Ye Cang and FlameEmperor were still having an intense close-ranged combat, both waiting to take advantage in case their opponent made a mistake.

Ye Cang locked into the idea that once he was able to pull a distance between them, he would use Time-space Reverse Piercing.

FlameEmperor was repeatedly predicting Ye Cang’s movements. Here he comes! Ye Cang dashed away in the form of an electric current and FlameEmperor followed up. Upon landing onto the ground, Ye Cang blinked away with Shadow Step. Yet, FlameEmperor was agile enough to catch up to his sudden change of direction. Shadow Assault! Ye Cang splashed into three different shadows while FlameEmperor stared closely at all three. They are all real and yet fake at the same time! Is it something he can change? Immediately, he turned around and rushed towards the three shadows.

Ye Cang switched his location to the shadow furthest away from FlameEmperor and pulled out his heavy ballista in mid-air, aiming at FlameEmperor. Time-space Reverse Piercing!

FlameEmperor was shocked but his lips curled. I’ve won.

Ye Cang felt something was not right when he shot with his ballista. The arrow passed through FlameEmperor’s shadow and he turned around to see a long sword which was about to stab on his back. Just when he wanted to knock it away with his elbow, it was blocked by the sword blade and as a result, the long sword pierced into Ye Cang’s heart and he pulled the trigger once again. “Hit!”

FlameEmperor felt as if he was being stabbed by something. As he lowered his head, he saw a Giant Dragon Thorn Nail pierce through him from the back and then into the ground.

They were both in dire straits. FlameEmperor was pinned by the thorn while Ye Cang was pierced by the sword. His chest was burning as if it was trapped in a meat-mincing machine.

Just then, flames started to erupt on FlameEmperor’s body.

“Resurrection skill?” Brother Zhao stared at FlameEmperor while Brother Zhong realized Ye Cang was shining as he accumulated energy. “Both of them have reviving skills…”

However, FlameEmperor’s flames were extinguished by a black energy. Once Ye Cang exploded, he reappeared on the stage, “Sigh, you’re strong but you’re unlucky to meet me…”

Outside the arena, FlameEmperor kept his stare at Ye Cang. My Fire Reborn has failed?! He must have some skills that can stop resurrection! And the skill that hit me just’s strange… Recalling the battle a second ago, he grabbed his sword tightly. I’ll defeat you someday, Acting Emperor...

The individual category in the China region had come to an end and Ye Cang was sent to the international arena.

His first opponent was Aota Hikoishi from Japan.

“PaleSnow, long time no see…” Staring at the ranger with a wolf-head hood, Aota was full of hatred and speechlessness.

“Just kill yourself. To be honest, I don’t even want to fight with you who only has those trash equipment…” Ye Cang sighed as he took off his hood.

“Oh really?”

Right at that moment, Aota had already slashed Ye Cang into halves. However, the feeling of cutting him felt different and unfamiliar. Shit!


The water clone exploded.

He could see the look of Ye Cang who appeared at the other side with a tilted head and crossed arms, “You can’t even touch me. Why do you need to bring such embarrassment to yourself? One blink of your eye and I knew what you were up to…”

Aota was getting angrier and dashed through the falling water droplets. Moon Chasing Slash!

“Alright then, I’ll play with you,” Ye Cang took out his toufas and blocked the attack with absolute precision. As Ye Cang hit with his elbow, Aota lowered his head to dodge. Yet, he was hit in the face by Ye Cang’s other elbow, stunning him in an instance. Rising Dragon Kick. Dashing Straight Punch. Dashing Straight Thrust. Knowing Aota was about to die, he cast a healing spell on him. With a normal grappler’s moves and his legendary equipment, he attacked his face madiy and then healed him, continued to attack his private part and healed him once again.

Even though Aota was mad, he knew that the difference between their attributes and equipment was way too great. He who was the strongest in his guild was no match for him. His speed was too fast to follow. While losing his image and facing difficulties when blocking Ye Cang’s attacks, he said, “Just finish me’ve won.”

“No way,” Ye Cang smiled faintly.

“This Acting Emperor is over his limits! How can he insult our Sword Saint Aota this way?!”

“How is he even a sword saint when he is beaten up like this? Our Big Brother White doesn’t even bother to draw his sword.”

“I realized that if Acting Emperor plays the role of a grappler, he likes to hit private parts.

“Wow, this series of combos. He really is a soul-torturing demon. It is sad for Aota to meet Acting Emperor from China, the international player whom everyone tried their best to avoid…”

“Is it just me or that all legendary players from China love to hit weird body parts? Like assholes and genitals…”

In the end, the judges could not bear the gruesome scene. They forcefully stopped the battle and announced the victory of Ye Cang.

“Grappler…I played that role well…” Ye Cang kept away his toufas and stared at his second international opponent. It was an old friend of his too. The Rose of Versailles - Verlianna from Union Alliance asked, “Yo, real rose...have you finished thinking about it?”

“Thinking about what?”

“Kill the fake rose and replace her.”

“......she can hear that, ya know.”

“So what? We know who the real one is. Don’t tell me you are afraid of the pirated version?”

“Sigh...I think you don’t understand my point. Never mind, let’s fight.”

“Let’s talk more first. About you.”


“Which month were you born in?”

“End of September…”

“Libra...hmm…” Ye Cang crossed his arms to think.

Not a second had passed and he said. 

“I hate Libra the most...die!”

He pulled out his guns and shot madly.

“......” Verlianna who was busy dodging the bullets and the audience were speechless.

“That’s the reason why I fell in love with him. The style of him loving and hating something is totally…” FrozenBlood’s words made ThornyRose speechless. This is called insanity alright?! Upon thinking that she was going to live with this man the rest of her life, she stared at the sky, “I’m pretty sure with the amount of kindness I’ve accumulated this year, I could be the chief of the world in my next life. The worst would be a sword saint or the most beautiful girl with superpowers…”

Without giving Verlianna a chance to get closer, Ye Cang kept on shooting. Once she managed to close up the distance, he would jump to somewhere further and continue poking. In the end, Verlianna was sacrificed in the rain of bullets. None of the hero spirit skills were put into use.

“Oh wait, actually, Libra matches my horoscope. Looks like I misblamed her…” Ye Cang gradually kept away his guns and waited for the third opponent. It was Hussein from Glory Hall in America.

Staring at Hussein who was holding a sword and shield, Ye Cang greeted him, “Yo, we meet again!”

“Yeap, this is the match that decides who the…”

“Winner is…” Ye Cang appeared behind him with Shadow Step and slashed madly with his arcane sword and cooking knife.

Hussein quickly turned around, blocked with his shield and striked back with his sword. Ye Cang pondered. This Hussein is different from FlameEmperor as he doesn’t have irregular patterns of attacks but his instincts are extremely scary. Also, look, he has no hesitation prior to his offense and defense.

“Heaven’s Judgement!”

Hussein pushed Ye Cang away with his shield and stabbed his sword into the ground. A light magic circle was formed and Ye Cang was engulfed by the holy light.


The water clone exploded but the light instantly evaporated the water. Hussein knew he had fled. Staring at Ye Cang who was hiding under the pillar afar, Hussein dashed at him in the form of a holy light. “Thor’s Hammer!”

Solo Slash on Mount Hua! Ye Cang had no intention of backing off. The sword energy crushed the lightning and caused a massive explosion, sending the both of them away. They were stunned for a short term. Just when Hussein was being literally carried away by the shockwave, a huge black hand holding a dagger appeared from the shadow where he would be landing at. Deadly Hook!

Staring at the dagger that pierced through him, Hussein sighed. Pets are not allowed to join the battle so this must be a summoned creature. Can’t believe this fella has something like this up his sleeve...No...maybe he didn’t get serious in this match. The battle between him and FlameEmperor was so intense that they didn’t have the chance to use any skills that had time lag. So, we couldn’t get any information on him. China is really too scary...