CloudDragon dashed at FullFlame, full of qi energy and lightning current. Lightning fingers. Thunder Punch. FullFlame blocked the attacks with his dual blades calmly but due to the differences in equipment, he was captured and killed by CloudDragon’s Collapsing Fist.

CloudDragon frowned. He isn’t going to use any hero spirit skills at all? He then turned around to look at Lin Le. True. It’s better to stay this way rather than exposing ourselves.

After continuously defeating a few pairs, they successfully swept the board and became the champion in the China region, earning themselves the ticket to the international arena.

Their first international opponents were also Asians but they were Nagasawa from Japan, the wind elemental mage and Yuen Zaiyi from Korea, the hidden class - Magic Grappler.

“Brother Dragon, which one should I slay?” Lin Le was carrying the enormous Bloody Sword on his shoulder.


“Okie dokie.”

With a swing of her fan, Nagasawa cast a wind wall to block Lin Le’s dash. However, it was not cast accurately at the spot she wanted so she sent a large number of Kamaitachi at Lin Le. They were all blasted into nothingness by Lin Le’s heavy fist. Once again, he dashed at Nagasawa. Sudden Sky Flash! A sword slash was sent towards her but she vanished just in time.

“Hpmh, what a reckless Shina…” Nagasawa was preparing her ultimate from far away. Before she knew it, something pierced through her chest. She looked up to see a chain connected to Lin Le’s Crystal Armed Drive and as he pulled, Nagasawa was flying towards Lin Le from dozens of meters away. Armed Destruction! Thirteen Continuous Slashes! Nagasawa was turned into meat sauce.

“Brother Zhong, did you see it? When Nagasawa used Wind Dust to escape, Mad Devil Le swung out the hook. It was as if he knew where she would be landing at,” Brother Zhao was replaying the scene just now.

“Yeap, when you go against him, you must be extra careful with his insane instincts. You may think you are unpredictable but he will be even more unforeseeable. You may think you had it all planned but he will spoil your plans before you even know it. No one can say they have confidence when battling against Root Emperor because you will never understand his moves,” Brother Zhong stared at Lin Le who was keeping away his hook. Lin Le yawned as he observed CloudDragon fighting with Yuan Zaiyi, “Brother Dragon, do you need me to lend you a hand?”

“That’s not necessary! This is easy peasy.” CloudDragon grabbed his throat and thunder qi energy exploded. The first match ended.

The opponents in the second match were the Big Sword master - Maloff and an assassin - Zina from Russia.

“You’re strong…” Maloff drew his big sword and said to Lin Le.

“Duh…” Lin Le was picking his nose.

“......” The other two were speechless.

Lin Le kept away his bloody sword and summoned his handcart. It looked weird when the handcart was carried on his tiny shoulder.

Maloff smiled bitterly. We are both heavy weapons users and yet I dare not fight him. I don’t know how strong that handcart is but my instincts tell me that I better not get a direct hit from it. Whenever CloudDragon saw Lin Le change his style of attack to ‘handcart mode’, he always wondered just how high damage it would deal. I remember that he could once forcefully stop the bosses' spell and managed to stun them on a few occasions.

“Handcart Charge!” Lin Le dashed at the opponent while pushing his handcart. He was travelling like a train.

Seeing Lin Le charging at him without caring about the consequences, Maloff grabbed his big sword and went head on like a meteor. We’ll see who the real candidate of Angelite is!

A train and a meteor collided. Lin Le was only stunned for a while but Maloof was sent flying  away like a kite with a broken thread. Lin Le jumped towards him, raising the handcart high. “Handcart Homerun!”

Maloff quickly used his sword to block it although he was weak. Knowing that the situation was bad, Zina blinked from behind Lin Le and was going to stab his heart from the back. Yet, CloudDragon’s hands were fast enough to grab her ankle and pull her back, “Hey, I’m your opponent…”


Maloff felt like he was being slammed by a hundred thousand weighted hammers as he crashed into the ground. Lin Le raised his handcart up high again and kept on smashing, “How dare you bully me! How dare you!” He looked like an arcade gamer keen on winning the biggest prize.

The audience and outsiders could only see bloody flesh in the hole in the ground and blood splashing out from it like a mini overflowing volcano.

When Zina knew Maloff had died, she tossed out a few dozens of dark daggers but they were blocked away by CloudDragon with a flip of one hand. In a leap, a lightning flashed. He was dashing at her with a heavy thunder fist. Zina carefully dodged the fists but saw his legs coming next. She blocked it with two daggers and blinked away upon contact. Appearing behind CloudDragon, she activated a hero spirit skill - Devastating Poisoned Blade!

Following the momentum, CloudDragon slammed right into her head with his elbow, jerking it as soon as it came into contact with her face. At the same time, he spun away to dodge the attack, grabbed her and slammed her onto the ground. Scissors Beheading! With Collapsing Fists landing on her chest, he abruptly ended her life.

“Could you see it now? This is Fighting King - CloudDragon. From expecting her to dodge, to using the legs to force her to retreat, to breaking the opponent’s skill with that sneaky elbow and to the kill, everything seemed to be smoothly planned and done without any hesitation…” Brother Zhong replayed the scene in slow-mo and Brother Zhao exclaimed, “These are some real great reflexes. But the difference in equipment is also a reason for the defeat. Looks like the doubles are coming to an end soon. The China players overpowered the others in both the individual and duo categories. I’m surprised the ChildOfLight did not join either of these categories but instead joined the five-men and ten-men. He’s certainly regretting right now. The ten-men category was absolutely overpowered by just one team. If he joined the singles or the doubles, he might stand a chance…”

In the end, the duos ended with Lin Le and CloudDragon overthrowing the others with no difficulties at all. The non-participating international players were busy with complaints and arguments. They were giving pressure to the game developers to rearrange the groups in China, especially the star players on the grounds that it was unfair for a group to be formed from different guilds but it was too late.

The game developers were also having a headache as the complaints and public opinions were getting overwhelming. The entire Martial Arts Competition was just like a performance from the China players as the rest were no fight. Most importantly, these bunch of people were acting like they did not care and players from the other nations almost got into a fight. 

“Looks like they would be changing the rules next time…” Brother Zhong was observing the status of the virtual world and Brother Zhao smiled bitterly, “When I saw the participant list of the ten-men category, this was expected…”

“Then what about the three-men, five-men and ten-men category?” Zuo Yiyi asked.

“Looks like it’s not going back now. They have to continue the competition despite all the dissatisfaction… It’s not like they can do anything with the system after the game started. Even the virtual world association and the game developers can do nothing. Well, they can interfere before the start but now they can only go with the flow…” Brother Zhong shook his head. The virtual world is not a place where someone has the absolute say.

Zhang Zhengxiong, LordAsked and Fang Ci made their way to the top smoothly in the three-men category. It was hard for them to lose with Zhang Zhengxiong’s large number of auras. During the international rounds, many core players gave up after realizing the damage they dealt on Zhang Zhengxiong was futile, especially when they used hero spirit skills. Ten times of damage with real armor penetration did not even cost one fifth of Zhang Zhengxiong’s health points. He could just simply replenish them. Wait, he did not even need to do so as he could just turn his mana into health points. Three enemies struck Zhang Zhengxiong at once while LordAsked and Fang Ci were just sitting there and observing their fights. Yet, the enemies could not even deplete a third of Zhang Zhengxiong’s health after spending half a day. With a flip of the holy text, his health was replenished to full bar. Such a scene just caused the enemies to admit defeat.

ThornyRose was smiling bitterly. ShakingBear’s set of equipment. I doubt anyone can cause any damage on him with the current progress of each nation and the equipment they have. Even my weapon which is legendary ranked is just nothing but a scratch to him. Those with slightly low damage couldn't even break through his defence and armor unless they can render unlimited attack on him. But with ShakingBear’s skills, his talent is not any weaker than Lele’s, CloudDragon’s or the others’, so are his reflexes. Together with the insane auras he has, I bet the amount of health he heals by a short while of rest is even greater than any damage the others can deal. He also has a lot of self-protection skills, the second and third life… I wonder how despairing his opponents will feel...