner, “I think the young man behind you can give you a better opinion. Believe me, I’ll never lie to you.”

“Brother White…” Wind Fist turned around to see Ye Cang slowly taking off his wolf-head hood.

“Brother Wind Fist, since you owe him nothing anymore. If he wants to harm our Goddess Association the next time the two of you meet, I hope you can join our side. But of course, I don’t mean you should be enemies with him. Instead, I hope that you can once again lend him a hand and save him out from the evil side. Even if it might require you to use your skills…” Ye Cang came out with some bullshit while keeping a calm and assuring face.

“But he has the Star of Broken Sky…” Wind Fist smiled bitterly.

“But you are not alone!” Ye Cang grabbed Wind Fist’s ironed fists. “You have the support of the Goddess Association and the entire empire in the north! The five goddesses will be on your side! If he really is going to burn the land and leave it in a disastrous state, should you give it your all for the warriors who sacrificed? And fight the disaster once again?! The happiness of battling, isn’t that what you’ve been waiting for?! Is it really that hard to defeat that fallen king? We are saving him! Not hurting him!”

Yet, Ye Cang’s heart spoke to himself. When then disaster comes, it’s the best chance for my ladies to gather more believers and to earn money! How can I miss this chance?!