The team was breaking the circle.

Cao Cao stared at the shaman guarding the spot. It was a nine-tail fox with a beautiful body.

“Hey, uncle, come and play with me...Urgh…”

Red slashes shone towards the sky and instantly lit the place up as Cao Cao stared at the direction of Lin Hai. “I’m sorry but I’m a good citizen. Even if I wanted to have fun with girls, I’ll look for more normal ones.”

‘Rin’ was the last spot and was also where soul stealing was located. Flasher Uncle was bombarding his way through with his fists as if he had endless qi energy. Staring at the shaman, a dog with crow’s wings holding a stick, he smiled.  As he jumped up high and made a backflip, his elephant shot out an enormous stick-form energy like Sun Wukong’s Gold Hoop at the shaman. The ‘Rin’ spot and the shaman was crushed into nothingness. “Do know that my elephant doesn’t only heal others but is also my weapon!”

At ‘Hyo’, different styles of sword slashes appeared wherever Panty Uncle walked through. He was holding his walking stick and his vacuumed packet of clothes underneath his naked armpit. Flesh and blood all over the place did not deter him from keeping a graceful and calm expression. The shaman at ‘Hyo’ was a Super Strength Ghost Shark. However, in a blink of an eye, its meat, skin and bones were sliced into three different parts. Panty Uncle picked up the undamaged shark skin, “Oh, this is surely some high-graded shark skin…”

Huang Zhong was already done breaking the two other spots. Holding an enormous sea urchin head and a mushroom head, he wondered. I should be able to eat these if I take them home… Let’s consider it a steal.

Meanwhile, Sun Quan was standing at ‘Zai’ which was also the soul accumulation spot. Smoking a cigarette, he stared at the hundred-meter-tall bear corpse. Hmmm...its bear paws are not bad. Oh, I almost forgot its bile.

Liu Bei was at ‘Zen’ and there was a little cat lady with nine lives hugging Liu Bei, “Don’t leave me here! I’ll listen to all your orders! What soul swallowing...ask it to kill itself! From this moment, I’ll be your pet, you dog, wait no, your cat! Don’t just tidy yourself up and leave me after having fun!”

“Sigh, according to the principles, this is not right and even absurd. But! Your sincerity touches me so I’ll make this an exception.” The cat lady then turned into a small cat and sneaked into Liu Bei’s robe, “Another good deed wonder I’m the Emperor of Han…”

Hunting Flame burned everything at ‘Sha’ and turned around. Only leader is left now.

Ye Cang felt something was not right. He had dismantled the Three-Dragon-Head Tiger and the nine spiritual flames had also been extinguished. Yet, the magic squares were still apparent on the ground and Ye Cang was in the center. Numerous video creatures burst out and swallowed Ye Cang. Ye Cang wanted to resist but he was strengthless. All he could do was to stare at those tentacles, sharp mouths and suckers eating into his flesh and bones. It was painful, paralyzing and bone crushing. He was slowly turning into powder and became nutrients for the creatures.

War Soul smirked, “I knew that you’re an inferior being among the void creatures. You can’t resist Cthulhu's call after all!”

On top of the north peak of Mount DuKing, Ma Hailong held onto War Soul’s waist, “When everything is done, I’ll slowly educate that little Cold Moon. Looks like we have a new toy for our love…”

“It seems like Silver Demon had brought along a few strong ones, don’t let your guard down! Hunting Flame is not dead yet. Hailong and War Soul, let’s summon the void generals and soldiers out to ensure no roots are left!” Han Mo reminded them.

“You’re cautious as always. Well, no big deal. It’s time to let them witness the strength of a true void creature. In front of them, humans are just as tiny as ants…” War Soul was panting and moaning as Ma Hailong’s hands slowly made their way down to the sensitive parts, “Humans are the weakest being. With the void souls and genes, we’ll be inevitable and we can crush this heap of trash named humans...”

“You guys are born humans too…” Han Mo was speechless.

“No, we are just born through humans. Have you heard of koel birds that occupy the nest of other birds? The Great Lord of Void sent us here to be experience the idiotic human world…didn’t he?” Ma Hailong kissed War Soul.

“Hmph, maybe.” Han Mo hated humans. He was born in a rich family and was never worried of his life until his family’s image was ruined. Thereafter, he was raped by the female housekeeper and was tortured by the maids with all kinds of tools which injured his private part. His uncles whom he thought he could trust the most even forcefully stuffed their penes in his mouth to humiliate him. I hate humans! All humans! They should die! Whoever humiliated me must die!

Han Mo later then searched for the female housekeeper and maids. He grinded them through a meat grinder, made meatballs with their meat and fed the rats. He also used his own mouth to bite off those private parts of his uncles’ that once raped him. In the end, he formed the 10,000 Souls with the slogan ‘Never go back until humans are eliminated!’.

A magic circle was formed and Han Mo cut both his wrists and his heart. Streams of blood were flowing and surging into the magic circle like a magnet attracting nails. Ma Hailong’s and War Soul’s cum were also dropping into the center. 

Ma Hailong also infused his Power of Hell and War Soul added the gene power from Salvation.

Five shadows appeared from the void and rushed towards them.

Cao Cao was worried about Ye Cang and so he formed a barrier to isolate Ye Cang from the outside. All eyes were on Ye Cang going through the torture as nothing could be done. Huang Zhong looked at the shadows flying towards them, “We have company. They don’t look like some good guys…”

A sudden electric pulse rushed through and Huang Zhong blocked it with his blade. A creature that looked like a mantis appeared before him. Yet, this mantis had four blady arms with plasma cutting and its wings were charged with electric current. Huang Zhong cracked his neck and said, “I hate to admit but you’re not good enough, trash!”

Liu Bei was having difficulties blocking a dark shadow. It was a black creature holding a shadow blade. Liu Bei was not having the upper hand and even the cat lady had helped Liu Bei block eight vital attacks in such a short period of time. She was only left with one life.

“Don’t come out anymore, Lil’Nine!” The last time, Liu Bei blocked the blade with his chest and made sure he was in front of the cat lady. “I don’t want to see anyone sacrificing for me anymore! Whenever I want to return a favor to them...I...always fail…”

Memories involving Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Fa Zheng, Xu Shu, Dilu (his horse) and his mother flashed through his mind as he grabbed the blade. “I, Liu Xuande, is still the Emperor of Han! Objections from anyone at all are nullified!”

A golden dragon shadow dashed into the sky and Liu Bei’s eyes were shining in gold and blinding everyone’s sight. It was as if the golden dragon had just descended.

In his dark consciousness, Ye Cang saw Xinxue and his grandma. He was chasing after them but he was somehow getting further away from them and their smiles. Behind him was AV, Lil’Wang, Wu Na, ThornyRose, A’Xiong, Lele, Hunting Flame, Cold Moon and the rest. As he was chasing after the two, the distance between him and the people behind was increasing and he lost sight of Xinxue and grandma. As he turned around, no one was behind him too. He was alone, trapped in the darkness.

He then saw a young boy curling up with his knees tucked, sobbing.

“Why?! Why?! I just want to be a normal human! An ordinary man! One that can live peacefully with Xinxue and A’Xiong... Why must you take everything away from me?! Why?!” the little boy glared at Ye Cang angrily yet pitifully.

The scene of him sleeping with Xinxue emerged in his mind again. The familiar scent, the warmth of the hug, the night sky, the rain, the snow, and the will… His tears gradually turned red. Argh!