The 10 Commandments

“Looks like you two are getting familiar with the job? But still, there is room for improvement. The relationship between Pandora and the Liu family, it must be in your hands. Don’t let it break because that is what’s funding our activities fees. Hunting Flame will hand over the rights to collect the fees in the black market in The City of Sins to you guys too,” Cold Moon talked to SpyingBlade and Fang Ci in a monotonous tone.

“Even though we were the ones who killed the people, you two must enhance your strength . Or else, someone evil might start using his dirty tricks. At least, learn to protect yourself,” Staring at 2’s position, Hunting Flame smirked.

“Don’t let leader’s effort in nurturing you two go to waste,” Cold Moon patted their shoulders.

Fang Ci and SpyingBlade were in a state of stress. We are okay with whatever between Pandora and the Liu family since we’re related. But for what happened in the City of Sins...will they buy it?

“I know what the both of you are thinking. In the City of Sins, as long as you show the ‘7’ logo, no one dares to bully you,” Hunting Flame smiled. “Do know that the name ‘Silver Demon’ is the worst nightmare one can recall.”

“What happened back then?” SpyingBlade was interested.

“Nothing much, actually. At that time, leader’s gene went berserk and almost destroyed the entire City of Sins. The previous Broken Sin Demon and Seven Sins were killed in an instance,” Cold Moon recalled the mission on that day. Hunting Flame, Ye Cang and I went to negotiate with Broken Sin Demon but Hunting Flame and I had almost died. Yet, at that crucial time, we saw another side of Ye Cang. He was not a human. He was more like a creature from the void. He had a twisted body, blady tentacles, a dragon-centipede head and a body the size of a skyscraper. His arms were so long that they could reach the ground and his bones were exposed on his back. He destroyed the Broken Sin Mountain (the current Sinless Cliff) with just one strike. All creatures were like ants in front of him. There were nothing but chills and emptiness in his eyes. Everything lost their colors and I could feel my heartbeat stop as if time discontinued for a moment. However, he regained consciousness after some time but did not recall anything that had happened.

Just when Cold Moon was about to say something, she received a call.

“Ho is dead?!”

“Who did it?!”


A scream was heard from the other end of the phone. 

Cold Moon hung up the call quietly.

Even though her tone while on the call was still monotonous, SpyingBlade and Fang Ci could sense her anger which gave them a fright. They were not unfamiliar with him and he was even their best friend and colleague in the 10 Commandments. 

“Find out who did it. I must make them repay ten times... or a hundred times…” Cold Moon said to Hunting Flame. 

“I will.” Hunting Flame's voice turned cold as he stared at WarSoul's position. She’s made a move huh? 

“We will help!” SpyingBlade’s and Fang Ci’s sudden utterance made Cold Moon stare at them. Their relationship with Ho is quite good. If they don’t step out now, then leader is wrong in choosing them. Their strengths are subpar but they do have the potential. “You guys don’t have to bother, just do your job well.”

“You’re not gonna tell leader about this?”

“We don’t need to trouble him with such a small matter. Let’s go, Flame.”

SpyingBlade and Fang Ci came out from the bathroom in Illusion World. Should we tell team leader? We’ll talk about it when we’re back. With a sigh, they stared at their team members. AV was having a lot of fun with a mutated octopus lady while Huang Zhong was playing aeroplane chess with a lady with an eagle-like body. His face had already turned red as he was drunk. Cao Cao was staring at the little rabbit girl who was only the size of a basketball. Rock Paper Scissors! I lost! “Hey, don’t use your furry ball hands and meddle with my private part! Ahh! Pain~ Ah! I can’t take it! Alright! I’ll drink! I’ll drink! I’ll order five more bottles of Golden Dragon Wine! No, ten! Ten bottles! Stop! I beg you! Fifteen then!”

“......” SpyingBlade and Fang Ci felt sick. That rabbit little girl is that strong?! They turned to look at the ladies of their choice. The Ghost Bride - Barbara and the Sea’s Nightmare, Mermaid - Syndra.

“Stop singing… Stop…” Lin Liang covered his face in defeat as the feathers on the feathered fan fell off. The Imitating Bird Lady’s body was in a perfect S-shape with gentle and soft feathers lining its skin. She perfectly imitated Lin Liang’s guqin and added the voices of birds. It was perfect.

Staring at the chomper-like object, Lil’Wang knew there was a half-bodied beautiful lady inside the pollen. I have to try my best. Now, where should I start from? Never mind, we’ll go with a normal chat. Yet, he could not contain the tears in his eyes after a few sentences. She really is an understanding girl! She knows my pain! She really does! Boss, give me a bottle of wine!

Meanwhile, Liu Bei was already stripped.  In front of him was a fortune-telling witch with a crystal ball, “Seven o seven!”

“Three Blossom Garden!” the witch said.

Liu Bei shouted “seven” with three fingers up while the witch shouted “three” with a clenched fist.

“Lost again!” Liu Bei wanted to see the face under the hat. It’s definitely gonna be beautiful! Her voice is so soothing! I must at least get to see her face! Let’s go again! “Come again! One-O-One!”

Holding a cat teaser, Sun Quan was having fun with a super sexy cat lady. Coming to his realization, he had already ordered 40 bottles of Golden Dragon Wine and looking at the cat lady leaning on his chest really sent a chill down his spine. The next second, the lady let out a voice like a cat’s coquetry, “My about ordering another 30 bottles? I can...I can let you touch my ear…”

“Boss! 30 more bottles!”

The next day. In the early morning.

Wu Na was sunbathing as usual. She then saw AV and the rest trudge back with a doubtful expression. Something was on their minds and they were as if figuring something out. Also, all of them were in clothes that gangsters wore. Among them, Lin Liang and Liu Bei were dressed in female gangster outfits topped with a leather skirt.

“Good morning, Sister Nana,” AV was the first to enter the house.

“Don’t ask me anything. I don’t want to talk. I just want to change my clothes and head to work in the peace I have longed for,” Liu Bei said before Wu Na could open her mouth.

“I...I will definitely defeat her next time! Damn it!” Huang Zhong patted Lin Liang’s shoulders. “Strategist, I think you need more practice on your guqin.”

“The Power of Nature Sound. I must master that and defeat her, Old General Huang…” Lin Liang recalled the despised look etched on the bird lady’s face. Her face could as if bring out the words ‘With that standard, you wish to fight against the sound of nature?! Trash!’

“So this is the Illusion World? Master…” Cao Cao stared at AV’s exhausted look.

“Think of it, we have two more to go… Conquering the four huh…” Sun Quan smiled bitterly.

“Just treat it as a lesson. Among the Big Four, we have experienced Little Girl’s Heaven and Illusion World. There are two more. Once we experience them, it’s the time we turn over a new leaf! For now, we just have to practice and practice! And ultimately conquer them!” Lil’Wang turned around and looked at the rising sun.

AV stopped with a smile, “Don’t tell me you guys are thinking that the ladies we met in Little Girl’s Heaven and Illusion World are their trump cards, do ya?”

“Don’t tell me…” Lin Liang uttered. 

“They are just elite members. Above them are the trump cards. The Four Little Queens, The Five Illusionists… *sigh* I don’t feel like talking about it…” AV returned to his room as he shook his head, leaving the others in silence.

“Looks like we’ve underestimated the Big Four…” Lin Liang was flapping his feathered fan.

“Interesting! Interesting! Haha!” Cao Cao exclaimed.

“Indeed interesting…” Lin Bei’s expression changed.

“Hmph!” Sun Quan’s aura was rising.

Even Huang Zhong was clenching his fists. The Lord is so pressured but I can’t help him much! Unfortunately, I was being charmed by the lady monster back then. Looks like I have to train harder!

Wu Na rolled her eyes and continued to sunbathe.

The four of them lit up a cigarette stick each.

“No smoking in the house!” Wu Na shouted.

They extinguished it and returned to respective rooms.