Since it was a team lottery machine, all the winnings and their attributes were disclosed to everyone. It was at this moment when Ye Cang’s winnings drew the attention of the others and left them dumbfounded. This fella is really insane! He didn’t even think before pulling the trigger! All of these are the stuff for his wicked recipe!

Black Dragon Queen’s placenta: The Black Dragon Queen will only give birth to a new Black Dragon Prince every five thousand years. This placenta has a large reserve of pure power of darkness! It’s a precious beneficial ingredient!

Gold Dragon King’s cum: The precious fluid is excreted from the Gold Dragon King when it wakes up after a thousand-year sleep. It contains the power of Gold Dragon King!

Holy Dragon Emperor’s smell: The Holy Dragon Emperor, leader of the legendary holy dragon tribe, will excrete a weird fluid from its nipple every three thousand years (even though it is a male). Its holy strength is incredible!

Abyss Demon Dragon King’s excrement: Even though it was fallen into the abyss and got demonized, its habits of the Black Dragon King tribe has not changed. Every five hundred years, it will excrete some unstable magic power from its body. This is a very precious ingredient.

Magic Dragon King’s abscess: Magic Dragon King is the dragon that masters all the draconic magic. However, due to its complex power of elemental, an abscess will grow on its ass every 2000 years and fall off. It contains a messy, complicated and repetitive power of elemental! It is an extremely precious ingredient!

Poison Dragon Queen’s ejaculation: The Poison Dragon Queen is the famous female dragon in all the dragon tribes. An extremely poisonous fluid will be formed only when it successfully seduces seven dragons of different colors and not being killed by other dragon empresses. How rare is that?! It contains an incredible healing ability and is a top-notch treasure!

Crystal Dragon’s crystal penis: The Crystal Dragon is a crawling dragon made out of crystals. During every Crystal Dragon’s Throne Competition, a fight involving their sharp penises will be held! Since they often need to face the challenges of others, every ten thousand years, its penis will fall off and it will enter into a puberty period.

Hell Dragon Lord’s decayed tooth: Hell Dragon is a mysterious dragon who lived in a deep part of hell. Every five thousand years, its wisdom tooth will get painful and the sensation spreads to all parts of its body. It can never withstand the pain and will use all its strength to force the decayed tooth out. This decayed tooth has the pure power of death! Even the death reaper can be bribed off with this tooth!

“Do you guys see this?! That’s what my divine hand can do! All of these are the essence of dragons!” Ye Cang looked at the sky with his right hand swinging up to the air.

Everyone was starting to retch. Ye Cang mumbled as he stared at the Black Dragon King’s excrement, “Wow, this pile of faeces is so big! It’s even bigger than the previous ones! I can brew a lot of Black Dragon Kill with this. Muahaha. Oh, the other materials are also useful in brewing some other wines or even for cooking… Hmmm…”

Upon hearing the phrase ‘Black Dragon Kill’ and newly invented wines, the interested Wind Fist grabbed onto Ye Cang. “Brother! Don’t leave me out when you have good wines ya~”

“Of course.” Ye Cang kept away the ingredients and it was CloudDragon’s turn to pull the trigger. He put in a coin and obtained Holy Ash which was immediately grabbed byYe Cang whose observance was a compliment to his sneakiness, “This thing is useful to me, I need it for planting vegetables.”

“Alright, give me something of the same value in return,” CloudDragon was speechless.

“Do you want some Black Dragon King’s excrement? Or the Poison Dragon Queen’s ejaculation?” Ye Cang asked with a smile.

“F*ck off. Just give me a few skill books. That will do.” CloudDrgaon took five skill books that no one wanted. These suit BlackIce and YellowSpring.

LordAsked and the others were not that lucky as they obtained some dark gold ranked equipment. I’ll just keep it in my bag since I can sell it off to earn some money anytime later. No, why don’t I just put it in the guild’s storage so the lower-ranked players can use it. Yet, little did they know that currently, only elites from secondary guilds are able to use those equipment and there were not many of them.

Here comes the finale. Lin Le took fifteen gold coins and started pulling.

The system’s notification attracted their stares immediately.

“Congratulations! You’ve received a large portion of Holy Ash!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received ten God’s Iron!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received three wishing scrolls!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received six flight tickets!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received The Heart of Titan!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received a mythic item - a mobile star cruise - The Star of Ocean!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received the alchemy recipe - The Tears of the Goddess of Life!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received a mythic cooking utensil - Dodola’s Idiotic Knife Rack!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received a big mysterious meteor - unknown.”

“Congratulations! You’ve received a random class skill - Buying Life With Gold Coins!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received three pieces of the elemental spirit’s red jade!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received five elemental spirit’s crystals!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received three treasure maps!”

“Congratulations! You’ve received a scroll that grants entry into the special realm.”

“Congratulations! You’ve received the God of Spider - Vernola’s spider silk!”

Buying Life With Gold Coins (Armed merchant - Exclusive - Fallen World): Upon death, you are able to use a certain amount of gold coins to revive yourself (depending on the level and attributes). It can be used a maximum of twice in a full day. Only 50% of health will be recovered when revived.

“......” Everyone was astonished at the rewards, amazed and dumbfounded. Now that’s what you call luck!

“Brother Le, if there’s another lottery machine in the future. Pull the trigger for me. I’ll give you 500G for every pull,” LordAsked pulled Lin Le over and said in a serious tone.

“Me too. Me too,” Gongsun Qian and MistyVeil surrounded Lin Le.

“What about me? I can do it and I only charge’s gonna be more for chests because you might get a divine artifact. So 1000 for chests. Deal?” Ye Cang smiled and the others did not give him more than a glance before continuing to surround Lin le.

Ye Cang made his way through the crowd and took the items for distribution. “The Holy Ash is mine. God’s Iron is mine. I’ll take two of the wishing scrolls and for the remaining ones, you can distribute them among yourselves. We’ll take three flight tickets. Brother CloudDragon and Brother Asked will take one each too. As for the last one, anyone can have it. The Heart of Titan… Oh, it’s an ingredient. Mine. The star cruise...that’s also mine. The recipe is Lele’s. The cooking utensil is obviously mine! Meteor is A’Xiong’s. Lele has already learned the class skill. The red jades and crystals are all materials so they are also mine. Treasure maps belong to everyone. The special realm too. The spider silk is also mine since it is a material. Alright, so that’s the distribution. Any objections?”

CloudDragon, LordAsked and the rest knew that they would never get close to a chance for good materials because according to the contract, HappyFirmaments has the rights of privilege. All the materials belonged to Ye Cang. Well, at least we got the main rewards.

Dodola’s Idiotic Knife Rack (Cooking utensils - Dodola’s series): Allows the player to hang and equip the cooking knife on the body. Players can equip seven different cooking knives and benefit from their attributes.

Ye Cang placed the cooking knife into the holder and hung it at his waist. He looked like a real chef but everyone had a feeling that the hell gate had just opened wider.

“I suggest Mad War, HappyFirmaments, and Lord’s Reign to take care of the treasure map but always act together,” LordAsked gave his opinion and Ye Cang agreed.

“Who wants the last flight ticket?” Ye Cang asked and Lin’Wang took it. As for the wishing scroll, LordAsked took it as he got the highest when they rolled the dice.