As the short knife vanished into the shadow, Ye Cang gradually got himself up, “Your defence is quite good,’s just “quite good”...The battle just now, if you put more attention to what’s behind you, the ending wouldn’t be like this. Sigh. Why do you even need me to remind you of such general knowledge?”

“Congratulations! Player PaleSnow has successfully emerged as the champion in the individual category. Hussein is the first runner up while Verlianna takes the third place. The rewards will be given after the competition!”

“The individual category ended so fast. We have gained one point for China. What’s your opinion on the doubles?” Zuo Yiyi smiled. 

“There are a few strong groups actually. But if you really want me to pick the strongest, I bet it will be the group consisting of Rooting Emperor and Fighting King. A heavy weapon master and an aggressive grappler to fill in each other’s flaws. They are literally using brute strength to overwhelm the others!” Brother Zhong stared at CloudDragon’s and Lin Le’s hologram information.

“But Mad Devil Le is inconsistent and unpredictable. What if he accidentally kills CloudDragon or himself as soon as he appears on the stage…”

“I don’t think it will happen. Do you really think he is retarded after watching the previous battles? How about looking at this perspective? No one can defeat him, not even FlameEmperor. When he was on stage switching positions with Acting Emperor to battle FlameEmperor, I knew this fella was scary af. Even though FlameEmperor didn’t have much health points left back then… his instinct is too insane.”

“Indeed, it can be seen when he battled Aota. That fearlessness, bravery and his aura of slashing down opponents and his weapon together. Coming to think of it, among the three emperors, Acting Emperor is the speedy and technique type, Rooting Emperor is the strong and agile type while Roar Emperor is an all-rounder. Strong yet gentle, powerful yet speedy.”

“You are wrong…” Brother Zhong smiled, “Acting Emperor is a 100% all-rounder but he is slightly more inclined to speed. Root Emperor and Roar Emperor are both a combination of strength and dexterity but the former focuses on strength while the latter balances them out, using strength to increase his aura.”

“It has begun. Their first opponent is Swallow and Redon from Misty Rain House.”

“There’s nothing to think about. CloudDragon can fight twenty of them alone. Look at his equipment. Let’s not talk about Mad Devil Le. Just CloudDragon alone. There isn’t much difference between CloudDragon’s and Med Devil Le’s equipment but if you look at Swallow’s and Redon’s…”

“Hey, we are commentators so we must be neutral on every match we’re in charge of. They started fighting! Mad Devil Le slashed the two of them in one slit... they... it’s the end! What a fantastic match! Both sides have shown their true strength!” Brother Zhong exclaimed.

“......” The audience was speechless.

CloudDragon looked at Lin Le, “I’ll deal with the next pair alone. You’ll just have to watch.”

“Huh? Are you serious? What am I going to do if you lose?” Lin Le was picking his nose.

“Then, you can try my…” CloudDragon smiled.

Lin Le laid his hands on the dragon steel blade behind his waist. They were staring at each other as their smiles got creepier. The atmosphere was getting increasingly tense.

“Hey, your group consists of only the two of you! Can you guys stop it?! Can you just...?!” ThornyRose who was outside the arena facepalmed.

“Sigh, these two fellas…” Ye Cang groaned but ThornyRose shouted at him, “You are nowhere better!”

“I really miss the real rose…” Ye Cang stared into space.

“......” ThornyRose was so pissed off that veins were clearly bulging on her forehead. As she was bound to explode, FrozenBlood quickly carried her away.

“Team leader, I feel like they are going to fight. We…” the short-haired assassin said awkwardly.

“Let’s just let them be for now. Maybe they might really battle each other and die together, who knows? If that’s the case, we win by doing nothing, won’t we?” the leader who was a warrior whispered.

“Alright, go ahead…” Lin Le recalled the words ThornyRose told him.

“Lele, please don’t cause any trouble, please… take away the champion for the doubles and I’ll give you a red packet this big next Chinese New Year!” ThornyRose gestured the shape of a bathtub.

Lin Le let go of his hand on the hilt and laid down on the ground like a Sleeping Buddha. He then scratched his butt, not giving a tinker’s damn.

CloudDragon gradually walked towards the two opponents but they dashed at him instead.

Catching the dagger with his left hand and blocking the long sword with his right, CloudDragon remained a calm expression on his face. “Heavenly Returning Flash!”

The two opponents were tossed up to the air.

With a leap, CloudDragon pierced through the assassin with his sword finger and turned around to punch the warrior with lightning. Everything happened in split seconds. “The next match is your turn.”

Lin Le got up and drew the Bloody Sword out. As soon as the opponents of the third match appeared, Lin Le dashed at them like an angry bull. He was sprinting, blocking, jumping, and slashing his way through. Blood-red slashes were everywhere and they turned into petals falling gracefully. Sixth Sense Holy Sword - The Dance of Mess! The two of them were instantly processed into pieces of meat like those for market supply.

“Whenever I look at Lele’s kills, they are always instant kills,” Zuo Yiyi smiled bitterly with a trace of admiration in her tone.

“His style of battle is exactly like that. In teamfights, not many can endure a simple slash from him, not to mention those strangers. The slash just now. If you weren’t the opponent, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t feel how spine-chilling it was.” Brother Zhong was analysing while Brother Zhao looked at the next few opponents, “Oh, the next match is gonna be interesting. It is also a mixed match. FullFlame from Flame Dragon and Ji Xiao from Lord’s Reign.”

“Idiot Huang! You ungrateful betrayer! Traitor!” Lin Le screamed at Ji Xiao.

“......” Ji Xiao was speechless.

“FullFlame...hmph…” CloudDragon cracked his knuckles.

“I won’t be losing to you every time, CloudDragon…” FullFlame pulled out his duo blades,

“Let me see how much you have grown!” CloudDragon signaled him to come straight at him and mumbled to Lin Le, “Ji Xiao is yours.”

“Sure! Lele loves to punish traitors the most!” Lin Le grabbed the Bloody Sword with his right hand and held the dragon steel blade on the back of his waist with his left hand. “Oh yeah, you can win him, right?”

“Can you stop it?!” CloudDragon was pissed off and then recalled ThornyRose’s words.

“When you need Lele’s cooperation, use money or red packets as a bait. It’s always useful. Mark my words.”

“I’ll give you a big red packet,” CloudDragon sighed.

“You two are trash! Disgusting bugs! Traitor! With my Brother Dragon here, how can you still be standing?! Kneel before us and accept the punishment of justice! Lele is annoyed! Brother Dragon, what do you think?! Lele will temporarily listen to you!” Lin Le was serious.

CloudDragon was shocked at the 180-degree change of attitude. “......*cough* *cough* You’ll be responsible for killing Ji Xiao and I’ll take on FullFlame!”

“Alright, Brother Dragon!” Lin Le walked towards Ji Xiao and shouted with his hands in front of his mouth shaped like an amplifier. “Listen carefully, the betrayer standing in front of me! I’ll give you three seconds to surrender! Or else, don’t blame Lele for upholding justice!”

“Hmph, Lele, I have hero spirit skills too…” Ji Xiao pulled out a sword blade.

“3, 2, 1!” Lin Le dropped low, preparing to attack. Knowing how scary Lin Le was, Ji Xiao was cautious.

Suddenly, Lin Le took out the cannon from his handcart.


What was coming at Ji Xiao was a cannon shot accurately aimed at him. It was only a blink of an eye before one could find nothing left at that spot.

“Lele hates traitors the most! So, Lele must finish him off with a cannon!” Lin Le kept away his canon and said to CloudDragon, “The cost of this shot, we’ll be splitting it.”

“Got it…” CloudDragon was screaming inside... It’s unnecessary to waste the freaking cannon to kill that worthless bastard Ji Xiao! You think my money isn’t money?! Worst still, you used gold coins! Do you know how much it costs for one gold coin in the black market?!