Panty Uncle felt a sense of danger and he quickly unleashed a thousand and one slashes to block a shadow. However, they were all broken and a long and sharp object pierced through his left shoulder and sliced out from the other side. Staring at the bee-like mutated creature/man, he was shocked. Its hand was like a sharp spear used by knights.

As it swung its spear, it sent Panty Uncle flying off like a kite. He grabbed his vacuumed packet tightly while streams of blood were flowing out from his wound. 

“You’re considered quite strong among humans but what a front of the power of void, you are just an ant,” the bee man said.

Panty Uncle gradually brought himself up and stared at the big hole on the packet. His tuxedo, pants, and other clothing were destroyed and stained with bright red blood. As he trembled, he glared at the bee man, “I don’t care about any void or ants. But you have just destroyed the set of clothes my wife loved the most…”

Panty Uncle took out a pocket watch and pressed it, “As the last thing a gentleman could offer, you only have five seconds left. Any last words?”

The bee man laughed out loud, “Stubborn and naive creature!”

A flickering shadow flashed and the bee man’s wings and limbs were all cut off before he knew it.

“Three more seconds.”

“Not saying anything?”

“Two seconds.”

The bee man was shocked. What happened?! Where is he?! Why can’t I see him?!

“And one...time’s up.”

Panty Uncle slowly walked towards the bee man who was trying to pick its limbs up but was disorientated. It was as if the two of them were living in different dimensions. Panty Uncle pierced his sword into its brain and slashed thousands of times. As he pulled out his sword, the head had already been crushed into a patty by invisible threads, leaving it soaked in overflowing fluid.

Panty Uncle spat a mouthful of blood and grinned his teeth to sew his own wounds. Staring at his clothes, he exclaimed, “What a pity. I should be able to fix the costume when we return...luckily it didn’t come into contact with any corrosive liquid…”

As he got up, he stared afar and brushed his hair, “You guys have successfully triggered a gentleman…”

Sitting on a big rock, Liu Bei was smoking. Beside him was the ashes of the shadow creature stabbed by his twin blades. A satisfactory expression was written on Cao Cao’s face as well. Though his leopard-skin jacket had turned into the clothes worn by the leader of Beggars’ Sect, he came over with a cigar in his mouth, “That creature of mine is quite strong, what about yours?”

“Not bad, where’s Zhongmou?” Liu Bei kept away his twin blades.

“I’m over here. Gosh, what kind of creature was that, I almost got defeated…” Sun Quan’s feathered clothes were long gone and he was only clothed with a thin singlet. There was an obvious wound on his chest but was frozen by ice.

Huang Zhong who looked perfectly fine saw them in that state, “Weaklings…”

The three of them sighed. There’s nothing to be angry about being teased by him.

Flasher Uncle and Hunting Flame also came to gather round. Flasher Uncle healed everyone at once with his legendary elephant.

“Where’s Lil’White?” Flasher Uncle asked.

Just then, a loud roar was heard and everyone turned into the direction where it came from. However, within their sight was only a void dragon man who was as tall as the mountains, unleashing a terrifying power of void.

“Run!” Huang Zhong called out while he blocked the shockwave with his skill, Solo Slash on Mount Hua, trying to buy time for the others to make a run.

The void dragon man with white long hair reached out his hands to pull a silvery-white holy spear from his spine. As he swung, the entire Mount DuKing was cut into halves.

“Leader!” Hunting Flame was about to rush over and Cao Cao knocked him out, “Going near him now is basically equivalent to seeking death. He has gone out of control…”

War Soul, Han Mo and Ma Hailong were also shocked by the sight of the creature. Is this the real form of the Silver Demon?!

“Set the barrier! We’ll use the curse of void to control him! With that, we won’t be far from our mission of purifying the world!” Ma Hailong stared at the enormous dragon man.

War Soul and Han Mo both let out their excitement.


The white-haired man with an iron mask smirked, “Even though he is my clone, it isn’t something you guys can provoke!”

Just then, the enormous dragon man vanished and painted the sky in blood red, leaving the naked Ye Cang standing there. As he opened his eyes, it gave people a familiar yet strange feeling.

In the darkness, Ye Cang felt he was being dragged into a deep abyss by a pair of black hands. He was suffering from all kinds of tortures. His body was burning and his organs were being eaten by the infesting bugs. The pain was unbearable. Everything was repeated thousands and millions times every second and every minute. Time and space seemed to be non-existent and had only given way to endless pain and suffering. However, Ye Cang grinded his teeth. Nana, A’Xiong, Rose, and Lele, all of them are waiting for me to return! I’ll never give up!

Mount DuKing.

Ma Hailong, War Soul, and Han Mo stared at Ye Cang who was floating in the sky. That pair of despised eyes of his was like how the void creatures looked at humans. There were no emotions, hatred nor resentment. It was pure contempt. They were aware that a sense of danger surged through their body and quickly summoned the void bender.

An enormous creature crawled out from a crack. Yet, Ye Cang made a ‘pinch’ hand sign and slowly put it in front of his eyes as if he was measuring the size of the creature. With a snap, closing the gap of his fingers, the entire creature was crushed into bloody flesh and the entire Mount DuKing was turned into a flat space as he swung his hand.

The three of them stared at Ye Cang, from shock, to excitement and then to terror. In the end, their eyes showed no sign of life.


Forced to endure the endless pain, Ye Cang stood before the tenth gene lock and grabbed the lock with much difficulty. He needed all his strength to open the door that he was reluctant to.

The Ye Cang on Mount DuKing stunned for a moment, “In the end, he got back what belongs to him...Looks like I have underestimated ‘myself’...”

He closed his eyes and reopened them. A black and white shockwave exploded and he fell into the sea of blood. As he woke up to see the disaster in Mount DuKing, his eyebrows curled into a frown, “Did I go out of control again?”

Ye Cang tried so hard to recall his feelings when he was stuck in the darkness. I was chained by hot irons and every part of my body was suffering. Was that a test for me to break through? He then shook his head as no matter how, he could not figure it out. Saving Cold Moon is a priority!

Just then, Panty Uncle pierced all acupuncture points on the three enemies and dragged them over. Flasher Uncle was carrying the heavily injured Cold Moon in his hands and Ho who had lost consciousness on his back. “We almost lost her right arm. Luckily, Old Cao reminded me something about the safety box...this girl is really tough...I’ve reattached the hand for her…”

Ye Cang looked at the three enemies who had pale faces. What did they see? He infused qi energy into his investigation. What?! They had gone insane now? Their brains are burned and they are now merely useless. As for Cold Moon, she is alright. He looked at Flasher Uncle to express his gratitude, “Thank you…”

“Gosh, save all the appreciation. We are a family. Let’s head back and find Old Wang and get him to cook a feast for us to brush off the bad luck. Old Panty’s clothes were screwed and the others almost died,” Flasher Uncle laughed it off like a joke. 

“Of course, let me take out my treasure to give you guys a treat,” Ye Cang smiled faintly and everyone was excited. 

Piggybacking Cold Moon, Ye Cang brought the others to the location Lin Liang assigned them to.

“I thought I would never see you again…”

“Not that little girl, always making me worried…”

“So...rry…” Cold Moon dozed off while speaking.

Ye Cang smiled without saying anything. Sorry? I think I should be the one saying that...