MistyVeil quickly gathered all the keymen to her house. Her sense of smell was so amazing that she could tell this meeting would be essential. Flame Emperor smirked, Misty Rain House is quite fast in this aspect huh. Well, it saves my time in doing it anyways. This war is the first and yet an important war to China as it has a direct effect on other federations too.

ThornyRose informed Ye Cang and Ye Cang promised to attend.

On the other side, Cold Moon had recovered.

“Are you still going to leave?” Ye Cang stared at Cold Moon who was standing at the balcony amidst the chilly breeze relieving the heat.

“Yeap…” Cold Moon nodded.

Ye Cang went over. “Stay here. The culprit of the incident in Zhentan City has already died. You don’t have to swing your blades for the sake of revenge anymore. Isn’t your greatest aim in life to use this sword to protect your family? I need you to help me protect them too.”

“I don’t think it is necessary. There are so many who are stronger than me…”

“Is there a need to differentiate the strong and the weak in a family? I don’t wish to see you living with that stubbornness of yours, like a broken puppet without any limbs. Sometimes, I would think to myself ‘am I the one who harmed you’…” Ye Cang hugged her.

Staring at Wu Na from the balcony, Cold Moon mumbled, “I don’t want to disturb…”

“We are a family. We are supposed to help each other to live on. This will be your home from now onwards. I had gone out of control a few times. I didn’t know when that would happen again. Once I lost humanity, I would be a complete creature of void. If possible, I hope you’ll be the one who kills me at the end of the day…”

Cold Moon immediately reached out and covered Ye Cang’s mouth with her palm, “Even if that day ever comes, you know, I’ll never point my sword against you...never...I would rather die by your sharp teeth or claws...than to betray you! No matter you’re a human, a ghost or a demon.”

“I’ll stay…” Cold Moon looked at Ye Cang with a poker face.

Ye Cang felt like he had just put down a burden as he caressed her hair.

After knowing Cold Moon was going to stay behind forever, Wu Na grabbed her hands with a smile, “We are one family now. Do help me out when I’m cooking yo~”

“I don’t know how to cook…”

“Then, help me when I’m washing the clothes…”

“I don’t know how to wash clothes…”

“Then, you…”

“I know how to kill people…”

“What else apart from that…”

“Collect protection rackets…”

“Apart from that too…”

“Force people to pay the ceasefire tax…”

Isn’t that part of collecting protection rackets too?!

Wu Na facepalmed. I really have no way of communicating with his relatives… She took a deep breath and asked again, “Do you know any instruments?”

“I can play the piano…”

“That’s good. Join my band then.”

“But I like to kill people more.”

“Still, playing the piano is better.”

“I think killing people is better. If anyone dares to collect protection rackets from your band, I’ll help you chop them into pieces.”

“I say, play the freaking piano!” Wu Na’s rocker personality had been triggered.

“Alright, then I’ll play the piano…” Cold Moon had no choice but her tone was still monotonous. “And kill people in the meantime…”

“......” Wu Na could not find her words anymore.

As Cold Moon came to the living room, she switched on the hologram TV.

“Hello,” Little Ye Tian sat beside her on the sofa. From Ye Cang’s memories, Little Ye Tian knew she was an important person to Ye Cang.

“Em, hi,” Cold Moon blinked.

“Do you want to know how irritating Lele is?” Little Ye Tian smiled.

“Actually, I’m not that close with you…” Cold Moon said in a calm tone.

“......”  Little Ye Tian was pissed as she had the urge to fight her in a one-on-one battle. Yet, she knew she was no match for her.

“I’m his daughter.”

“Good girl...you look pretty…” Cold Moon stunned for a second and caressed her hair.

Little Ye Tian pondered. There’s still room for communication. No rush.

AV, Zhang Zhengxiong, Liu, Sun, Cao, and the rest were at the other side having the meeting for the conquest of the Big Four. Cold Moon went over, “The Big Four that you guys mentioned are just the fake Big Four. There are three more. Drink Like You Dream, The Youth of Dance and For The Rest of The Life. Drink Like You Dream belongs to China but the other two belong to other federations. I went there for protection rackets so I knew. The scary part of these three clubs is that they are located in the grey zone of the club industry. The three kings from each of the clubs are beings whom even the leader and I do not have the audacity to trigger. Besides, there exists the world from Pandora's box. I went there for protection rackets too but...I didn’t succeed...they were too tricky...”

Everyone was stunned. Their expressions were a mixture of first shock, stunned and they then shivered and looked like they were in awe. Cold Moon did not understand their expressions so she decided to walk away. She saw Fang Ci and SpyingBlade.

“Leader Cold Moon.” Even though they knew Cold Moon had decided to stay here, they were still afraid of being with her in the long run.

“Hey, you two, I’ve decided to quit the 10 Commandments. My position will be replaced by Ho. So, it’s on you guys now. Don’t ever make leader disappointed. If you do, I’ll chop you two into pieces with my own hands,” Cold Moon grabbed their shoulders.

“I’m just kidding. I’ve no relationship with the 10 Commandments anymore, you guys can tell that right…” Cold Moon joked.

“......” The two of them pondered. Not even a ghost can tell you are joking whenever you talk! “Yea, we understood.”

Cold Moon then came to the beach and saw Zhao Xiangyu practicing. “Never regret after pulling out your sword. Looks like leader has taught you all the fundamentals and you are practicing them. Once a sword is pulled out from the scabbard, you must ensure the opponent dies. Or else, you would be the one falling to the ground instead. You can never let a sword waste its purpose…”

Cold Moon started teaching Zhao Xiangyu a few techniques.

“Can we have a friendly battle?”

“Nope. I’ve no control over my sword and I wouldn’t be easy on anyone. You’ll definitely be killed  if we battle. Judging from your standard...I think your head will fall off, even when you have the Eye of Future.”


Cold Moon returned to the living room and switched on the TV, wanting to watch some homo dramas.

Zhang Zhengxiong reluctantly came over, “Sister Cold Moon, well... about that...are you interested in becoming the advisor of our adventurous team? Bring us to explore...explore those places? Please!”

Without any emotions, Cold Moon stared at Zhang Zhengxiong. This is the little brother whom leader cares for the most. So that means he is also the person I care for the most. “Sure, as long as you need my help, just inform me.”

“Oh yeah, please don’t tell anyone about it, alright?” Zhang Zhengxiong whispered to her ears.

“Okay…” Cold Moon was confused but still gave her promise.

Wu Na was still concerned about Cold Moon. She felt that if she was not brought up well, she would be badly influenced by those bastards in the house. To Wu Na, Cold Moon was just the same as Little Ye Tian, someone who was yet to be familiar with the society. She told Ye Cang, “I think we should let Cold Moon go to college and get some exposure…”

“It’s a good idea…” Ye Cang nodded.

Later that night, Ye Cang called Ren Long, “Hey, baldy, help me with something.”

“Don’t ever talk about your unknown place, unknown village or unknown troop! The Dragon Group is not a place for you to do human trafficking! Even the board of directors of the Imperial City College is criticising us! He accused us of being involved with money laundering! There is no room for crimes here, alright!”

“Aren’t we?”

“God damn it!”

“Well, can’t help it. Cold Moon decided to quit.”

“Oh, you are talking about Cold Moon. She saved me twice. I’ll definitely repay her this favor… Oh yeah, you really need to ask her to join our Dragon Group as an honorable member! Also, we can use her reputation in those areas where she used to go around collecting protection rackets. No worries, she will be the Big Sis wherever she goes!”

“Sure…” Ye Cang still felt something amiss.

“It would be great if she joined us earlier. She’s a professional in collecting protection rackets and debts, damn… She left a strong impression on me when she came to collect the contract fees in front of our boss. She knew her strength was not enough to win her in a battle but she never lost in terms of aura. She was not planning to leave without money. ‘It’s either you kill me or I’ll kill some of your men and wait for you to pay the money. Unless you are dead, I won’t let you go on any of the debts’. Any reasoning is useless against her…”

“Are you complimenting her?”

“Of course. Even Peerless Night was afraid of her and came up with her own pocket money to pay her. She is not relying on others to pay for the Karaoke session. Just wondering, how did you nurture such a professional person? How about I send you one or two men and you help me develop this ability in them…”

Ye Cang immediately hung up the call. This bald man...What do I have to do with her fond of collecting protection rackets and debts...