“Let’s talk about it when the information chip is uploaded,” Ye Cang logged out of the game.

Just then, someone knocked on his door. Seeing Huang Zhong and AV coming in, Ye Cang asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Boss, just want to ask...are you interested in challenging the ultimate tailing target of the game?” AV passed the nurse level that he was the most familiar with. However, the ultimate target was a girl living in the castle.

“That game is so boring…” Ye Cang was not interested at all. Yet, he sighed and entered the game with them since they were hoping for his help.

“Boss, here is the information about the castle girl. I heard that only three people are known for  passing this level so far. During daylight, she manages a small restaurant but her real identity is actually a vampire. She has super strong strength and high awareness. If we have to tail her and follow her up until the castle. Not to mention, the servants in the castle are scary. Lil’Huang and I really can’t think of anything else. These are the maps of the castle and the restaurant,” AV displayed all the information and Ye Cang stared at the gothic dress she was wearing, “I don’t like this style...Well, let’s go in and have a look.”

The three of them once again turned into high school teenagers. Ye Cang looked at the operation hours of the restaurant. It closes at 8 p.m. but it is only 6 p.m.

“Boss, let’s go in and make some interaction with her anyway. So that you can observe her ‘weakness’.” Just when AV finished his sentence, Ye Cang kicked his butt and tilted his head, signalling him not to enter yet. Staring at the black curtains covering the restaurant, Ye Cang wondered. Vampire? “Let’s look around and see if we can find anything.”

The two of them followed Ye Cang to wander around. Time flew in a blink of an eye and Ye Cang saw a truck passing by, on the same route he was walking.

Ye Cang’s nose smelt something. It was garlic. He jumped up the truck and tossed a few bags of garlic at the two who were chasing behind.

He then asked them to mash the garlics while he came to the balcony on the fourth floor to take a clearer look at the surroundings. After noticing a peach tree nearby, he climbed up the tree, plucked a relatively thick branch and sharpened it. I probably can’t get silver weapons and holy water for now. So, I’ll just use this. Hiding it in his pants, he and the other two dragged a bag of mashed garlic each to the restaurant. Ye Cang pretended he was exhausted and sat outside of the restaurant, “It’s so tiring. Such a big bag of garlic. Let’s rest by the door before we get moving again.”

AV and Lil’Huang understood his intention immediately, “Alright. It’s really difficult to earn some extra money these days…”

“Since our stomachs are rumbling, why don’t we go in to have some food?” Huang Zhong was dragging the bag of garlic, about to head inside.

Just then, the black curtains rolled up and a girl in a gothic dress squinted her eyes at them, “You guys are not welcomed…”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry…” Ye Cang quickly got up and carried the bag of garlic on his shoulder. He looked awkward when asking, “Anyway, can I use the bathroom for a second? Please...Pretty please...I’ll go once I’m done.”

“Go…” With a frown, the girl stepped aside and Ye Cang hurried in. The smell of garlic gave her a nauseating sensation. She turned around to see AV and Huang Zhong staring at her with a lovely look but that only disgusted her. I definitely don’t want to suck your blood that is plagued with disgusting smells… Suddenly, a pain surged through her body and she lowered her head to see a stick piercing through her heart as her pupils lost their colors. Ye Cang quickly carried her and tossed her into the water tank he found nearby. He also asked them to cover her with all the garlic and leave her head outside. Who could have expected - that he even stole a tank of fuel, poured it in and got the lighter ready. The three of them put all their strengths into carrying her and the tank to the castle.

Ye Cang shouted, “To all the vampires inside, listen up! Your mistress has been captivated! Surrender yourself to prevent us from harming you!”

Bats flew swarming out of the castle and Ye Cang lit up the lighter, “Any closer steps and I’ll burn her up.”

All the bats turned into maids in a split second and they glared grudgefully at the cruel Ye Cang, their horrible-looking mistress and the strong smell of the fuel and garlic.

Ye Cang did not lose his calm and asked AV to hold the lighter, just like a scene of those classic arcs in movies. He grabbed the head of the girl, raised her up to show them the tree branch that was piercing through her heart and coming out from the back and pressed her back into the mashed garlic. The action was done repeatedly.

“Stop embarrassing and torturing our mistress! We’ll promise to do whatever you ask us to!”

“Boss, ask them to remove their clothes…” AV said.

Huang Zhong quickly nodded.

Ye Cang rolled his eyes and smacked their heads one by one, “Are you guys idiots?! Don’t you have any better things in mind other than that?!”

Staring at the servants, Ye Cang let out an evil smile, “If I’m not mistaken, vampires can be tied to a contract, can’t they? I want all of you to be my underlings, or else, I’ll kill her. Since she is your source of blood, all of you will accompany her in hell. Am I right?”

Seeing the servants grinding their teeth and glaring at him, Ye Cang picked his nose and brushed the mucus on the girl’s hair. He snatched the lighter over, “1, 2. 3… *phew*”

The lady housekeeper was happy when she saw the lighter had fallen off his hand. Yes! Now’s the time! Telekinesis! The lighter was knocked into the river and she turned into a shadow, dashing at Ye Cang, “You guys shall die! How dare you blaspheme against my lord!”

“Idiots…” With a sigh, the three of them took out a dozen other lighters.

“......” The housekeeper and the maids were speechless and realized they were doomed.

Ye Cang asked the housekeeper to come over and stomped the ground furiously, “You’ve successfully triggered my anger...now, give me your contract.”

A magic circle appeared and Ye Cang suppressed her on the ground with his foot after a kick into her face, “Do know that I know magic…”

AV pondered. Boss chose magic abilities as his talent?! I bet no one would ever use that, right?! He is indeed different from us. I chose the indirect skill - Take It Slow and Lil’Huang chose Flying Across The Roof.

Disappointed, the housekeeper stared at Ye Cang’s cold eyes and gave her the contract. The others followed one by one. Ye Cang and the other two accepted their contracts and entered the castle. They poured the girl out from the tank. AV and Huang Zhong could not bring themselves to observe Ye Cang’s ruthless and sick way of torturing her. In their opinion, Ye Cang did not treat the girl as a human, especially when they heard him saying ‘Vampires aren’t considered human. She must be glad that I didn’t cook her.’ The housekeeper and maids all sunk into deep fear as they were trapped in a cage made out of silver. Horrible screams resonated throughout the castle. AV and Huang Zhong had already lost their interests and felt that the actual demon king in hell mode was Ye Cang.

“So that’s the feeling of being a villain..not bad…” Ye Cang crossed his arm and pinched his chin.

AV and Huang Zhong did not feel right. Even though they had passed the hardest level, playing with Ye Cang made them lose the happiness this game could have given them. It was worth pondering on the balance of humanity and victory. Regardless, they told themselves not to bother Ye Cang anymore. Once again, they re-entered the game and started investigating how to pass the level in an ordinary player’s way. Though suffering from multiple deaths along the way...