“Who is she? Where am I? Why did she hug me? She must be crazy…” Lin Le was confused in the game.

Zhang Zhengxiong noticed he had an extra bar with the label Peerless Points, stating 0/100. How can I increase it? I think it is roughly the same as rage points? Maybe it can only be triggered during battles.

On the other side. In the room.

Jia Xu came to Lin Liang’s room to see him holding a loudspeaker, engaged in a weird choreography while rapping at the same time.

Lin Liang turned around to point at Jia Xu like a hip-hop dancer, “Hey man!”

“......” Jia Xu was stunned. I think it’s better not to talk to him or I would be easily influenced. So weird. Pretty sure he had gone insane after all those wars… “Excuse me…”

“Brother Wenhe! Come in! Let me have a word with you!” Lin Liang smiled and Jia Xu closed the door with a sigh.

In the middle of the night, Ye Cang received the parcel from Dragon Group. He then dealt with Jia Xu’s identity. “Alright, you have the permission now and you’re a year one student. Have you thought of what you wanted to study? Here’s a brief introduction of all the courses,” he passed a brochure to him.

After skimming through, Jia Xu picked astronomy as his major and physiology and health science as his minor.

“Also, about Dragon Group. I did tell you about being an honorable member, right? What’s your opinion? If you think you can help me with this particular matter, just volunteer. Compensation will be given accordingly.”

“I understand.”

“Wenhe, come…” Huang Zhong peeked from the edge of the wall with a smile.

With much curiosity, Jia Xu went over.

Ye Cang was speechless. Why are there people playing this boring game? Oh well, who cares… He returned to his room. “Old Huang, you can also tell Wenhe about the current situation…”

“Got it!”

They entered Huang Zhong’s room and Jia Xu activated the receiver which allowed a large amount of resources to surge in. This...this! This is unbearable! Disgraceful! So disgraceful! Huang Hansheng, oh, Huang Hansheng! How can you allow yourself to be this kind of a person?! No, as a kind man, I must save him. “Do you have anymore?! Give me more! More!”

“Alright, alright, this is more than enough for a welcoming gift. As for the rare ones, I’ll give it to you in the future. Let’s play the game. Vibrator Memory X. Don’t you underestimate this game. I’ve already failed almost 20 times. It’s so difficult to understand these ladies… So unpredictable…”

Huang Zhong was the first person to introduce Jia Xu to this new world. As soon as they entered, the two of them were busy ‘attacking’ the target in the school and even got their secret code ready. When Jia Xu successfully achieved a happy ending with his target for the very first time, he was with Senior A'Sa in the sports equipment room, tasting… *cough* *cough*. After he was done, he pulled his pants up and smiled. “Actually, let's break up…”


“Because she’s my target… Ahem,” Jia Xu brushed his student tie and turned around to smile at the school's most beautiful girl, but just her poster. 

“Bastard! I was wrong about you!” Huang Zhong appeared out of nowhere and punched Jia Xu. 

“Senior A’Sa, it's alright now! Let's go!” Huang Zhong carefully helped A’Sa to get up and walked out of the room. He did not forget to give a thumbs-up to Jia Xu with his hand behind his back. 

Jia Xu wiped the blood stain at the corner of his lips. This game is interesting. Targeting the easiest girl is already giving me a slight headache. That most beautiful girl must be no ordinary girl. I smell a dangerous blood flowing underneath her skin. Interesting… but what a pity. When I entered the game, I just randomly picked a handcraft talent. It’s a waste.  

At the rooftop, Jia Xu held a cigarette stick in his mouth while staring at the blonde girl from the poster with deep feelings. 

“Wenhe, how are we going to do this?” Huang Zhong was also smoking while staring at the same place.

“I’ve no idea. Her connections are too complicated. I need more time to observe…”

“I remember lord has passed this level. Should I go ask him for advice?”

“You always talk about this ‘lord’ of yours. Who is he anyway?”

“The leader of our adventure team. Someone who is strong. He is Master AV. All these resources I shared with you were given by him and he’s never asked for anything in return.”

“Adventure team?” Jia Xu smirked. There is no one in this world who wouldn't ask for anything in return. Huang Zhong sort of understood his thinking and said, “Don't you think of my lord that way. He treats me sincerely but I'm too dumb to share his burden in the team. That bastard, the strategist is unreliable and Old Cao and the rest often got carried away by their perverted minds.”

“Why don't you join us? Xuande, Mengde, Zhongmou, and Kongming are all members of the team. Occasionally, our lord will bring us to some places to experience the cruel reality… Never mind, you probably don't understand what I'm talking about. You'll know once you join. I have already witnessed the power of Illusion World. Thinking of it makes me shiver. Oh, Wenhe, keep away your arrogance. The challenges in the future will make you feel defeated physically and mentally with no exceptions...” Huang Zhong spoke as if he was an old and experienced member recruiting a new member. 

Jia Xu acknowledged Huang Zhong's strength. Even the usual calm expression of his made way for a terrified frown… Although it is temporary….

Without saying a word, Jia Xu nodded while staring at the blonde getting into the car like a predator observing his prey. His eyes were turning cold. Oh yeah, she has a younger brother in high school… His lips curled as he grabbed his tie, “Little girl, don't blame uncle for this but I'm definitely going to look at what's beneath that skirt!”

Gladly, Huang Zhong smirked. Look, my lord, this is what’s in the brains of our team. 

Fifteen minutes later. 

The two of them had their gaze locked on each other’s faces. They did not know to continue or to stop.

“Well, who would have thought that her brother is so observant and physically good in martial arts. Can't believe he sends us to death with just one slash…” Jia Xu said awkwardly. 

Huang Zhong started to doubt Jia Xu. This fella might be a burden too. “Useless, give me back my resources…”

“.......” Jia Xu was speechless. 

Next day. At breakfast. 

“Let me introduce my cousin, Jia Xu… Put our hands together!”

“Welcome…” everyone was not energetic. 

“Wenhe….” Cao Cao frowned. 

“Stop blaming him anymore. You're the main factor of your son's death. He even helped you,” Liu Bei smirked. 

“Since you didn't pick what you wanted in the beginning, don't regret after that…” Sun Quan spoke as if he knew everything while eating his bun. 

“My lord, this is our new member, Jia Xu… you can analyze…” Huang Zhong whispered. 

“Hmm… not bad. Looking good. At least better than the team's burden over there. This is the welcoming gift.” Reluctantly, AV gave him three rare resources he collected. Staring at what he got, Jia Xu was touched. Even Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan these heroes call him master. What else for holding my arrogance? “I, Jia Xu will give my best to help the team, it’s all or nothing, my lord...”

“Newbie needs training and only then will he know what hell looks like and how great our team's vision is. Let's visit the House of Maids… after the martial arts competition…”

“One of the Big Four…” Huang Zhong frowned while Cao Cao and the rest had a serious yet excited look. Lin Liang who was flapping his fan lost track of his slow and steady pace. Jia Xu squinted. One of the Big Four. That means there are three more… 

“Leader, don't you think it is still too early for us to go there?” Lin Liang suggested. 

“If we don't step out of our comfort zone, we will forever be afraid of the unknown. Don’t stay in your own cocoon. We would only be prepared after experiencing it…” AV said with a heavy heart and Lin Liang nodded, “I understand. I’ll provide necessary support…”

 “Shut up!” AV, Lil'Wang and the rest shouted at him. 

“......” Jia Xu pondered. Can't believe Kongming is powerless in the team…