Staring at the doors of vortices, Zhang Zhengxiong wondered. What kind of hero spirit will I encounter this time?

A middle-aged general with white hair stood on a mountain of corpses. Below his feet were corpses screaming to death and a ragged flag with the name ‘Zhao’ was erected on the ground. Furiousness was conspicuous in the fierce man’s eyes and he did not bother about the screams of the people below.

Zhang Zhengxiong’s mind went black for a while and the general’s life was appearing like a video clip in his mind. He was born during the Qin Dynasty and worked for the military for his entire life. He had never lost a match and his reputation was well-known. No one seemed to be on par to him. He killed all 450 thousand surrendered opponents and owned the title of a slayer. Later in his life, he was pestered by disputes between him and the other minister. He then fell sick. Zhang Zhengxiong witnessed how the person who was once the god of war in his era became as lonely as a cloud in the land he once ruled. A sword was gifted to the man. ‘It’s true, the lord no longer trusts me. Fan Ju, it’s you who are behind all these. Haha! I finally understand.’ Blood splashed all over the place.

In the end, Zhang Zhengxiong saw Bai Qi standing on a pile of skeletons and corpses, pulling out his blood-red sword, shouting “For the sake of my nation the Great Kingdom of Qin, I’ve no regrets of dying! All the sins of killing, I, Bai Qi, will take full responsibility for them! Hahaha! Qin will conquer the world!”

It was different from Ran Min. This man’s title of a slayer was given full criticism. He was one of the Four Great Warriors during the Spring and Autumn period who had never even lost a battle. In terms of his passion for justice, bravery, and loyalty, he was the greatest. He was a nightmare to the enemies and the guardians of the nation. Seeing him fighting in the frontlines always brought the soldiers a sense of security. If he were to meet an unimaginable defeat, that would be the end of the civilization for no one else could lead the era. It was at least what the soldiers thought.

“Young man, you are my first guest. From your aura, I could feel the aura of a brave warrior but no doubt, the sin of killing is overwhelming too. It’s different from mine. It’s pure hatred.”

Zhang Zhengxiong then told Bai Qi about Ran Min’s life.

He realized that Bai Qi was more easygoing than Ran Min. At the very least, he was an ordinary man. Not having a fierce look did not refrain him from having such an intimidating aura. Yet, it was not an insane aura. It was relatively friendly. Yet, a simple frown from him could make Zhang Zhengxiong feel the intense pressure.

“This is why I wanted Qin to conquer the world. Only when it is conquered would the good life I desire begin, despite the reality that it would end someday. It is the same for The Invasion and Rebellion of the Five Barbarians you mentioned. Corruption was prevalent among politicians and ministers while the needs of the citizens had never been given attention. In the end, they became rebellious and furious creatures. Humans no longer looked after one another. This was how Ran Min’s hatred developed. If I were him, I would probably be the same but at the same time, he was too reckless. Killing Murong Ke would definitely be necessary if I were in his shoes”

“Young man, can you tell me what happened in the end? I knew that the Qin nation was wiped out by a kiddo called Liu Bang and the what Overlord. That kiddo in the end defeated the overlord and established the Han Dynasty. But just now, you mentioned that at the end of Eastern Han, the three kingdoms were conquered by Jin. And it was then The Invasion and Rebellion of the Five Barbarians. So, who actually ended the war?”

“A man named Yang Jian. I only knew a little about him. I heard that he was an emperor comparable to Qin Shi Huang…” Zhang Zhengxiong said.

“This man must be good in martial arts and also politics right?”

“Well, how should I put it in words? He conquered the world in a different way from yours. His soldiers basically did not kill anyone at all. It was rather a game of powers. But, you can also say he was bullying widows and orphans. But when he was given the emperor’s throne, he changed the future altogether. He established a great era with his strong nation. He oversaw the promotion of Han’s culture and restored the classic texts, I think. That completely changed the way China was operating. I remember he came up with something called the Imperial Examination later in his era. It was used for decades…” Zhang Zhengxiong was not good with history but he roughly knew a little. That was because ThornyRose forced him to read just in case it was helpful in the hero spirit realm.

“Someone the same as Fan Ju?”

“I haven’t talked this much for so long. Young man, thank you for telling me the interesting stories that happened after my time. Still, I’m in the opinion that a loyal and patriotic emperor is never wrong. Thousands of years later, even though such strong feelings about it might die out, I believe it wouldn’t be much different. Born in the great Qin...wait, you guys called it China now right? Alright, young man, born in a great environment like China, you can never regret sacrificing for the country, for your loved ones and the sustainability of the nation! Since you decided to pick up the sword, you must give it your all! We must be determined, brave and the one who uphold justice! When you have to be cruel, you must be…” (The speech was so longgg)

Bai Qi, like a retired officer, gave Zhang Zhengxiong a philosophical lecture about politics and life. He is no slayer but a patriot who loves his nation more than ever.

“Congratulations! You’ve perfectly inherited Bai Qi’s talents, obtaining hero spirit skill - Peerless Elimination, The Slayer, and Total Massacre.”

The Slayer (Hero Spirit Skill - Bai Qi - Exclusive): An oppressing aura. All enemies within the coverage of the aura will be debuffed. Their attributes will be lowered by an amount determined by the difference between yours and the enemies. A greater difference could lead up to the event of immediate death. This aura cannot be dispelled and is effective against all beings including bosses, gods and others. There is no limit on the amount of the difference. 15% is the minimum (Even if the opponent is stronger than the aura holder, there is still a 15% of debuff. As for those weaker than the aura holder, the difference will be calculated in percentage. Once it exceeds 70%, instant death will be brought upon). The health of the dead targets will temporarily increase the aura holder’s total health point. 20% of the health of any targets being killed in the coverage of aura will also recover the holder’s health and increase total health points. This effect lasts for 30 seconds and will be able to be refreshed or continued once.

Peerless Elimination (Hero Spirit Skill - Bai Qi - Exclusive): Activating it will increase all attributes by 500%, ignore all control skills, reduce damage received by 80% and convert 200% of the damage dealt to recover one’s health. Lasts for 20 seconds. No cooldown. Costs 100 Peerless Points.

Total Massacre (Hero Spirit Skill - Bai Qi - Exclusive): Unleashes 10 continuous strikes to targets in a large area after accumulating energy for 2 seconds. The lock on effects are instant death, out of breath, disabled, unconsciousness, stun and broken tendons. This skill must be used once during the Peerless Elimination status. No cooldown.

On the other side, Lin Le stared at a female in gold armor with an ahoge on her head, “Hey, I know you… You are Artoria…”

‘King Arthur’ hugged Lin Le, “I know you too, Lin. I’m sorry that I failed in the end and could not twist the horrible fate. Let me try again.”

Artoria kissed Lin Le’s cheek, “Being able to see you again is amazing. I love…”


“Congratulations! You’ve inherited Artoria’s love and obtained hero spirit skill - Avalon: The Everdistant Utopia, Excalibur and King of Knights.”

King of Knights (Artoria - Exclusive): Skill points and talents obtained are doubled. All battle skills including hero skill are levelled up by one.

Avalon: The Everdistant Utopia (Artoria - Exclusive): When your health reaches zero, it activates the everdistant utopia. All damage received after this will be converted to heal you and increase the damage of Excalibur. Lasts for 30 seconds. Cooldown: one day.

Excalibur (Artoria - Exclusive): Unleashes a super long slash to the targets in front of you after accumulating energy for 3 seconds. You will heal allies who are in the coverage depending on your attributes while the enemies will be damaged by the light and holy elemental magic and be blinded, heavily injured and weakened. After activating Avalon: The Everdistant Utopia, the effect of this skill will be increased by 500%. Cooldown: Three hours.