In the physical meeting conducted among the members, Zhang Zhengxiong was sneering at Flame Emperor and the rest. LordAsked did the same while ThornyRose and MistyVeil were trying to make the atmosphere less tense. Just then, Ye Cang came in, “Sorry to keep you all waiting. Where were we?”

“The North border, the fees on the key paths that are under your control.”

“Gosh, what’s there to be discussed? Everyone is good friends in China. I’ll give you a 20% discount. Alright, that’s the decision,” Ye Cang sat down. Flame Phoenix wanted to bargain for more but Flame Emperor signalled that there was not a need. 

“We, HappyFirmaments, Mad War, Lord’s Reign and Freedom Alliance decided to form a ten-men team for the competition. You are the last man if you’re willing to join us,” Ye Cang invited him.

“How sincere of you to personally invite me. Alright, I’ll join you,” Flame Emperor previously rejected ThornyRose’s and LordAsked’s invitations. However, he could not reject the request of the best player in the current league, Ye Cang. In the individual category, I must pay attention to this man who ascended an emperor’s throne in just one season.

So, Flame Emperor only acknowledges the Three Emperors? ThornyRose frowned and LordAsked was smiling coldly. Oh, so you’re looking down on me huh? I’ll teach you a lesson next time.

Just when Ji Xiao was about to speak, he was pressed to the table and smacked by LordAsked. “Myth of the city?! Myth my ass!”

Noticing Ye Cang’s messy and crumpled collar, NalanPureSoul reached out to arrange it for him.

“......” The loving couple just made everyone else speechless.

“Cough, cough…” LordAsked broke the awkward silence, “Well, we have discussed what we should discuss. How about going out for a meal?”

“I’ve already asked the servants to prepare…” MistyVeil had not finished her sentence.

“No, no, bad things always happen when we eat at your place. I’m pretty sure there are some other people there. Annoying people,” LordAsked interrupted.

“Why don’t I do the cooking? Recently, I’ve learned a lot from my neighbours,” Ye Cang smiled politely.

“Well, since she had prepared, let’s not waste her effort. Let’s go. It’s eating time.” Except for Flame Emperor, everyone heaved a sigh of relief as though LordAsked saved everyone from a huge tragedy.

“I can go to your kitchen and help you out or maybe add some dishes…” Ye Cang was about to stand up and search for the kitchen but was immediately stopped by MistyVeil. “’re a guest today. It’s not good for a guest to do the work.”

“Brother Lil’White, I agree. As a guest, it’s better not to disturb the host,” CloudDragon had goosebumps from this fella. I’ve no say in the game but in reality, I must protect our last hope.

“That’s right, that’s right. Brother Lil’White, brother, we are guests,” Lin Le and Zhang Zhengxiong added on.

“Sigh, why are you guys being so shy. Aunt Perky, I’ll follow you this time. But next time, when you come to my place, let me serve you, alright?” Ye Cang sighed.

The members from Flame Dragon also heard of Ye Cang’s infamous cooking skills in the virtual world. There was a saying, ‘You would rather jump off the Bridge of Forgetfulness than eating white-haired’s cooking.’

The dinner was over.

Ye Cang, his brothers and ThornyRose went back to the Qin’s to have a rest. 

As they returned to the game, ThornyRose reminded them that they could go to the hero spirit realm already since there were only two more days until the Martial Arts Competition.

Ye Cang clicked on the option and entered. 

Numerous doors of vortices appeared and he randomly entered one.

There was a grey-haired man in black shirt staring at Ye Cang with cold eyes, “Oh, Brother Lil’White.”

Ye Cang looked at him. Oh, another friend of mine, Jia Xu, though I’m not that close with him. “Elder Wenhe…”

“I haven’t made my wish yet. My life was a total mess. For the sake of survival, I buried the entire Eastern Han. I was the one who suggested to Zhang Xiu the idea, tricked Cao Cao and helped Cao Pi in secret. I was entitled as one of the Three Ducal Ministers but I wasn’t happy. I did all these for the sake of my family. To be honest, I just want to live an ordinary life, peaceful and easy. But due to the chaos, humans are no long humans. All the ministers were like starving tigers. Wherever I go, I see destruction, skeletons, poverty and hunger. Saying that this is a dog-eat-dog world is even an understatement. There are even humans killing each other to fill their stomachs. Law and order has no place in this world. So, I made a decision to make the world even more horrible. So that it can be reborn once it reaches the limit.”

“But, there were some mistakes. That kiddo Sima Yi really lived. Did he really think that I can sense the evil in him? I was just too lazy to be bothered. The issue between Cao Pi and his son, I knew it after that. What a pity. So, it was all Mengde’s fault. He should have had more affairs with mistresses and done more evil stuff. Do know that in the midst of chaos, killing an entire family is actually a kind deed… Don’t know what he was thinking back then. It was not the first time he’s done something notorious…”

“......” Ye Cang’s back was soaked with sweat.

“Alright, alright, I’ve made up my mind. It is meaningless to go back to the chaos. I’ve done what I should. It’s time to see whether the future has any place for a kind man like me.”

You?! A kind man?! Ye Cang pondered. It feels like he has caused the death of so many people but he’s still a good boy.

Suddenly, Ye Cang had a bad feeling about it. Oh no, don’t tell me…

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully and completely inherited Jia Xu’s abilities, obtaining Total Destruction and The Mess of Martial Arts!”

Total Destruction (Jia Xu - Exclusive Hero Spirit Skill): Killing any regenerating target can take away its regenerating skill.

The Mess of Martial Arts (Jia Xu - Team Tactics - Exclusive Hero Spirit Skill): Activating it will cause the enemies in a large area to fight themselves. Never fails. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown: one day.

Ye Cang quickly logged out and came to the beach. Everything was familiar, from the riffs to the beach but something was different. There was a naked man standing on the beach, grey-haired and his eyes were cold. 

Ye Cang facepalmed. Gosh, has my place become a hotel for them?

“Oh, Brother Lil’White…” Jia Xu was shocked to see Ye Cang.

“Don’t talk. Don’t ask why. Don’t bother. From now on, you’re my cousin, I’ll settle your identity for you,” Ye Cang swung his hand.

Ye Cang handed him a set of black pyjamas with the pattern of boxes, “That’s Liu Bei’s room, Cao Cao’s, Sun Quan’s and Huang Zhong’s. The guest room in the corner is Kongming’s. And this is…”

Ye Cang briefly introduced every room in the house and the people living in it. Little Ye Tian would talk about the rest tomorrow.

“Thank you, my cousin…” Jia Xu was wondering. What will the world look like? One that has the three big bastards and Old General Huang...

Hearing the noise from the outside, Huang Zhong opened the door and saw Jia Xu, “Wow, Wenhe…”

“Old General, judging from your ruddy and rosy cheeks, life must be great huh…” Jia Xu smiled.

Huang Zhong dragged him into his room, “Come, I’ll teach you to play something fun… Oh wait, you don’t have the permission yet. Well, we’ll talk about it tomorrow. You can go and find Kongming the bastard, he’s just right inside the room over there.”

Jia Xu was not really clear with what was happening but still entered Lin Liang’s room.

Ye Cang once again called Ren Long.

“The number of calls from you within these two months is even more than in the past two years… Speak, what do you want this time…”

“I have another cousin coming over. He knows that life here is better so he came. Help me create an identity for him. As usual, born in the Imperial Capital and he might need to go to college too…”

“Boss Silver Demon, my ancestor, can you just let me go this time…”

“Hey, I even promised to get Brother Long Sheng from your Dragon Group the Book of Soul Magic Circle. Quick...cut the bullshit.”

“You and the one from the Liu family…”


“He doesn’t know about you…”


“Alright, I thank you for the book. I’ll remember this favor. If you ever have any other relatives coming over, I’ll take the responsibility of impeachment on behalf of our boss! Oh yeah, is your relative strong?”

“Freaking strong...evil and he’s a killing machine but I must say he is a good man.”