Ye Cang asked Wu Na to take a rest in the room while he came to the beach to gaze at the sea. Suddenly, a clock magic circle appeared behind him and its hour and minute hands were spinning fast.

Ye Cang turned around to see a man with closed eyes. The man had wine-red short hair, an ordinary appearance and the features of a mixed-blood. His right arm was covered with bandages, just like the main character in those magical RPG games. He wore long boots, a pair of brown long pants, a black singlet and was carrying a bag. His right arm was relatively thinner than his left that looked like a female’s arm. There was a chained book in his hand, a knight short sword hanging on his waist, a calabash at each side of his waist and a cross necklace around his neck. A few runes used by Taoist were latched to the buckle of his belt. A wrench and other tools were also kept in his bag. There was a book too that caught Ye Cang’s attention. He barely recognized it through the words. The Hilarious Guide - Vol. 97… The Mischief Show.

The hands on the clock stopped and the man opened his eyes. One of them was filled with numerous magic circles while the other looked like a cat’s eye. However, they both turned back into normal human eyes. He blinked when he saw Ye Cang. His expression was still serious, giving off a cautious vibe.

He looked around and mumbled, “So this is the world before The Great Destruction Era?”

“Elder Ye, you definitely do not know who I am now but long story short. Even though I have the blessing of the Goddess of Time, I can’t stay here for long. This is what you’ve given me and now, I’ll return it to you...Thank you for the teachings. Oh, I can keep the joke crackings for later… you can judge whether my humor has improved...” the man gave Ye Cang a crystal and prepared to crack a joke. Yet, Ye Cang interrupted him, “Who are you?”

“A friend of yours in the future.”

“Oh...then this crystal is?”

“The voice crystal that you used to encourage me. You said that you were once stuck with a problem in the past so I came here to return it to the ‘you’ from the past. To encourage and motivate you, perhaps? Also, there’s a secret you want to know inside the crystal.”


“It’s about time to head back, let me crack a joke before I go…”

“What is your name…” Ye Cang once again interrupted him because he had a feeling that the joke would be lame.

“Full name?”


“Clock - Kate Rhea - Vanmir Luis - Ellenci Mandar - Asura Pullen - Shargalier Vegas - Duke Gnear…” the man kept on going and Ye Cang saw the hour hand was about to finish a cycle. “Hey! Simplify it!”

“Clock - Kate - Marc or Clock - Marc. Elder, you can call me Marc…”

“Lil’Marc, so the future me…” Before Ye Cang could finish, Marc said, “Sorry, the time is up, I can’t stay here anymore…”

The hour and minute hands spun fast again and Marc bid his adieu very politely, “Elder! Goodbye…”

Marc disappeared in an instance shorter than a snap.

Ye Cang sighed. God damn it, he wasted all the time on that retarded name of his and said nothing else… Staring at the crystal in his hands, he infused spiritual energy into it. A secret I want to know?

“About that...actually, I came to the past to tell you an important secret...that is...the dishes you made are the most disgusting food I have ever eaten in my life...Surprise!”

This voice was calm and had no emotions, just like how he spoke just now.

Except for the sentence itself repeating over and over again, there was nothing else from the crystal.

A few moments later.

“WTF! Is he crazy?!” Ye Cang threw the crystal on the floor. Is he fooling with me?!

Staring at the crystal, Ye Cang still picked it up. A mischief from the future? I hope it’s real…

The next day.

Everyone returned to the game.

The 3D animation brought the team an amazing experience. Somewhere in the desert, undead and evil creatures were resurrecting one after another. Slowly but surely, they turned the desert into a sea of corpses and skeletons. Far behind them stood numerous shadows the size of giants that gave off a terrifying vibe. The scene then moved to the skeleton knight general, undead demons and endless advanced level spirits and creatures. Skeleton dragons, ghost dragons, demons and witches. The animation ended with its view moving to somewhere further.

As they logged in, they noticed a lot of new things and one of them was the disaster badge. Even though it was grey and dull, it signified that a great war was about to start. Currently, they were at the phase of gathering resources. As expected, messages were sent from the Church and the Empire. The Steel Empire, the elves from the Forest of Magic, the dwarfs, and the beastman from the east had signed a truce to stop the war among them. They were temporarily allied and formed a base at the deep end of the Great Wasteland in the north, preparing to fight the Shadows of Natural Destruction Legislature.

The pathways towards the Great Wasteland were basically controlled by Ye Cang’s Goddess Association. Ye Cang quickly asked Old Mar and the boss of Goddess Tea and Cake, Allie to head there to earn some money. LordAsked, CloudDragon and the others who had shares or property also focused on Bar Village and the market of Jam’s shrine. We’ll get those trading places and goods ready. When we head to the north, we’ll earn big!

The president of the Armed Merchant Association had also sent in a message saying that Lin Le would be the liaison of supplying resources to the Goddess Association. Little Ye Tian knew the power of the Armed Merchant Association. We do need other sources of resources. It’s too challenging for us to supply everything by ourselves. Even though the resources from Farsarqi are of high grades, they do not suffice. The other matter is the collaboration with the Empire and the Church. All the war formation, supplies and many other issues, as long as father is here and I’m here monitoring, everything should be fine. Since the person with the most rights in the Goddess Association is father, he has the control over the goddesses and the ambassador appointed by six goddesses. I bet he isn’t even required to bow when he visits the King of the Planetary Empire and Pope.

While Little Ye Tian was busy with her preparations, she was also monitoring the message they received. Indeed, the King, the Pope, the War God’s Temple, Spellcaster’s Association, the general of the Steel Empire and many other bosses are coming to the Goddess City for a meeting. They seem to have the intention to check on us but their main concern is to discuss the war with the Shadows of Natural Destruction Legislature. Looks like the meeting is going to be tense...besides, there is this newly established religion association in the north founded by father...

On the other hand, Ye Cang was giving comments on the costume and hairstyle of the goddesses after knowing the top management of a few empires and associations were about to come to Goddess City. The excitement of being under the limelight overwhelmed them. They were busy selecting the clothes and accessories, memorising lines and the sequence of going out. Though being serious, they were enjoying themselves too. Lonass felt it was so unreal. The rare opportunity is finally here! In the war with Shadows of Natural Destruction Legislature, I must try my best to recruit more believers!

Even though the goddesses were having their own thoughts, their diligence had truly touched Ye Cang. He then decided to torture them, pressure them and train them even harder.

ThornyRose left the shrine as the scene was not something she could bear with.

“Feels like team leader is the pimp of a brothel. Is he trying to train them into Oirans…” FrozenCloud’s description made ThornyRose laughed.