Cao Cao and Liu Bei looked at Sun Quan’s weird expression, “Who did you meet this time?”

“What about you two?”

“My son.”

“Captain Dian.”

Speechlessly, Sun Quan said, “I met Lady Bu…”

“Had a farewell sex?” Liu Bei smiled.


“I bet he did,” Cao Cao smelled the scent on Sun Quan’s clothes.

“You two disgusting fellas. Stay away from me,” Sun Quan was speechless.

The registration had ended and the Martial Arts Competition had begun. All participants and the audience arrived at the venue which was a public hologram circular arena. They invited Zuo Yiyi as the emcee of the event and Brother Zhao and Brother Zhong as the commentators.

“Hey, Yiyi, in your opinion, which guild will be likely to emerge as the champion?” Brother Zhao smiled.

“HappyFirmaments of course. Look at their ten-men team. The Four Heavenly Kings, The Three Emperors, FlameEmperor, The Frenzied Shadow, and VastSea from EverGreen. Don’t you think it’s enough to give you the scary vibes?!” Zuo Yiyi’s words made Brother Zhao smile bitterly, “I know right. When the participants list was out, I was shocked to see so many wonderful contestants. A team formed by the top 10 players in China. I bet the players from Europe and other regions are probably making the air turn blue right now...Not only that, look at their registration for other categories. HappyFirmaments cooperated with Lord’s Reign, Mad War, Freedom Alliance and even Misty Rain House. Isn't it obvious that they are setting on for the overall champion?”

“Let’s not bother about the ten-men category first. The individual category is about to start. Acting Emperor has registered for this and so has FlameEmperor. I believe the two strong forces would be facing each other in the final round. Each of them has completed one of the branches of the main story and obtained a lot of resources, especially Acting Emperor. He has conquered the entire north border and Black Peak mountain range of the Planetary Empire, taking over the throne as the king of the north. Not only that, he is also the mayor of the Goddess City, an Earl and the ambassador of the six goddesses. From past video recordings, we can see that his attacks come unpredictably and he excels in close-range combats, magic, long-ranged attacks, support, healing and even tanks. He is the real ranger in the current league,” Brother Zhong dug out the information about Ye Cang and Flame Emperor.

“It’s begun! Acting Emperor’s first opponent! TheUniverseDragonIsRisingUp...what a good name…A member of League of Tyrants,” Zuo Yiyi was speechless.

On the division stage, A-35512431, Ye Cang who was teleported to the stage stared at the beastman warrior. He gradually removed his wolf-head hood, “Surrender. That’s a better option for you. You have a good name, I don’t want to kill you…”

“Acting Emperor! I’m not afraid of you! A beastman will never…”

Little did he know that Ye Cang had already activated Mirror Image and left behind a water clone. Meanwhile, he was in stealth and appeared behind the opponent with Shadow Step. Darkness Single Slash! A slash gleamed through at once and the man’s head fell onto the ground, “Be a slave…”

Boom! The water clone exploded.

The sky was filled with water droplets dropping down like bubbles afloat. As the rays of sunlight were reflected into the millions of droplets, Ye Cang reached out his hand to touch the rain, “I’ve warned you my friend. I’m sorry…”

“Wow, the familiar smell and the familiar Acting Emperor. He didn’t even forget to put on his act even when killing someone,” Brother Zhao smiled. 

“It is still an artistic act…” Brother Zhong added on with a nod. “I bet his way of getting behind the opponent is through some invisible and displacement skill. They were far from each other. Being able to move there in such a short period of time, it must be related to displacement. He even left a clone to confuse the opponent. Guess he never wanted to go easy on the rival in the first place. It was all planned. Among the three emperors, Acting Emperor is a natural performer. His positioning, the position of the sun and the camera were all strategized in just that split second of talking.”

“Well, he is the only one in the league who didn’t use the souls collected to upgrade weapons or equipment. Instead, he upgraded his hair to ultimate… He is the man that obtained the virtual world’s only honorable award - I’m Proud of My Hairstyle and the only nobel achievement - The Beyond Ultimate Hair after all,” having deep thoughts, Brother Zhao nodded.

Ye Cang’s second opponent was an assassin. After witnessing the previous match, the assassin turned into a shadow and appeared behind Ye Cang. However, what was waiting for the assassin was a Rising Dragon Punch with toufas. After that, Ye Cang pulled out his arcane sword and marked him. “Let the Flower of Arcane bloom!”


The assassin blasted off in all directions like fireworks. A sky full of arcane bullets were circling around him and concentrated at one point before colliding into one another in the end. 

Facing the opponent with his back, Ye Cang stared at his crystalized sword while the explosion went off, “It’s sad that the beautiful fireworks only lasted for seconds...”

ThornyRose, Gongsun Qian, MistyVeil, LordAsked and the rest were speechless. “......”

“Damn! The skill is too awesome, isn’t it?! The arcane bullets are just like fireworks!”

“He is the king of wolves from the north border of the Planetary Empire! The leader of the three emperors! He is so artistic even when he is acting!”

“The stars have perished! The Three Brothers are in rule! The Acting Emperor! Unbeatable in this world! Their aura is strong enough to swallow the mountains and envelop the rivers! Their vicious eyes are ambitious enough to wipe out the universe!”

“The members of the Three Brothers’ fan club are still so energetic huh…”

“He will know the real power when he meets FlameEmperor…”

“The dogs from Flame Dragon, it’s time to rest. It’s no longer FlameEmperor’s era, stop bullshitting.”

The comments and discussions among the spectators were so intense that one came almost every millisecond.

“Stop arguing! Here comes the third opponent who will be fighting against Acting Emperor!BrilliantZhuge from Heavenly Oath!”

“Long time no see, Acting Emperor - PaleSnow…” BrilliantZhuge doffed his mage’s hat.

“Who are you?”


“We have battled before. I’m from the Heavenly Oath.”

“I’m sorry. I’ve competed against too many opponents. It’s too troublesome for me to memorise all of their names. Take this! The Curse of Tongue Twister! @#$% [email protected]#@! East! ACVFSASQW! Pig, comma and onion.”

A tongue twister comprising the languages of demons, dragons, undeads, elves and fishmen was a spontaneous one. BrilliantZhuge who did not even have the chance to clear his throat tried to follow the pace but he just could not catch up. He was then silenced. Shit!

Ye Cang appeared in front of him with Shadow Step and gave him a Rising Dragon Kick. Swiftly, he cast the Flame Burst spell, rolled it into a spiraling ball and hit it on the opponent’s chest. “Boom!”

A red lotus exploded.

As the roaring flames were burning, Ye Cang sighed, “A stuttering person. Who gives you the courage to be a mage…”

“Sigh, no wonder I don’t remember you,” he brushed his messy hair with a sense of satisfaction.

“That’s why I said, he is the professional player I hate to encounter the most. He sure has the rights to take the top spot in the leaderboard. In China, BrilliantZhuge is considered quite strong, similar to BlackIce, except for NalanPureSoul…” Brother Zhong commented.

“Do you think he would stand any chances when a mage faces him? A hunter type is obviously a counter to the mages…” Zuo Yiyi sweated.

“How is it related to his hunter attributes? Acting Emperor killed him with magic. From the power of the Flame Burst spell he used, his mage attributes show that they are far beyond BrilliantZhuge’s. This is completely a fair match and Acting Emperor has the ultimate upper hand,” Brother Zhao said.

Like the best tanker in a parade of strength and pride, Ye Cang deservingly marched through every leg of the match with confidence and surmounted all difficulties along the way, similarly for FlameEmperor who did not seem to meet a strong opponent at all. At last, it was just as what Brother Zhong prophesied. It was a face-off between the two of them in the final round.