“Lil’Liu, even though you’re a newbie in Sell More, I’ve always considered you as a friend of mine. I’ve also always given you the special weekend orders for only the old and experienced staff. You are really outstanding. I even risked my life to promote you to be our official worker. But...but...why do you have to be late?! Have you forgotten our slogan?! What is our slogan?! Tell me!” asked a mixed bald man, Marylene Zhang Long, Liu Bei’s supervisor in Sell More and also the third branch manager in East District. 

“I’m Disco King. *cough* *cough* I mean. Sell more food delivery! Anytime anywhere! Never be late!” Liu Bei shouted out the slogan.

“Yeap! That’s right! Sell More food delivery! Anytime, anywhere! Never be late! Look, punctuality is our motto! In the entire Lin Hai and also China, we, Sell More is a top-class food delivery company!”

“Look! Look at this trophy! King of Delivery! We’ve defeated Deliver More three times in a row in the Food Delivery competition! But this doesn’t mean we can be arrogant! Their progress and source of customers are not any weaker than us! A little bit of slacking from us and we’ll be caught up by them. And the trophy will not belong to us anymore. Even though your late arrival today is a small matter to you, it might cause a big loss to the company in the future!”

“Oh, Lil”Liu, don’t joke around with your future. Your performance is one of the best I’ve seen. I’ve made a request to the management to allow you to participate in the competition with the Big Four Companies. I hope you can bring the Lin Hai branch some glory! But…butt you…”

Zhang Long began to sober, “But how would I expect… that you actually came in late today!”

“Manager, I’m sorry…” Liu Bei apologized sincerely.

“I’m glad you know your mistake. Alright, go deliver the food now. I’ve specially kept some of the important orders for you…” Zhang Long patted Liu Bei’s shoulder.

Seeing Liu Bei hop onto the scooter reminded Zhang Long of the past. “He looks just like me back then. He doesn’t like to wear his uniform when working and could not care much when being punished. I’ll deduct 2000 from his salary this time.”

Night. The bar Sun Quan was working in.

After a moment of silence, the three of them unanimously asked, “Where are we going to relax today?”

Sun Quan pondered. I bet these two fellas have already run out of money. Or are their salaries really that high? Well, I have enough because I just went to the neighbouring city and slashed three monsters. Cao Cao was also overwhelmed by curiosity. He originally planned to pay the bill but was surprised when the two of them actually had the money. I earned some cash from a mission of boarding a train in M City located in the south of Lin Hai and went to defeat more than 300 guards in the Shinto Shrine of Japan just to get some documents. For the sake of this mission, I forced the gangster who often came to my shop to impersonate me with my uniform and take over my job of frying french fries. I even dug my wallet for a few tens of thousands federal coins to tip him.

“Let’s go dutch. I don’t have much savings left. We need to work harder,” Liu Bei smiled.

“Same,” Cao Cao took a sip of his whiskey.

In the HappyFirmaments Mansion at the beach.

Standing on the riff, Lin Liang was wondering. Should I call Lil’Lan and ask him to send me some money…

He then shook his head. No way. It is shameless to ask someone I consider as my son for money. Which father on this earth will ask for money from their son? And the money is to pay for their adventures. Looks like I can only offer medical and fortune-telling services to raise funds. But there is this weirdo, Brother Flasher in Lin Hai reducing the chances of me outshining him. Fortune-telling is also not that favourable as it kinda looks into the future and disrespects God. But the excavator job is not even enough for me to buy a glass of Golden Dragon wine. He then looked at his contacts. The Ten Great Families Commandment. Nope. The Four Side Branch. Nope. Dragon Group...hmmm, this might do the trick. Which group leader should I look for? I think I met Ren Long before. He called Ren Long and gave him a shock when he saw the caller identification, “Elder Lin, is there anything your junior can help you with?”

“Yea, there’s something you might be able to do for me. Well, do you have those...ermm...side work? Those confidential ones?”

“With high pay? Not time consuming? And don’t affect your current job??” Ren Long habitually blurted out.

“Well...more or less the same.” Lin Liang pondered. How did he know what I’m thinking?

“We’ve discovered a large Meteor Crystal No.2 in H City where a lot of forces are circling around. If the situation allows, I hope Elder Lin could help us take it back. But of course, if you need it, it can always be yours…”

Meteor Crystal No.2 which is also the crystalized form of Gold Kryptonite No.2 is suitable for forging special metallic weapons and is regarded as the federation's blood-ranked war resources. I have a lot of them but they are all at Heaven’s Sword Sect. “You know what, I don’t need it. I’ll go get them for you. Oh yeah, do you guys need Meteor Crystal No.1 as well?”

    “You are saying?!” Ren Long was startled. Meteor Crystal No.1 is also known as the original Soul Gold Kryptonite. It is used to forge alloy weapons for the royal family and even the boss, Red Dragoness’ Soul Dragon Hook was made out of this. The Meteor Crystal No.2 used by other group leaders are now appearing in crystalized form. But No.2 is not that good as it needs to be mixed with No.1 and No.1 is far rarer than No.2! Of course I need it. Wow, this is like cash falling from the sky.

“Treat it as a favor for giving me a mission. Ask your men to get one piece from Heaven’s Sword Sect. Say that it’s I who promised it,” Lin Liang fluttered his feathered fan. Well, there’s no harm giving it to the Dragon Group. For maintaining the prosperity of China, they had contributed quite a bit. All the past commanders in chief are loyalists to China. None of them are traitors.

Lin Liang hung up the call. Ren Long who was in the other city near to H City decided to climb the city’s tallest mountain and took out a telescope. He wanted to witness how the legendary elder earned himself an item he wanted in the chaotic battle. 

To Ren Long’s surprise, an eight trigram expanded at the arrival of Lin Liang. Everything stopped all of a sudden, including time. He casually lifted the meteor with a diameter of two meter long with his feathered fan, walked out of the eight trigram and disappeared in a puff.

“The item you wanted…” Lin Liang’s voice from behind surprised Ren Long and made his hair stand. The elder who has special abilities in the eight trigram. His strength is similar to mine but look, everything is like a statue now. That’s what his power is capable of doing. If he wants to take away other people’s lives… He was soaked in sweat, “Thank… thank you for your assistance, elder…”

Lin Liang’s smile that seemed elegant and inspiring to Ren Long made him blush with  embarrassment. He flapped his feathered fan with a stroke and disappeared. 

Staring at the spot where he vanished, Ren Long was confused. Long hair, feathered fan, hip-hop costume. I really don’t understand these pros…

Lin Liang’s eyes, filled with indefatigable determination were overlooking the sea. “I’ve already prepared the fees for the next round! Bird Lady, I will definitely defeat you and your natural melody someday after training with team leader AV! And also the Little Girl’s Heaven!”

However, upon recalling AV’s comments about them not being qualified to challenge the Four Little Queens and Five Illusionists, he frowned and clenched his feathered fan with a fair amount of strength and tenacity. He was flaming with the will of proving her wrong..

Conquering the Big Four! I will fulfill the dream for all of us!

The other members in the adventure team shivered with a bad feeling about it.