“Cousin Jia, you need some touch ups for your fashion. You can pick any clothes from here. Just tell me when you are done. By the way, do you know music?” Wu Na sent him the website of the clothing warehouse where ThornyRose had a VIP membership. Jia Xu also felt uncomfortable wearing the pyjamas all day long himself and started picking clothes, “Well, I do know how to pluck the guqin and do some singing?”

“Nice. My band lacks a male vocalist. Go try out with me later,” Wu Na gave a friendly smile and Jia Xu nodded. I’ll go with the flow. No harm trying anyways. He finished picking the clothes in a short while and wondered to himself. It looks like the clothes from our era aren’t suitable in this world. That fella Liu Xuande is the exception. Tangzhuang. This is nice. A black base with some flower embroideries. Oh, the meaning of the flower is even written on it. Since I’m a kind person, I must find something that looks kind to suit myself. Blue rose? Looks fine. The meaning of the flower is sincerity and kindness. Gosh, it literally corresponds to my traits! This is it!

Wu Na stared at the clothes he picked which was a simple black tangzhuang (magua type) with a blue rose. His taste is kinda vintage but it somehow looks good on him. It was matching with his greyish long hair. In the band room, Jia Xu tested the mic and Wu Na pondered. His voice is the natural smoky type and it suits heavy metal a lot! A Chinese-oriented rock. My band, Falling Sand has the female vocalist, which is me, the male vocalist - Brother Jia, the guqin player - Brother Liang and the pianist - Cold Moon, Lil’Dino can be the DJ but I still need a bass player. Even though I can invite Flasher Uncle for bass and Panty Uncle for jazz drum during important occasions, it is still better to have my own team!

Lin Liang complimented Cold Moon, “Hey, young lady, good skills you have there.”

“Please call me Advisor Cold…”

“......” Lin Liang smiled bitterly. I’ve already reached such a devastating state. Even the new advisor gave me a cold shoulder. Kongming, oh, Kongming, you really have to prove yourself during the adventure in the House of Maids. Liu Xuande, Cao Mengde, Sun Zhongmou, Huang Hansheng, leader, Master Lil’Wang, Fang Ci, Brother Zhao, I’ll make you guys regret underestimating me! The downturn of my life is the point where I will rise! Someday, I will definitely head the conquest of the Big Four and the other inner three! And win the battle against Pandora’s box!

All the members of the adventure team sneezed and shivered as if someone was cursing them behind their backs.

Ye Cang and the others were gathering around Goddess City, waiting for the commencement of  the martial arts competition and also the arrival of the leaders from various forces to the city.

Everyone decided to enter the Hero Spirit Realm. 

Liu, Sun, and Cao once again entered the realm with mixed feelings. We have already seen what we hate to see the most so what else is there to be worried about?

Liu Bei stared at a chubby man who looked like himself, “Shan’er…”

“Father...I’m still thinking about my wish.” Liu Shan smiled when he saw his father.

“Come over here. Your father wants a hug,” Liu Bei opened his arms and cold sweat was dripping from Liu Shan’s head, “Is it necessary?”

“Come, give father a hug,” Liu Bei’s smile was getting creepier. Trembling, Liu Shan brought himself to walk towards him slowly as if he was walking on ice. Liu Bei grabbed him over and beat him up as soon as he had a grip on him.

“I knew it!”

As he got tired, Liu Bei sat and leaned back beside Liu Shan, “Have you thought of what you’d wish for?”

Liu Shan rubbed his limbs and sat properly, “When I was in the Battle of Holy Spirit, I read a few novels about a parallel universe. Like XXX Wandering In Parallel Universe and XXX Having XXX in Parallel World. So, I’ve decided to go there! I even decided my identity. The only child of a royal family, born with those sword saints and demons as my apprentice at my disposal. I would get a bunch of girls from that world. From red haired to black haired, with names spanning from A to Z! No matter if she flies in the sky, runs on the ground or swims underwater, I’ll never let go of any one of it! Maybe I can be a god too!”

Liu Bei lit up a cigarette stick and took a deep breath, “Shit, why didn’t I think of that?!”

“You’re indeed my boy…” Liu Bei caressed Liu Shan’s head.

“Didn’t you always say that Uncle Cao could be my unidentified dad?”

“Nah, there’s no way he would give birth to such a retarded child. Except for the fact that your IQ level is different from mine, most of your characteristics are still compatible.”


“Hahaha, your father was just kidding. Shan’er, being able to protect Han for decades has proven that you are not useless. Sometimes, humans have limited abilities. No matter what the future generations say about us, as long as we have put in our backs to rebuild the Han nation, it is enough. Knowing that you were able to end your life peacefully, I’m happy enough too. ‘Why should we talk about Shu when we are enjoying ourselves here.’ I know your little self is smart…” Liu Bei pinched Liu Shan’s chubby face.

“Hehe, father,” Liu Shan smiled.

“Alright, it’s time to say goodbye. Shan’er, whether you are going to the parallel universe or not, don’t forget our family’s principles!”

“I know! One can lie but never steal! One can run but never stay! Fight or flight and it’s definitely flight! As long as you are alive, there’s always a chance for you to make a comeback!”

“Gosh! What have you learned from me?! I was going to say, never shun the pettiest deed and never commit the trivialest sin…”


“Just an ‘ok’?”

“What father said was absolutely right!”

“Remember this! It’s beneficial to you! Even the pettiest act of kindness will earn a repayment. And even the smallest crime will lead to a burning hatred hunting you down for the rest of your life. And the rest are more or less what you said earlier.”

“Understood, father...Parallel Universe! Here I come!”

Liu Bei smiled as he saw Liu Shan disappear in the sky full of blossoms, “This bastard…”

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully inherited Liu Shan’s abilities through bloodline and obtained hero spirit skill - Overjoy and Turning Danger To Peace.”

Overjoy (Hero Spirit Skill - Liu Shan - Exclusive): Once activated, enemies in the large area will be forcefully dampened, rooted and stunned. Lasts for five seconds. Cooldown: two hours.

Turning Danger To Peace (Hero Spirit Skill - Liu Shan - Exclusive): When receiving a fatal attack, there is a possibility of blocking and converting 50% of the damage back to the opponent. When enduring a normal attack, there is a chance of being immune to it. When attacking a target, there is a chance of them experiencing Overjoy and the player will be immune to instant death and control skill. Luck +700. Luck will be increased extra 50% when receiving any rewards related to luck points.

Cao Cao stared at the fierce man standing in front of his eyes, “Dian Wei…Colonel Dian...”

“Lord…” a smile broke out on Dian Wei’s fierce expression.

“I’m sorry…” Cao Cao recalled that he was the one who put Ang’er in danger and injured this man whom he trusted the most.

“Nah, don’t be sorry. I owe you my life! Being able to sacrifice for you is my honor! Unfortunately, I can’t accompany you to the end… I was unable to witness you conquering the world. Apologies, my lord,” Dian Wei giggled.

Guilt and remorse overwhelmed Cao Cao as he recalled the Battle of Wancheng. Even Lu Bu was afraid of Dian Wei’s pair of jis! He put an arm around Dian Wei, “Let’s drink!”

“Cheers!” Dian Wei picked up the jar of wine.

Staring at Dian Wei who was singing out loud, Cao Cao recalled another closed protector of his. Their voices resonated to his ears.

“Lord, run! I, Dian Wei, will take care of your back!”

“Lord, don’t be afraid! I, Zhongkang will protect you!”

Cao Cao was appreciative, “It is my honor to have these two people serving me.” Having the Ancient Evil, Dian Wei beside me and also Tiger Fool - Xu Chu protecting me. But still... I’ve disappointed you guys...