Hunting Flame knew Flasher Uncle was an iconic figure in Lin Hai but knew nothing about the other four. Regardless, he could sense an unidentifiable strength from them. These four people are definitely not easy to deal with, especially the one with a leopard-skin jacket and the 20-year-old elder. “Leader, Cold Moon is at Mount DuKing. It is the place where 10,000Souls, Ma family and War Soul pioneered and established their base. The entire mountain is already home to all kinds of biological figures and mutated species. As part of their study, they even produced demons that could target one's soul.”

“I’ve finally found you, Hunting Flame...Look who we have here. It’s Silver Demon! Notify the boss!” A large number of biological beings and mutated creatures jumped out from the abandoned buildings. Panty Uncle’s shadow and the silk sword in his scepter flickered for a second. It was so fast as if he never moved. A single line of sword slash appeared in front of them just like a ribbon swung by a rhythmic gymnast. It was beautiful and mesmerizing. All the creatures were stupefied and turned into pieces of corpses at an instance.

“What a beautiful sword art…” Liu, Sun, and Cao praised his skills with amazement.

“Thank you…” Panty Uncle replied elegantly.

“A sword as thin as a needle. It’s my first time seeing this.” Huang Zhong looked carefully at the sword inside the scepter. It is so thin but yet not soft at all. What a pair of graceful hands! Not many can master such a weapon.

“You sure have good eyes, young man. Embroidery Needle is its name. When my beloved wife passed away, I burned all my tools. That night, she visited me in my dreams and said to me that she bought me a new set of cutting tools. When I woke up, I found in its embryo state among the ashes…a long thin needle.” Emotionally, Panty Uncle drew out the needle sword. A leaf dropped and passed through its blade but was apparently not cut into half. Yet, Ye Cang knew that leaf was already halved. This is the sharpest sword I’ve ever seen and also the weirdest.

“Brother Panty, actually, this Old General Huang is older than both you and I…” Liu Bei gave him a reminder and Panty Uncle understood, “Apologies, Old Huang.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright. You and I are different. It’s not bad after all, calling me a young man. But as for these three bastards…No, no. You’re different. You’re fine. I can tell you’re very kind on the inside,” Huang Zhong respected Panty Uncle’s skills and love for his wife.

You motherf*cker! I pay for your food (Liu Bei). I pay for you to have fun with girls (Cao Cao). I allow you to use my stuff (Sun Quan). And you dare call us bastards?! Alright! We’re gonna ditch you when we go clubbing next time!

While Hunting Flame was still amazed by Panty Uncle’s sword art, Ye Cang put an arm on his shoulder, “You...are my loved one. No matter what happens, I’ll find a way to save Cold Moon and you, Siao Yuan…”

Warm tears filled Hunting Flame’s eyes. Siao Yuan. Only he knows this name. That’s my original name, given by my parents. “I’m sorry, it’s my fault that I can’t protect Cold Moon. I’m sorry, leader…”

“It’s okay. It’s alright now. We’ll go save her together…” Ye Cang caressed Hunting Flame’s head.

Staring at Hunting Flame,  Liu Bei pondered. This kiddo is not bad huh. He has the potential even at such a young age. Even Cao Cao noticed that Hunting Flame was somewhat different from them. He is really young. Excluding Brother Lil’White, his talent is considered top-notch.

All the enemies in Mountain King of Bull were killed by Panty Uncle just now, including those that were supposed to deliver the message. Leading the rest, Hunting Flame brought them to Mount DuKing.

Overlooking the valley from the northeast of the mountain, they could spot many different disgusting creatures including worm-like creatures, mutated ones, lizardmen with multiple legs and heads, snakes with a human head, and a multi-eyed sharkman. Huang Zhong’s sun tattoo shone as he took out an improved version of Houyi’s bow. A golden energy swirled in his hands like a mini tornado and formed a large arrow. He pulled the string and let go after accumulating enough strength. *Woosh*

Hunting Flame saw a golden light engulf the landscape and expanded to the edges of the valley. After the light faded away, only ruins and ashes were left. Yet, nine spiritual flames erupted and those dead creatures were revived and returned to their original form.

“A magic circle?” Cao Cao who was smoking a cigar exhaled a cloud of smoke, “I’m not familiar with this magic circle. It will be great if that fella Kong Ming is here. But I do have an idea about it in general. It combined soul summoning, soul stealing, soul swallowing, soul accumulation and Kuji-kiri. The creatures will appear again because of the soul stealing element. There is a large amount of spiritual energy in this area so recovering them into zombie state isn't something hard to do. As for the soul swallowing, our qi energy would be sucked away once we enter the circle. So, we must find out and destroy soul swallowing first. Next, we’ll move on to soul summoning. This element will regenerate these disgusting creatures repeatedly and can even nurture something even more disgusting with soul stealing and soul swallowing. We will deal with soul swallowing and soul accumulation at last…” Those would take a long time before everything could be dealt with.

“I share the same thought with you Old Cao, but you missed something. This is not an ordinary Kuji-kiri. It is a reverse of the original where Zen is in front while Rin is behind… Reverse flow of energy, creating an endless cycle. Looks like this is going to be hard. The person who came up with this magic circle sure is strong,” Sun Quan sighed.

“You two speak as if there is a Zhang Jiao among us,” Liu Bei rolled his eyes. We never know any witchcraft. Stop pretending as if you two know something.

“Stop with all the bullshits. Transfer some qi energy to me and I’ll flatten all the mountains within your sight. I’ll see what kind of dumb magic circle they can still use! If there’s anyone left alive, I’ll take the blame!” Huang Zhong was pissed.

“......” Everyone was speechless. But what he said is not wrong either.

“Uncle, we are here to save people…” Ye Cang reminded him.

“Alright, I’ll use my blade instead,” Huang Zhong sighed.

“Nine different parts, we must break them away as soon as possible. Since we have eight people here, one of us needs to break two at the same time…” Not long before Sun Quan finished his sentence, Huang Zhong’s smile was full of confidence, “Leave it to me. I’ll slash one and shoot the other. No big deal...”

“I’ll head to Sha,” Hunting Flame who was recovered said.

“I’ll break Jin and Retsu,” Haung Zhong smiled.

“We’ll go for Hyo and Rin,” Panty Uncle and Flasher Uncle decided to go together.

“I'll take Toh.” A cigar was stuck in Cao Cao’s mouth.

“I’ll break Zai then,” Sun Quan brushed his hair.

“So, that means Zen and Kai are left. I’ll get Zen,” Liu Bei pinched his chin.

“Well, Kai is the only one left,” Ye Cang pulled a bone from his leg and sharpened it into a sword.

They vanished into thin air.

Mountain behind Mount DuKing.

War Soul was enjoying Ma Hailong’s embrace. “Silver Demon has fallen into our trap…”

“He never knew what was waiting for him. The product of our love…” Ma Hailong wrapped his arms around War Soul’s waist and kissed her.

Han Mo was staring at them with a confused look. Why do I have a bad feeling about this? The ‘thing’ we placed this time is not something Silver Demon can fight against… With a cold smile, he recalled the shame he experienced for retreating once at Lin Hai. I’ll make you pay...