Liu Bei was riding his scooter on Beach Highway while enjoying the mood of sunrise, “I must earn extra income. My expenses have been exceeding my earnings...”

After some thoughts, he contacted the secret liaison in the Dragon Group, “Is there any mission that gives a high return but doesn’t take much of my time? I still need to work.”

The secret liaison checked Liu Bei’s badge. His profile was confidential and he did not have the rights to view it. Looks like I have to call Ren Long. As Ren Long was figuring out whether he should go over to Lin Hai to test out the strengths of the new recruits, he received a message from the secret liaison. It made him even more desperate to verify the abilities of the honorable members in his group.

“In V City, the Japanese spies stole an important result from us. I hope you can get it back. We’ve temporarily locked the sea so they should be somewhere around the port.” 

“This is an intercity mission. Besides, it’s not along the way and it affects my main job. I request double allowance…”


“Not a problem.”

Liu Bei parked his scooter at the side and jumped off the cliff.

B City. District C. Street A5.

“The Dragon Group has noticed our movements. Quickly ask Lord Ryūzō to get us out of here before their leader comes!” a Japanese man in glasses named Shuto said.

“Shhh, Lord Ryūzō is already near the sea. We just have to wait quietly for his rescue,” a man in a suit replied.

“Excuse me, can you pass me that thing? I’m kinda lacking cash lately and I really need it… Besides, it doesn’t belong to you guys anyway,” Liu Bei’s voice came from behind.

The two men were shocked. When did he come in?! We’ve placed barrier sensors and illusion tape all over the place!

“Run!” They dropped two grenades and Liu Bei stuffed them back into their mouths, took the bag and stepped behind in a blink of an eye. He reappeared some ten meters away to watch the two people explode like fireworks, “There’s no need for this. I just want some money. Why must they make me kill them…”

Casually and yet frustratedly, Liu Bei grabbed a tachi (sword) from darkness, “Didn’t I just say this trouble is unnecessary? I just want some money. Don’t force me.”

The tachi disappeared and a man walked out from the darkness, “You sure are strong. I can’t believe there are such strong members in the Dragon Group except Ren Long and the other leaders. I would absolutely like to try it out…”

Before finishing his sentence, he sensed a hand grabbing his shoulder from behind.

“Lil’Brat, don’t you understand what I’ve just said? I said, I don’t want to kill people…” Liu Bei appeared behind him with a smile.

A chill ran down Ryūzō’s spine and took away the intention for any movement.

“Shadow Kill!”

Ryūzō vanished in a cloud of smoke and Liu Bei sighed while staring at the black puff, “Looks like your obstinance has left me with no choice…”

Liu Bei laid his hands on the hilts of his Dragon and Phoenix Twin Swords.

Ren Long then recalled that Liu Bei’s strength should be more than enough to bring back the item he wanted. Wait! I’ve forgotten to tell him to bring back just what we want and be careful not to kill Ryūzō! We are currently cooperating with Kōga in a few projects. It will definitely cause us some inconvenience if we kill one of their top ninjas. But it’s not like we’re afraid of them since eliminating the entire association is an easy job for us. Yet, we must maintain good ties with them in view of those projects. If we kill Ryūzō now, we’d be cracking our heads for lousy excuses. Even though both federations are fighting against each other, there isn’t once a murder case involving top members. We’ve always been sending defeated members to where they came from. Once we break the norms, it’s just like breaking the rules. It does not only affect the Land of Rising Sun but also other nations. Well, having a secret federation is to maintain this hidden rule after all. It’s best not to repeat the bloody feast that happened a hundred years ago. Spies were killing each other and even the Dragon Group had suffered quite some casualties. Eight group leaders were dead among ten of them. The commander in chief, Long Sheng was also injured heavily during the battle with the Holy Sword of Storm from America. Although he managed to kill him in the end, his inner injuries were too serious. After recovery, he had only less than 30% of his strength during his prime. Also, all the members from Australia had a miserable death. It was too terrible. Only then, this unsaid rule was established. I experienced it firsthand when I was defeated and kidnapped by Karson back in Africa for my mission. Yet, he served me a lot of good food not to mention causing me to feel embarrassed for going there to cause trouble. Ren Long quickly texted Liu Bei, “If possible, don’t kill Ryūzō. Capture him alive and I’ll give you triple the allowance…”

Just when Liu Bei had raised his sword to behead Ryūzō, he slipped his hands off. So, this fella is still valuable after all. That means… Hehe...

Liu Bei knocked him out with Dragon Barrier and punched him a few meters away. That was not the end. He attacked him madly with his Roars of Dragon and Phoenix and stabbed some nails into his body to block the opponent’s qi. He searched all over his body and found a platinum bank card, “Come on friend, tell me the password...You know, you’ve dealt some damage when you ambushed me. Those medical fees and whatsoever, you need to foot the bill, alright? Actually, I’m not that evil, we can talk it out. Come on, it’s easy. Just give me the password.”

“Your strength is really great and you’re so persistent. Well, I admit my defeat…” Not waiting for him to finish, Liu Bei pinned another nail at his spine and a loud scream almost deafened his ears.

“Password...Quick, I’m kinda in a rush. I don’t want to get scolded for returning late, alright?”

ChillBird came to the port to get Liu Bei and found a sense of satisfaction written on his face.

“Here you go. *sigh* Who would have thought that your what Dragon organization is a violent group? But since I’m sick of killing and battling, I left the person inside with a chance. Remember to transfer the money.” Liu Bei handed the item to ChillBird and patted her shoulder but just when she was about to turn around and find her words, Liu Bei was out of sight, “What kind of technique is this…”

As ChillBird entered the cargo, she saw Ryūzō laying on the ground with most of his acupuncture points pierced with nails. He was mumbling, “He is a robber...a robber…”


Ren Long found such a scene amusing. This Liu Bei is surely a relative of that fella. They sure know how to rob people off their savings huh. Staring at Ryūzō, he said, “Stop acting, I know the card’s limit is not even ten percent of your entire savings.”

“I admit. Can’t believe your association has such a hidden elder...May I know which family or martial arts troop in China that strong warrior came from?” Ryūzō was treated by the medics.

“It’s none of your business! Sign the extradition agreement at once and get your ass back to your country so that I can claim what I deserve from Kōga!” Ren Long was pissed.

Yet, through this incident, Ren Long had confirmed that Liu Bei’s strength was indeed more commendatory than his. A swordsman defeating a top ninja with bare hands. That’s amazing. Even though Ryūzō was not that strong among the top ninjas, I might still need some energy to finish him off. So what that white-haired said is real. But why does this Liu Bei need so much money? He asked Lil’Honey to investigate and then realized that Liu Bei had spent most of his money in all kinds of clubs, with two large checks from Little Girl’s Heaven and Illusion World. The amount was so significant that it was enough to make him bankrupt. The life of these influential people...I’ll never understand it… A food delivery man. Patronizing all sorts of clubs...

Hmm? Cao Cao and Sun Quan were there too. Zhang Zhengxiong was also part of the company he brought to  Little Girl’s Heaven. He is the younger brother of white-haired right? With Zhao Yifan and Fang Ci, the two new liaisons in the 10 Commandments and Dragon Group as well. Wang Quyi, the youngest child of the Wang family. Chen Wei, the apprentice of the side-branch of Chen family, the person who manages a bar and the toy merchandises. Ren Long also saw Lin Liang’s name and decided to label this information as absolutely confidential.

Ren Long then recalled his acquaintance with Lin Liang once when he followed Red Dragoness to the Gongsun family. Boss respected him a lot. Back then, I had never seen him before and I did ask who he is.

“Elder Lin Liang. I don’t know who he is either but he has a good relationship with the Sword Master - Lin Lan. Only the top management in the Great Families know his identity. As for his background, I think only Lin Lan has an idea.”

Ren Long came back from his thoughts and realized Liu Bei had spent most of his money previously. So, this means that Cao Cao and Sun Quan are likely to need cash too. Damn. It’s all PeerlessNight’s fault! Staying in the Karaoke room all day with her friends and ignoring the job just because they planned on joining a singing competition.

Jesus, why does the boss always recruit weird people like them?! Thinking about PeerlessNight gave him a headache. In the Dragon Group, except for the boss who is the strongest, I'm no match for her even though she’s just 13 and she joined the group at 7, became a division leader at 9 and a group leader at 10. And she complains that the work was too hectic so she rejected it. Throughout the years, she took part in most of the great fights, especially the one where our boss, white-haired, BloodHand, BurriedCorpse, Xie Zhongyong, and I eliminated the Anos family. PeerlessNight and Xie Zhongyong volunteered to defend the back for us. He ended up dead… I remember Old Xie has a daughter he loved...

Ren Long searched for Xie Yu’er’s photo. Child, you do have a brave father. The Dragon Group will never forget… I guess it’s time to pay her a visit...