AV came to Huang Zhong’s room. “Oh, Lil’Huang, which character have you reached for the Biko X?”

Huang Zhong who was playing the game put his hand up to signal him to ‘stop’. Moments later, he came back to his senses after losing three home bases, “My lord, I’m only at the second character, Acalili the school teacher. It’s so hard.”

“Come, link it to mine. I’ll show you the real technique of stalking! Hehehe...” AV sat beside Huang Zhong and together they shared the same bed and pillow while entering the game.

“First, you have to be familiar with Acalili’s profile. She has a hidden ability which gives her a diagonal vision from the right side of her body. So, a relatively secretive spot is good for you to hide. Wait, no, your hidden spot must be at her left. Besides, she is not only a teacher but also terrifyingly an assassin. She has the ability to counter-surveil and counter-track. So, you must keep a distance but don’t be too far away too. It’s easy to be noticed if you’re too close and easy to lose sight of her if you’re too far…” AV appeared just as a high school student would in comics and talked to Huang Zhong who was wearing short sleeves and short pants.

Huang Zhong quickly took down some notes in his notebook.

“She has also been to Japan to be a ninja. So, when you are choosing your talent, I would suggest Flying Across The Roof! Or else, it’d be difficult to pass this level. Well, it is not like you can’t pick other choices but this skill is quite useful for beginners. For me, I will usually choose some other indirect skills such as Take It Slow to replace it. Besides, in terms of control, I think Flying Across The Roof suits you more. Now, here’s one important tip. No matter what kind of Hentai Games you play, you must have a 365-degree view on your target!”

“I thought... we only have 360 degrees?”

“The remaining five degrees consist of your imagination.”

“Oh, I see. Lesson learned.”

“Now, look at the uniform. A dark blue shirt with white collar is the standardized uniform for teachers. But! Look at her collar. It’s purple. So, she. Loves. Purple! And now we know what color she likes!”

     “Look again. Even though there isn’t anything on her waist, there is a faint trace. That means she loves to wear accessories. From the look of the size, it must be a watch. But if we investigate further, we will know it is most probably not some ordinary female watch!”

“Next, it’s the stockings. Black is the norm but take a look here!”

AV zoomed into the place between her ankle and her heels. “There’s a spider logo with only the size of 1cm. This means this is not any ordinary stockings, it must have its meaning.”

“Lastly, it’s her breast! You can adjust their size. But the bigger the cup, the higher the difficulty! Let’s set it to the max!”

Huang Zhong stared at AV with a shock. The Lord is really amazing! I can’t even get past the beginner level and he actually managed to set it to N-cup! Also, he was able to obtain so much information from just one image of the character!

“Here we go!” With an energetic roar, the two of them entered the game.

AV and Huang Zhong are in their last year in X High. They were aroused with the appearance of their new class teacher and decided to stalk her after her work.

Upon leaving the school gate, AV asked Huang Zhong to stay behind him while tailing Acalili. Suddenly, a crow flew over and AV jumped into the dustbin to hide himself, dragging Huang Zhong along. Huang Zhong was confused.

“What did she say in class?” AV asked.

“Something about animals. I think she said that she knows how to speak to animals?” Huang Zhong still did not understand why they had to jump into the dustbin.

“That means it is possible that she knows bird language or even animal-vision type of skills. This crow must be one of her counter-stalking tools!” AV explained.

Huang Zhong was amazed by AV’s professionality and nodded like an ignorant kid.

The crow screamed and the sound of the heels was as if silenced by the high-pitched screech of the bird. A few seconds later, it reappeared. AV opened the lid of the dustbin and peeked through the gap. After ensuring that she had faced her back against them and was about to turn into the junction, AV dragged Huang Zhong out and followed up with fast and quiet steps while sticking to the wall.

“Actually, it is relatively easy for us if she wears heels that can create sounds, but it is also at the same time the hardest because it is very likely that these are traps for us to fall into. Sometimes, you might fail if you over-rely on the sound of the heels. Now, she has just started to be aware of us. So, we must stay further away and judge her movements through the sound of the heels strucking the cement floor…” AV lowered himself and whispered. When they were about to reach the junction, Huang Zhong’s urge to cross over was stopped by AV. “Even though there is still the sound, don’t you notice it was also different in some way? The tone is slightly different. This means her posture is not right!”

Huang Zhong shook his head. Yet, when he calmed himself down and focused like how he used to concentrate when shooting, he noticed the difference and the sound was consistent at all times.

“What should we do now?” Huang Zhong asked through eye contact.

After some thought, AV decided to stand up and put an arm over Huang Zhong’s shoulder. He kept walking straight and had no plans of turning into the junction. “Hey, Lil’Huang, the Legendary Lil’Lin - Ultimate Storm 3 is out! Lend me some money to buy it! I’ll borrow some  from others too! Once I finish playing, I’ll give it to you! Or you can come to my house and we can play together!”

Huang Zhong understood his intentions. “No! You’re always the first to play the games! I want to be the first this time!”

“No! I’m first!”

The argument did not stop even though they continued walking. Acalili who was actually just walking on the same spot and creating the same sound frowned as she turned around to see them, “Quickly go home! And don’t play any games! Complete the homework I assigned earlier today! I’ll check it tomorrow!”

AV assumed the teacher’s expression and replied, “Okay, okay!”

He then dragged Old Huang to the other junction and imitated the jogging steps. After noticing that the sound of the heels became back to normal, they heaved a sigh of relief and then continued to follow her secretly.

Upon entering a park, Acalili flew up the roof like a ninja. Huang Zhong decided to use his skill to chase after her but AV whispered, “Hey, carry me on your back! I picked the indirect skill! Let’s not waste that talent!”

Carrying AV on his back, Huang Zhong started to be careful when tailing her. A female scent on Huang Zhong’s uniform caught AV’s attention. The smell of a high school girl?! “Hey, you’re wearing a girl uniform, aren’t you?! Damn, I didn’t notice because you’re too skinny! Take it off! The scent is too obvious, she will notice it!”

Huang Zhong quickly stripped off his shirt and AV wiped some saliva on his naked shoulder, chest and back. “This can hide the smell for a while!”

As they came to an empty piece of land on the riverbank, the teacher stopped, “I know you have been following me the whole time! Come out!”

The two of them were shocked. Should we go out?! Before they could decide, a man in black appeared. He was in a ninja costume, “Do you know the consequences of betraying the organisation?!”

A fight kicked off abruptly. The ninja was swiftly beheaded by the teacher with a narrow sword kept hidden in her ruler but she was also injured and fell on the ground. AV whispered, “F*ck her!” The two of them jumped out and to their surprise, the teacher got up and pierced the two of them. “I knew that they wouldn't send only one person to hunt me down! Die! How dare you disguise as my students!”

Game over. The two of them stared at each other.

“My second character is a nurse. This is a teacher. I’ve never played this before and would never have thought that it is really this hard…” AV said calmly.