They headed to the underground wharf again to embark on their journey to the sinkhole before returning to Goddess City. Upon arriving at the shrine, Ye Cang signalled them to wait outside for his call and he entered.

He was not surprised to see what was happening inside as he entered the rear court. As expected, they’re fighting again. Punishment was what came next. Staring at Lonass shivering at a corner, Ye Cang reached out his fair hand with a gentle smile, “I welcome you for joining the Goddess Association. I’m their Great Sage - PaleSnow!”

After witnessing what he had done to the rest, Lonass had a bad feeling about it and yet, she had nothing she could do. She grabbed his hands as Ye Cang helped her to get up and caressed her head, “Do cooperate with the working routine in the Goddess Association… Or else…”

There was a cold expression on Ye Cang’s face all of a sudden, “There will be punishment…”

“Okay?” Ye Cang put on a faint smile. It was so creepy that Lonass was stunned and Aymuss quickly came over and made her agree.

“I got it,” Lonass uttered softly.

“Alright, the War of Disaster is about to break out! This is the best time for the Goddess Association to attract believers and reap in resources. All of you will be famous! Better provide me with your cooperation! When the time comes, you can have a statue as grand as you wish and a shrine as spacious as you desire! Your names will be known throughout the entire anti-disaster troop! But, on the condition instructions are final…got it?!” Ye Cang got them standing straight in a line as he brainwashed them.

“We will do our best! Great Sage!” the four loyal underlings of Ye Cang, the Goddesses of Nature and Aymuss shouted. Meanwhile, Assenroche was furious. I’ve been living too comfortably. That endless source of belief power. And now, it’s war. The sweet taste of the power of belief...I’ve not tasted it for a long time...I must not miss this opportunity!

Assenroche then lowered her head and said, “Understood.”

Blushed, Lonass had no choice but to give up her dignity as a goddess, “I’ll give 200% of my effort, Great Sage!”

“Hmm...let me see which production line you should take,” Ye Cang examined Lonass from head to toe. Wow, what a thick butt! Damn, these legs, the waist. She is different from the other goddesses. Thick but not fat. It’d be best if she’s dressed in a sexy costume! Her a little messy. He then took out his tools to fix her hairstyle. It became a straight long curl in a short period of time. As for the clothes...I’ll think about it when I come back from the break. There’s only half an hour left before the game ends. I’ll ask them to come in first.

Upon entering, they pondered a moment when they saw Lonass. This fella kidnapped another goddess again. They felt pity for Lonass.

Aymuss and Lonass granted them a permanent buff. The blessing of the two Goddesses of Moon. Under moonlight, their health and mana recovery speed would be enhanced and the disruption of vision would be reduced by 60.

Wind Fist kneeled while holding his war hammer. Assenroche grabbed his hammer and raised it up high. Countless arcane energy and mysterious particles collided with the hammer before fusing into it. A thunder from the shrine gave the entire city a hell of a shock while strikes of lightning filled the sky amidst the ocean of darkness. As he obtained the weapon back from Assenroche, Wind Fist could feel the enormous energy surging through his body. Before he knew it, a thunder struck on his body through the hammer raised up high. Lightning was as if taking over his body like he was an incarnation of Zeus.

“I don’t have enough strength in this form compared to when I was a full elemental spirit. Just this little trick and I’m almost down. I’ll need some rest… My believer, Wind Fist, return to your City of Storm and wait for the right time to battle,” Assenroche said weakly.

“As you wish, my lord Assenroche…” Wind Fist turned into lightning and disappeared.

“Can you see it now? This is the difference between an elemental spirit and a low-life trash goddess like you. Her believer is already a demi-god,” Aymuss sneered at the three Goddesses of Nature.

“As if you’re not trash too. A pair of lonely sisters. If it wasn’t for our glory, do you think you can recover in such a short period of time? The Great Sage is our direct believer who was personally nurtured by our very own hands!” Mallow said.

“Hey, the four of you benefit from the believers gathered by my sage! He is my direct believer, alright? You’re saying he’s closer to you guys compared to me?! Don’t embarrass yourself,” Anya crossed her arms and glanced at them with despising eyes.

“The moonlight will bring him to my embrace in the end...Twenty years ago, on the day he was born, I could feel a glimpse of hope shining in the midst of darkness. At that time, I knew the Great Sage would come to me…” Aymuss said gently and the others were dumbfounded. Don’t you feel ashamed?! You’re the one who begged people with watery eyes!

“You filthy b*tch! How dare you be so shameless?!” Jam accidentally raised her voice.  “Shit.” Her curse was too late as Ye Cang was already walking over, “Are you guys arguing again? *evil smile*”

The four goddesses shook their heads unanimously. Lonass did the same after seeing the frightened expressions on their faces.

Ye Cang turned around to see Assenroche had turned into an arcane energy floating in the air to get some rest. He then dragged the five of them to a corner, “She is still a little shy. Help me give her some mental preparation, would ya?”

The goddesses nodded and made their promises. Lonass who just joined put on a smile, “No worries, I’m close with her…”

“Then, I’ll leave it to you, Goddess of Full-moon. Oh yeah, pick one of the mountains in the west. I’ll ask someone to build your statue and shrine there. As for the square in the city, you might need to share the space with Mallow.” Mallow opened her eyes wide when she heard what Ye Cang said but accepted it when Ye Cang looked at her with a gentle smile. “Alright…”

Lonass stared at Ye Cang with much gratitude, “Thank you, Great Sage. I’ll repay you for sure.”

A smile on Ye Cang’s face saved him the need for words and he caressed her head.

“Alright, I need to go now. Let me make myself clear. The key is harmony. Don’t start an argument, alright?” Ye Cang put on his wolf-head hood and the goddesses nodded. Right after the team logged out, Mallow and Lonass got into a fight.

“Oh, just in time. It’s 12 noon,” Wu Na looked at the clock.

“Brother, come have a look! The crab and the shells are enormous!” Zhang Zhengxiong saw Huang Zhong coming back from the sea. Why do I feel like the boat is about to sink? Huang Zhong dumped the crab and shell which were about ten meters wide on the beach.

“Uncle Huang, did you just go to the underwater palace of the Dragon King of the East Sea? Luckily, I saw this coming so I’ve called Old Wang and the rest to head over. We can call deliveries for now. And keep these for dinner,” Wu Na facepalmed. Does this Old Huang really have to bring so much food every time he comes back from sea? It’s really a miracle for the seamen to come back alive.

Old Wang and Old Li arrived with the food delivery from their shop and saw the crab and shell from afar.

“The Golden Jade Dragon Crab! And the legendary Jade Scallop!” Old Wang was shocked. These are all exclusively rare ingredients!

“Looks like we need to prepare something too. Old Flasher and Old Panty prepared the Black-Beak Phoenix and the Three-colored Silver-pattern Eel,” Old Li smirked.

“They sure know how to make us work...The Golden Jade Dragon Crab, it has been at least twenty years since the last time I dealt with a crab like this,” Old Wang smiled bitterly.

“Twenty two years to be exact. You and I prepared it together and Marilyn was one of the judges. That time, she scolded us like a mad dog… Heh. It was so different from the Marilyn today,” Old Li exclaimed.

“Yeah, can’t believe twenty two years have passed in just a blink of an eye…”