Huang Zhong, with the aftertaste of the burger in his mouth, had actually thought that Marilyn was good looking and had finely chiselled features. AV who saw the expression on his face and the direction of his sight gasped and quickly walked away. Jesus. He surely is team leader’s relative. His taste...

Old Wang let out a scream as he carried the Black-Beak Phoenix away from the fire with Ye Cang and Zhang Zhengxiong’s help. They placed it on a big leaf while the surface of the food was still sizzling.

Old Wang flipped the Phoenix and slashed its abdomen with a fierce stroke of his knife. Instantly, the aroma of Tricolor Silver-pattern Eel and Blossom rice filled the air. Lin Le’s drooping saliva could even reach his plate.

“One by one, alright?!” Old Wang was in charge of giving out the food to everyone. As he received a plate, he sliced four big pieces of meat from the head, legs, chest, and wings and arranged them nicely on the plate. He then chopped the swim bladder rice into pieces and put them on top of the meat. The meat from the eel was wrapping the swim bladder which was a layer that wrapped around the rice. Just like how he made sausages, he continued with the next roll after he was done.

Lin Liang first had a taste of the meat of the Black-Beak Phoenix. Crispy on the surface and juicy on the inside. All the juice and aroma spreaded all over my mouth, especially from the fats below the skin. It didn’t leak out but was actually immersed in the meat. Is that from the effect of the butter and the honey?! Wait, that’s not it. The special soy sauce must have been the reason. He took a bite of the eel’s meat and had a mouthful of the rice. The freshness! This eel is freaking delicious! The softness of the bladder is just nice. The combination of the eel meat and the rice made the rice not sticky but soft. It consists of both the taste of the Black-Beak Phoenix and the eel! So, this is the outcome of the cycle! Marvelous! Rice, swim bladder, eel, and bird. What a nice combo! Perfecto!

“The last dish is ready to be served!” Old Li opened up the shell of the Jade Scallop and the strong aroma of a mixture of crab and scallop blew into their faces. Everyone rushed over with their plates on their hands but they still had to wait for their turn. Old Li then cut off one box for each. Lin Le stared at the jelly-like food on his plate. The color was way darker than a normal jelly and he could see the crab mustard and roe were moving. As his knife penetrated into the delicacy, both substances turned into juice and leaked out from where the slit was. Lin Le quickly sucked it and dug in madly as the temptation was irresistible. The thin layer of crab meat fused into the scallop but it didn’t seem like it. It has a bland taste, fresh and light. The sweetness is of a perfect proportion and suits my taste buds! Even if you eat a lot, you can’t feel that it’s any greasy!

What made everyone enjoy the most was the juice of the scallop. The liquid was so fresh as if it came out from the sea the second before it was served. Old Li boiled the cellophane noodles with a dip in hot water and slurped the juice left on the shell. Wu Na who loved these noodles the most picked some into her bowl to try it out. What's this?! It's too delicious! It isn't floury but chewy! All the juice is perfectly absorbed! *slurp* *slurp*

“These are very delicious but it would be better if there were some tendon-like food,” even though Huang Zhong ate like a beggar, he still voiced out. 

“I knew you're the one who brought back the Jade Scallop and Golden Dragon She-Crab. So, I've saved something up for you. The tendons of the Black-Beak Phoenix!” Old Li took out two pieces, bent them into an S-shape and pierced them with a stick. First, he fried them in the pot of oil and then sprinkled some salt and brushed with a layer of juice from the scallop before heating it with fire to keep the juice inside the tendons. After brushing the remaining honey and butter on it, he grilled it several times. The last step was to paint a thin layer of mashed Red D Horseradish and Jade Carrot on it, “Give it a try.”

Merely a bite was enough to give him a surprise he would not have expected. God damn it! Only now do I know those tendons sold in convenience store sare like shit! The chewiness of this tendon… the spice and sweetness. Not to mention the freshness of the seafood! It's all in one! Staring at Old Li, he almost called him ‘my lord’. Yet, he looked at AV. No, I'm a loyalist! I’m only serving one lord for the rest of my life! That filthy bastard (Liu Bei) who’s always seen picking his tooth was never my lord. I've repaid him everything. I'm sorry, Master Wang, please forgive me for not being able to serve you… 

Seeing Huang Zhong staring at him with so much passion, AV felt a chill at his ass. Hey, just because I gave you some limited edition PG18 RPG, you aren't going to f*ck me right?! 

Holding the precious chicken tendon, Huang Zhong came to AV. “My lord, the taste of this food is beyond words. Please, give it a try~”

“......” AV stared at the crazy fella who was roughly twenty and above. 

As the night fell, waves of laughter were gradually fading.

On the rooftop, Ye Cang was staring at the sea since he was suffering from a mild insomnia. I have a bad feeling somehow. But with so many strong people in this place, there shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t tell me that Hunting Flame and ColdMoon… He shook his head. Maybe I’m just overthinking… I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself for uncertainties in the future. With a sigh, he turned to look at the direction of the big tree.

In his dream, Ye Cang met a Magical Girl who was brainwashing him. ‘Magical Girl is the greatest career of all! Go and become a Magical Girl, young man!’

“I’m a man!”

“It’s just a matter of cutting it off and opening a hole.”


“Just kidding, young man. Magical Girls are only reflected in their appearances. I have ten Great Magical Girl elders. Five of them are men. You have great talent and also the insurance I gave you. It’s a waste if you don’t become a Magical Girl.”

“F*ck off! Don’t interrupt my sleep…”

“Hmph! You’ve been chosen by the Great me… If you wish to…”

“Do you believe that I would strip your clothes off, tie you up, stuff all kinds of tools into your private part and throw you into the washing machine for 365 days if you keep talking?!”

“Really?! *cough* *cough* You bastard! I’ll remember you forever!”

Ye Cang jolted up from his dream and grabbed a cup of water, “Crazy bitch!”

He then tucked himself back in bed and continued to sleep.

In his dream again, a pair of dark hands approached him and dragged him down into a deep abyss. Through the surface of ‘water’, everyone’s happy faces could be seen fading as he was hauled further and further away. The surroundings were getting darker and in the end, it was pitch black. 

A fading voice was heard. “I am you but you are not me.”

The next day.

Ye Cang woke up as sunlight came through the window and struck his face. Feeling the warmth from the sun, he mumbled, “I’m you but you’re not me…”. He was searching for answers of what it meant.

He came to the balcony to see AV and his adventure team was about to head out. Each of them looked as if they were prepared to put their lives on the line for a mission.

“What’s our slogan?!” AV shouted.

“Kill the gods that block us! Kill the Buddhas that obstruct us! Conquering the Big Four is just a matter of time! Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat! We are fearless adventurers!” All the energy that came from the cries were projected at the boundless sea that had an endlessly promising sun at its horizon..

Ye Cang stared at them speechlessly and ventured into their journey.

Wu Na who was sunbathing at the entryway mumbled, “I bet they will be coming back with weird costumes…”

AV was the first to step into the train station. “Illusion World, here we come!”

The group repeated, “Here we come!”