Ye Cang was rolling left and right on his bed, feeling something was not right. My sixth sense rarely goes wrong. Is anything about to happen? Just then, someone knocked on his door again. He speechlessly opened it and said, “Stop asking me to play that boring and useless gam…”

After the realisation that it was not a game invitation, Fang Ci and SpyingBlade who were standing in front of him were invited in, “What’s the matter?”

“Something bad happened over at Leader Cold Moon’s side. Ho and a few of her assistants were eliminated,” SpyingBlade said it out.

“What did Hunting Flame say?” Ye Cang, being one of the core members of his fang troop in 10 Commandments could identify Ho.

“He went to investigate,” Fang Ci replied.

Ye Cang called Hunting Flame and it took quite a while for him to pick up the call. Hunting Flame’s voice was weak from the other side of the phone, “Boss, I’ve wasted your effort in nurturing me…”

“Where’s Cold Moon?” Ye Cang’s pupils were filled with silvery snow.

“Cold Moon was captured by WarSoul. I don’t think I can run any further. Leader, don’t come! She is obviously tempting you and setting up an ambitious trap! She has planned all kinds of mutated troops, zombies, and magic circles just for you. I’ve never thought that WarSoul could be the mole planted in our organisation by Salvation. She came equipped with her techniques and genes and used the 10 Commandments’ help to nurture new groups with the intention of purifying the world. She is with the Ma family and members from 10,000Souls. I saw Han Mo from 10,000Souls just now…” Deep down his heart, Hunting Flame knew that even if Cold Moon and himself were dead and Ye Cang did not fall into the trap, they still had the chance to get revenge. Yet, if Ye Cang was caught here, it would be the end for them.

“Tell me your location…” Ye Cang’s voice was cold.

“Leader, it looks like we still need your help to get our revenge...I’m sorry…” Hunting Flame hung up the call and leaned against the water pipe in the sewerage. An arm of his had rotted and his legs were being immersed in the dirty sewerage water. Unfortunately, he had lost everything below his knee in one of his legs. He was panting heavily. Memories of him meeting Ye Cang in the beginning started to flash through his mind as he smiled, “Thank you, leader…”

Ye Cang’s heart sank. The immense fear once again surged through his body. Watching my loved ones die but I can’t do anything… It’s obvious that I can save you two but you just don’t want to burden me still? Why must you be so selfish and let me lose my loved ones again?! Why?! Oh, wait, I can ask Little Ye Tian and elder Lin Liang for solutions.

Little Ye Tian had long sensed Ye Cang’s unstable emotions. Once she knew what had happened, she activated her full sensor on Ye Cang and was able to track a location. “San Lan City. This is the latitude. It’s deep inside the Mountain King of Bull.”

Lin Liang approached from the hallway with a smile carved on his face, “If you need any help, I won’t reject…”

Liu, Sun and Cao opened their doors at the same time, “What happened? What happened?”

Even Huang Zhong had come out, “Is this just because of a tiny trouble in the middle of the night? Brother Lil’White, don’t mind me saying. Regardless of a mountain of swords or a sea of flames, I, Huang Zhong and my weapons, will always be at your service!”

“I need to save two people. They are important to me,” Ye Cang sounded glad and then changed into a cold tone, “Also, I need to completely eliminate an organisation that poses a threat to China and the world.”

“Hey, hey, hey, have you just forgotten about us?” Flasher Uncle smiled and Panty Uncle smirked, “The Heroes of the East District, sharing the pain and enjoying the happiness together.”

“You guys…” Ye Cang decided to stay silent as he was touched by their actions and words did not seem to be coming out from his mouth. He smiled.

“I’ll send you guys over and I’ll keep a watch over this place.” Lin Liang unleashed an eight trigram magic circle on the beach and the seven of them entered.

“Brother! Brother Lil’White!” Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le rushed out of the house, “We want to go too!”

Ye Cang shook his head, “No, you guys stay at home. We’ll be back before you know it…”

A swing of his feathered fan made all of them vanish into thin air and they soon came into the mission. The Heroes of East District, Liu, Sun, Cao, and Huang. This seven-men team...I think the opponents are not expecting their biggest nightmare to come this soon… “Well, instead of worrying about them, how about worrying about the enemies. *sigh* Karma… Hey, you three, since you’re not having anything on your shoulders, are you interested in learning Qimen Dunjia and The Art of Heaven and Earth?”

Little Ye Tian was worried for Ye Cang but at the same time, she also knew that she could only be the true assistant who shared her father’s burden if she were to receive some teachings from an elder like him. Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le nodded too. A graceful smile was on Lin Liang’s face as he said, “Attack me at once.”

Shan Lan City, one of the top five college cities, located at the end of southwest. 

The entire city was built on a hill range and in the center was a sedimentary basin surrounded by high grounds and mountains. The Mountain King of Bull was at the furthest end in the southwest. It was an abandoned area due to excessive developments but the remaining buildings and structures were still in place.

The Abandoned Capital - Lantene was lower than sea-level and there was basically no one living here. Even though there was a floating train that would send passengers to this place in the past, the Board of Directors had decided to give up on it as the track was not being repaired for ages. The floating track then became nothing but a decoration of this abandoned place. Ye Cang and the rest were sent to the center square of Lantene. As they looked around, the place was filled with abandoned factories and neighborhoods. They could barely see the words ‘Lantene Shopping Mall’ on the building.

“I smell something disgusting,” Huang Zhong gradually pulled out his blade. He was half naked and wore only sport pants and shoes.

“It’s still fine, not that disgusting actually,” Liu, Sun, Cao who had experienced the infamous dark cookings of Ye Cang’s stated their views.

Panty Uncle stabbed the scepter into the ground and calmly yet gracefully took off his top hat, his tuxedo, pants, leathered shoes, button-up shirt, socks, watch and even underwear. He folded them neatly and sealed them into a vacuumed bag. “This set of clothes was my wife’s favorite. I don’t wish to get it dirty.”

“......” The six other people were dumbfounded at Panty Uncle’s doing.

“I knew that you are the same as me,” Flasher Uncle patted Panty Uncle’s shoulder with a glad smile.

“F*ck off. Like I mentioned, this is my wife’s favorite shirt,” Panty Uncle brushed his hair and pulled out his scepter.

Liu Bei could not take it and pulled some long wild grass to sew a pair of sandals. “Cover it.”

With a smile, Panty Uncle wore them on his feet.

Staring at Panty Uncle, Sun Quan facepalmed. You call this covering yourself?! It’s just a god damned pair of lousy sandals and nothing else! At least cover your damned d*ck!

“ about I sew another piece of clothing for you to cover your private part?” Liu Bei felt it was inappropriate too.

“No thanks. The grass is too rough. I can’t wear your underwear too. My private part is too precious, I’ll get an allergy easily,” Panty Uncle shook his head.

Huang Zhong’s eyes turned gold in a sudden. “There’s a man underneath us. He seems to be dying soon with a breath that is weakening every second.”

Ye Cang opened the manhole cover and jumped down. His hands trembled at Hunting Flame’s terrible look. Yet, he persistently and slowly brought himself to him and Hunting Flame gradually opened his eyes. You still found me in the end. So long, leader. Tears were rolling in his eyes when he saw Ye Cang. With his last breath, he said, “’t bother...about Moon and I...will…”

Ye Cang did not answer him and lifted him up straight away. With a leap, he jumped out of the hole sewerage and stared at Flasher Uncle, “Flasher Uncle, sorry to trouble you…”

“Small matter!” Flasher Uncle opened his windbreaker and aimed his elephant towards Hunting Flame. A golden aura surrounded him and all the broken and rotten limbs started to grow back.

“Wow, this is f*cking amazing…” Huang Zhong could not help but to exclaim that way. If I have such an ability...