10 Commandments.

#1 stared at Ye Cang and smiled, “You left. Cold Moon too. War Soul died and I have to leave the commandments too… I’ll hand this position to Hunting Flame. My hope has come true so I would use the rest of my time to compensate her…”

Ye Cang knew that once #1’s daughter had recovered, he would bring her to travel around the world and live an ordinary life while still preserving their identity. Having nothing to say, he chose to say his farewells, “I still owe you one…”

“Save it for now, maybe it would be useful in the future,” #1 patted Ye Cang’s shoulder with a smile and left. 

The #1 position was then handed over to Hunting Flame officially. Even though there were objections, Pandora’s reinforcement contract shut them up. Not sure whether this is the outcome of passing over willingly or forcefully.  However, War Soul’s death made them understand the situation as the fang had won. Most of the old members except Hunting Flame and Ardent Wind, left and died. This signifies a new chance! New blood will be coming in…

Staring at Hunting Flame sitting on the #1’s chair in the dark, Ye Cang left with a smile. 

The Imperial Capital. In the northbound train.

Ye Cang, Zhang Zhengxiong, and Lin Le were staring at Ji Xiao who was shivering at the corner of the coach, “Why is it that I would always encounter you guys whenever I board a train regardless heading north or south…”

“It’s fated,” Ye Cang smiled.

With a sigh, Ji Xiao stood up calmly, took off his pants, folded his clothes well, and hung a sign board around his neck. “Come on..”

“......” Feeling bored since Ji Xiao was not resisting anymore, the three of them returned to their seats for their game of cards.

The train attendant who saw the empty board around Ji Xiao’s neck took out a pen and wrote her name on it, “The seniors told me that, if I ever meet you in the train and your sign board is still empty, writing my full name on it will bring good luck!”

I’ve become the myth of the city already huh… Ji Xiao rolled his eyes.

“Really?!” A large number of people swarm towards him, filling both sides of the board with names.

The train attendant who was the first to write her name shouted, “I won the lottery! First prize! 30 million federal coins!”

She immediately hugged Ji Xiao and kissed his face, ignoring the fact that he was naked.

Not long after, another middle aged man shouted, “My boss brought me the news that he is promoting me to a manager!”

Rushing towards Ji Xiao, he kissed him on the cheek too.

The next one was a female student, “I was accepted into Imperial Capital College for the engineering that I’ve wished for!”

“Thank you, senior!”

Three different kisses accompanied three different gratitudes. Even Ji Xiao had started to believe he was the myth of the city. He stayed calm, wiped his face and sat properly like a statue staring at the scenery throughout the journey even though he was still completely undressed.

The rumor of the naked man with the lucky board in the train had spread all over the city and there were many versions of it. Some said that if he walks out of the train naked, do not talk to him as that would bring bad luck. Some said that when you see the sign board empty when he was boarding the train, you could exchange the rights to write your name on it with a lucky coin. There were also sayings that only three people would be blessed by the him every time. However, never look into his eyes or touch his private part. Or else, the person would turn famous...

The female attendant who witnessed his growth looked outside the window with her arms crossed. As if she had experienced a lot in life, she spoke to the newly recruited servants, “Back then, I knew this pervert was not some ordinary pervert…”

Ye Cang and the rest were busy competing with one another in their board games, ignoring the commotion around.

Imperial Capital Station.

Calmly, Ji Xiao walked out from the train upon arriving at the station. Everyone who disembarked quickly distanced themselves from him and dared not even turn towards his direction. Just when some were about to point their fingers at him, they were stopped by the rest, “Hey, are you out of your mind?! That’s the naked man with the lucky board! If he notices, you will be unlucky!”

MistyVeil who heard all of the rumors at the station stared at his cousin. I think you better board a plane next time… However, Ji Xiao's confident and calm expression was not something she expected. This fella really thinks that he has become the myth of the city...LordAsked would definitely go crazy once he knows about it…

“So you guys are here...let’s go.” MistyVeil brought them to the car and gave Ji Xiao a new set of clothes.

“Brother, Lele, look, Idiot Huang has become the myth of the city train! They say that if you talk to him at the station, you will be unfortunate!”

“How unfortunate will it be…” Lin Le was curious.

“Some kind of tragedy, perhaps. Maybe become an idiot like him?” Ye Cang tried to scare Lin Le.

“Ah! I don’t want to be like him! I don’t want to be an idiot…” Lin Le quickly stayed further from him and stuck close to Ye Cang.

“Hey, it’s all your fault. Always bullying others,” MistyVeil was speechless but she realized that anyway, she actually did bully him for a few times when they were young.

“You guys are just jealous of me… why would I wanna argue with you guys…” Ji Xiao put on his sunglasses and brought together his confidence of boarding the train. I’ll no longer be afraid of you guys anymore!

The corner of his mouth curled.

Seeing this, MistyVeil facepalmed. Another one going crazy because of them.

The Liu family.

Ye Cang was reluctant to enter as he knew if the elders knew of his arrival, he would get caught into battles again.

“Son-in-law!” Qin Zhong who had some matters in the Liu family saw Ye Cang and dragged him away.

“You guys can go ahead,” Ye Cang was pulled away speechlessly.

A pavilion in the middle of the pond.

Qin Xiong and Liu Tianba were playing chess as they saw Qin Zhong heaving Ye Cang over.

“So, since when has the Qin family been so shameless? Allowing him to join the Youth Competition…” Liu Tianba smirked.

“It is within the rules. My son-in-law. So, why not…”

“I’m afraid not many of those juniors can put up a match with him,” Second Elder Liu knew where Ye Cang’s standard was. He is definitely talented among the younger generations. Qin San rolled his eyes against Second Elder Liu. Even though I didn’t fully utilize my yin and yang trigram, my son-in-law’s strength is almost compatible with mine. Besides, the horrible body strength of his… Wow, this is interesting…

“Good evening elders and seniors…” Ye Cang greeted them politely with a smile.

“You little bastard, come and have some fun with us.” Third Elder Liu recalled the pain he caused him and was almost feeling the same just by looking at him.

“I have other matters on the agenda today. Besides, Third Elder Liu is exceptionally strong. If it wasn’t for Uncle Qin’s help, I wouldn’t have won,” Ye Cang’s humble expression made Qin San pissed. God damn it. You were the one who came out with the idea and injured him. And now you’re blaming me for it?!

“Alright, since you are here, Fengsheng knows that you have connections with the 10 Commandments. I hope you can negotiate with them regarding Ma Hailong’s Book of Soul Magic Circle. We are willing to give it to them until they are satisfied with the exchange conditions,” Liu Tianba said.

“Since it’s the head elder’s orders, I’ll personally go and persuade them. But, the Books of Soul Magic Circle, for you guys…”

“Not for us, but for China…”

“I’m also asking on behalf of Brother Long Sheng. With the book, there will be hope for the recovery of his wounds… It’s something I owed him…” Liu Tianba made a move and Qin Xiong counter-attacked, “Check…”

“Son, treat it as my favor too…” Qin Xiong usually could not care less about things happenning in life but Long Sheng was like a brother to him.

“There’s a big change in the 10 Commandments now. The #1 position has been replaced. But the person taking over is the one who negotiated with you guys previously…”

Liu Fengsheng came over and heard the news, “Hunting Flame?”

Ye Cang nodded.

“Then, what about the other two fellas?”

“They are now taking the position for #7. They are mainly responsible for some logistics, filing and backups…”

“Then, as for the book…”

“Leave it to me. We’re good friends. There shouldn’t be any problem if the conditions are cool.”

“Alright, thank you then…” Liu Fengsheng pondered. Looks like I can’t get any information on the internal operations of the 10 Commandments.