“Acting Emperor is really too strong…” BrilliantZhuge smiled bitterly at the president of Heavenly Oath, BlackForestMoon.

“Moreover, he is a ranger. I bet there’s less than ten people who can put up a one-on-one fight with him in China. Even the Four Heavenly Kings didn’t join the individual category. Among the top 10 China players, only Flame Emperor signed up. How are we going to fight them if we meet them in the ten-men category?” BlackForestMoon was helpless.

Thinking about the ten-menand the five-men categories, BrilliantZhuge felt numb on his scalp. Who said they were star players, they’re a team of overpowered dream crushers. In the team, all of them received the world champion ring except for MistyVeil, LordAsked and NalanPureSoul. Yet, their rings were limited edition. FlameEmperor’s continuous victory and CloudDragon’s assault. VastSea received the ring when he was with FlameEmperor, in FreedomAlliance, and even in Mad War. I bet he is the only person with the most world champion rings. MistyVeil once wanted to recruit him with any conditions he could demand for but who would have thought he simply rejected her with ‘I’m not here for girls.’ Not to mention the three emperors. They successfully took on the challenge on the world stage. As for the Frenzied Shadow, the newbie, I thought he would be a fallen star. Who would have expected that when he reappeared, he had become one of the star players who aided the three brothers to become emperors. He is now the pre-emperor player, Frenzied Shadow - SpyingBlade.

Meanwhile, he thought of ThornyRose who had always been ill-fated. Looks like she is the real winner here for discovering the three emperors, Frenzied Shadow and The Rainbow Girl - Ye Tian. “Well, let’s just watch his battle with FlameEmperor.”

“If you ever battle our leader one-on-one, how confident are you in winning?” CloudDragon asked LordAsked.

“Almost none at all. Even if he doesn’t want to go head on, he could roam around to make sure we exhaust ourselves. He can also use his excessive amount of displacement skills he has to toy with us, not to mention his speed…” LordAsked shook his head.

“A fight between monsters…” MistyVeil knew that even if the core members from her guild, the vice president 1 and 2, worked together, they could not beat any of them. It would be just like killing any ordinary civilian.

“My brother will never lose…” Zhang Zhengxiong smiled evilly.

“This emperor of what flame or whatsoever, even Lele can kill him.” Lin Le was rubbing his handcart cannon, “If I can’t kill him with one shot, I’ll make it two shots, or three ...Hehe…”

“......” Speechless filled the atmosphere. That’s called a scam.

On the battlefield.

“We meet again on the stage, Acting Emperor…” FlameEmperor pulled out a 5-inch wide long sword and there was a short blade hanging at his waist. 

Ye Cang tilted his head, “Your irregular pattern is…really troublesome…”

His hands were laid on the twin guns. 

Thousands of bullets were shot at FlameEmperor but did not deter him from dashing head on with his sword. He dragged out the short blade with the other hand to reflect all the bullets. Ye Cang then turned into an electric current to dodge and sent returning shots while moving away. However, bullets did not seem to harm FlameEmperor as his short blade could precisely slice the bullets and send them back to Ye Cang by rotating and adjusting the angle. In a blink of an eye, FlameEmperor closed up to Ye Cang. Ye Cang quickly took out his scepter from the shadow and changed it into his lightning lance. He tossed it at FlameEmperor at lightning’s speed but it was just a matter of a casual dodge for him to avoid it. FlameEmperor blinked and moved to Ye Cang’s left. 

With the arcane sword and the cooking knife in each hand, Ye Cang fought back. The two of them were engaged in a mad game of slashings. Frost Burst, flames and electric currents were sent in all directions and the spectators were lucky they were not too close from them. 

Ye Cang was not using any large area skills as he knew that would definitely leave an opening for his offensive opponent to attack him. In the battle, there was not any sign of ultimates being used or maybe the lack of time was the reason. Ye Cang was having a hard time blocking FlameEmperor's irregular continuous attacks. Even though I'm able to predict the trajectories of his attacks, he can casually change his inconsistent pattern. On the other hand, FlameEmperor was disgusted with Ye Cang’s speedy reaction and attack speed instead. Their strengths were on par to one another. A slightly careless move would turn either one into a dead corpse and everyone was interested to know who that would be. 

“Spells or skills that needed verses to be chanted have a short time lag, they won’t have the guts to use it…” Brother Zhao frowned. They two of them are basically just observing each other. Once someone uses a skill with time lag, even if it’s just 0.1 second, it would be a disaster at such a close distance. The two of them were still holding on to their displacement skills.

Ye Cang tossed a grenade to test the water but it was deflected by FlameEmperor’s short blade. With a distance not more than two meters, they stopped and gave each other a long stare. 

Ye Cang appeared behind the tree with Shadow Step, planning to activate Lightning Shield. Yet, FlameEmperor also used his displacement skill, leaving no time for Ye Cang to cast any spell. Four swords, the arcane sword, cooking knife, long sword and short blade once again clashed together. “Hey, can’t you give me some time to add some buff? This isn’t a well deserved victory if you don’t let me…”

“Both of us don’t have any buff. Aren’t men supposed to fight with pure strength?”

“Machismo is the reason why men die! Take this!” Ye Cang activated his hero spirit skill, Solo Slash on Mount Hua.

FlameEmperor could feel that this slash was indefensible. Blocking it only means suicide! However, he slashed his short blade diagonally. Sanfeng Tai Chi Sword! Move the heavy with the light!

Solo Slash on Mount Hua was peerless yet heavy. It was knocked to the ground and a huge and more powerful slash caused an explosion. Ye Cang quickly dodged the long sword that was bound to behead him and returned a slash with his cooking knife. Darkness Single Slash! FlameEmperor was close enough to pull his sword back to block off the attack. Both of them backed off a little. A spell was casted by Ye Cang. Mirror Image! He left the water clone and went in stealth mode. However, FlameEmperor smirked. Not giving Ye Cang any chance to go on stealth, FlameEmperor slashed the clone and dodged the explosion. Ye Cang had no choice but was forced to reveal himself. They were once again caught in a battle of swords.

“White haired has no chance to cast any spell. Arcanic spells are useless against FlameEmperor. The battle was so intense that neither of them could find the opportunity to cast any hero spirit skills.” CloudDragon could not stand still while watching the battle where one could not afford to make a single mistake, between the two strongest players in China.

“That fella’s irregular pattern has evolved,” LordAsked nodded and CloudDragon had noticed something different with his pattern. In the world of the strong, one always goes against the current. It is either you move forward or you get splashed away. I can’t let myself be relaxed, not for a single moment. He turned around to see VastSea watching the battle calmly. Yet, he could tell from VastSea’s eyes that he was excited too. It was as if he could sense his excitement and desire. He is indeed from the Evergreen.

Thoughts of the girl from the Li family were bothering VastSea. Gosh, the size of the round bulging breast. It is totally… FlameEmperor, oh, FlameEmperor, it’s not that I’m evil or something. It is just that the appearance of your sister just cannot let one calm himself down. I’ve decided to put her into the fantasize priority list. I’ll see whether I have the chance to ask her out. *cough* *cough* The image of the black-socked school girl flashed through his mind. I…*sigh* I’ll name you Hehe.

Seeing VastSea’s expression, CloudDragon wondered. What is he thinking? There must be some tactics and ways to counter. Gosh, I’m so naive…

NalanPureSoul was the one who deeply experienced how FlameEmperor was a nightmare to mages. His irregular pattern of attacks. It is his speciality. Once he gets close to you, no mage can escape alive. That was what NalanPureSoul knew about FlameEmperor from the day he debuted until then. Before the three emperors appeared, FlameEmperor was the king of solo matches and no one stood a chance to put up a fight with him. But the current FlameEmperor...I thought he would be dampened and depressed. But judging from the battle, his excitement was evident. It depicts the happiness of having an opponent. This man is no longer inevitable but he has gained more excitement and happiness from this. Different ones. He has evolved.