At this right moment, Ye Cang caught AV and Huang Zhong together on the same bed. “What the heck are you guys doing?”

After knowing that they were playing a difficult game, it caught Ye Cang’s interest, “Let me try too.”

They then returned to the beginning of the storyline. As they stepped out of the school gate and before words could blurt out from AV’s mouth, Ye Cang dug his hands into pockets and followed Acalili openly, “Walk faster, b*tch!”

“I’m your teacher...I…”

“So what?! Do you believe I’ll ask my two brothers to strip off your clothes and tie you on a lamp post full of advertisements?!” Ye Cang shouted. 

Speechlessly, Acalili made a turn while AV and Huang Zhong followed Ye Cang who had no intention of tailing her.

Upon reaching the junction, Ye Cang did not bother and walked to the other side. Acalili turned around and shouted, “I’m your teacher! I’ve the responsibility to educate…”

Ye Cang’s fierce glare interrupted her sentence. As he got closer step by step, Ye Cang pressed his hands on the teacher’s breasts. “Sure, you can educate me as you want but first let me have enough fun…”

Before she could answer, Ye Cang covered her mouth. “If your answer is no, just shut up! Lil’Huang, Lil’AV, let’s go and play with marbles!”

“I...I...I…’ Acalili grabbed Ye Cang’s shoulder and Ye Cang rolled his eyes at her in return. “Even if you are willing now, I don’t want it already, you big fat pig…”

He then forced her to the wall under the lamp post and smirked, “I might consider if you kneel down and beg me…”

AV and Huang Zhong were dumbfounded, especially when they saw Acalili blush. Is this even considered as tailing?! How is this actually working?! Acalili was resisting not to do what Ye Cang said but she was getting there as her legs slowly bent. She did not know if that action was voluntary as if she could control herself. Suddenly, a kunai was coming at them and Acalili blocked it off, “Who?! Reveal who you are!”

“You do know the consequences of betraying the organisation, right?” a black ninja appeared on the wall.

Just when Acalili furrowed her brows and was about to battle the ninja, Ye Cang gave her a tight slap and pressed onto her face, “I haven’t finished my sentence! And you haven’t done what you should be doing!”

“He is about to ambush me…” Acalili objected and yet was suppressed to the ground with a foot on her face by Ye Cang, “God damned pig, how dare you reply to me defiantly?!”

“......” The ninja, AV, and Huang Zhong were speechless.

“I’m sorry, I just...I just…”

“I’ll give you five seconds…” Ye Cang let go of her.

Acalili climbed up and fought the ninja. Swiftly, Acalili killed him but suffered from an injury caused by a needle pierced into her shoulder. Ye Cang walked towards her. AV and Huang Zhong pondered. At this time, he must be going to be gentle. This strategy is amazing as it shows his bossy yet gentle side! What a wise strategy!

Yet, Ye Cang stepped on her face with a foot and her wound with the other. Acalili screamed and Ye Cang remained cold, “You’ve used a total of 8.2521 seconds instead of five! Trash! Useless pig! You successfully made me lose my interest and appetite for you! Let’s go!”

The two of them stared at Ye Cang who was walking home (in the opposite direction) and also caught sight of Acalili tailing them with watery eyes. She even had the idea of hiding into dustbins and behind lamp posts and even using ninja jutsus etc. On a few occasions, she was discovered by Ye Cang and was insulted with a variety of vulgarities, stepped on the ground, and sat on. Despite her suffering, some sort of happiness was written on her face. In the end, AV and Huang Zhong witnessed how Ye Cang hung Acalili up only in her undergarments on the pole of the swing in the park. Her face blushed as she looked at Ye Cang walking away, enduring the chilly breeze and loneliness in the night. To their surprise, they passed the level and it was the best hidden ending.

Ye Cang stared at them, “What a boring game. You two are really boring too…”

Ye Cang went out of the room.

They stared at Ye Cang’s back with amazement and envy since they thought the level was difficult in the first place.

“He really is the boss… We are so far behind…”

“In relationships, I just realized that I’m not even a newbie… maybe I’m just a tadpole… no, more like frog eggs…”

“Lil’Huang, let’s try once, just like boss.”

The two of them tried the teacher level again. However, just by scolding her ‘b*tch’, that earned AV a sharp blade piercing through her heart. “......”

“Well...let’s try another level…”

“Alright, my lord.”

“About that, my lord, what’s your opinion on asking Brother Lil’White to join our adventure team? Do you think it will be easier for us to conquer the Big Four…”

“I dare not ask. But I do believe boss and boss Lele. The two of them can definitely conquer the Big Four…”

Ye Cang returned to the game to find out that there was nothing that could be done. I think I’ll just go and rest instead.

Just then...

“The Information of Disaster is activated! You are one of the core members who satisfied the conditions. Please edit the name of the notice.”

“China region has successfully activated the information chip about Disaster ! This information chip is activated by , , , , , and . The Goddess Association has become an official religious organization! The reputations of the three Goddesses of Nature, Goddesses of Two-Moons, and Assenroche - the elemental spirit are yet to be activated! Since the chip is activated, please download it within an hour and it will only last for one day.”

CloudDragon saw Ye Cang and walked to him, “Looks like Flame Dragon has another branch of the main storyline on their side.”

“The Church and Empire will definitely lay out the plan. We’ll just have to see who the commander for the players will be,” LordAsked said.

“Isn’t it obvious? It’s definitely my brother,” Zhang Zhengxiong smiled.

“Can’t be sure. We must look at the information too. If our direction is towards the Steel Empire, Flame Dragon has a high chance for it,” ThornyRose said.

“It’s unlikely for that to happen. I’ve analyzed it. It seems that Shadows of Natural Destruction Legislature leans towards the north, which is the Great Wasteland. To go there, the adventurers must pass through our regions, Goddess City and Jam’s shrine and the Bal Village under Verali’s jurisdiction. The Ravine of Death will be the turning point. The second possible is the Endless Swamp. That is also one of our places. In addition, with father’s position of the ambassador of six goddesses, the NPC under him will be very strong too. Even if they are concerned with the power held by the Steel Empire, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t ignore father’s strength. Even if it is really the place we mentioned, we still need some time for preparation and we have the strength and ways to fight for the rights to command and distribute resources,” Little Ye Tian spoke her analysis.

VastSea looked at Little Ye Tian who was one of the players he feared the most. There’s one thing I’m never on par with her and that’s her analysis and strategy on the overall situation. Her political view is also great. Under her planning, the north has become one of the greatest regions. In other words, the three emperors are the king of the entire north region, including the Black Peak Mountain. The mayor of White Stone City and Black Rock City could no longer threaten the Goddess Association anymore. An incident that happened just now alerted the top management of the Empire and now the Empire is cautious with the Goddess Association which was nurtured by the three emperors. The ambassador of the Empire, the Red Jade Sword Saint had an argument with Verali in Bal Village on his way to Goddess City. A fight resulted in his arm being almost torn off by Verali barehanded. The broken hand was not his only injury. The Goddess Association had its own class instructor, including those highly-rank hidden classes such as plant user, arcane user, nature mage and hunter.

In addition, Farsarqi was a great port in the south which brought in a lot of weapons and equipment to be used in the north. All of them fetched a high price. Many of the guilds in the north were then building their own assault team and purchasing a lot of middle-sized ballistas to create a hunting team...