Most of the opponents lost the battle in the three-men category due the Slayer title effect Zhang Zhengxiong had. Their differences were always exceeding 70%. Hence, without much difficulties, Zhang Zhengxiong and the rest emerged as the champion in the three-men category.

“Not only is Roar Emperor’s equipment scary but so are his auras. Those are offensive and also supportive auras. Just now, I asked a friend of mine. He told me that the damage dealt by platinum weapons could only break through the armor and the amount is less than two digits…” Brother Zhao smiled bitterly.

“It’s totally impossible to fight him. He is so tanky and can even heal himself.” Brother Zhong could feel the despair in the players when facing Zhang Zhengxiong. “Let’s watch the five-men category. Neither the three emperors, FlameEmperor, Fighting King nor those strong players are joining. This should be interesting.”

“Oh? Let me check the namelist. MistyVeil, SpyingBlade, VastSea, NalanPureSoul and Ye Tian. This lineup is very balanced. A spear warrior, a shield warrior, an assassin, a mage and a support…” Brother Zhao was shocked when he flipped the participant list, “Looks like there’s another team from HappyFirmaments. They are also members of HappyFirmaments Group Unlimited Co. Let’s see. EmperorOfHan, Mengde’sNewBook, OnlyLoveLadyBu, OldWangFromNextDoor and OtherShoreWatchingAV...why didn’t I hear of the previous three players before and they are three paladins... Wait, the three of them are members of the main story troop!”

“OldWangFromNextDoor and OtherShoreWatchingAV are already considered core members of HappyFirmaments. Do know that Ye Tian and AV are the only supports in the team. It is guaranteed that AV’s skills and equipment are of a certain standard. Not to mention OldWangFromNextDoor, he is the only summoner in the team. All equipment related to summoners were given to him. To say that he is the strongest summoner is not an understatement at all,” Brother Zhong looked through the information.

“Apart from that, the other big guilds have placed their core members in the five-men category since the five-men and ten-men categories are the main highlight in this competition. But I’m curious about the strengths of these three paladins. According to the news I heard, the three of them joined the game recently and were brought to participate in the main story quest at level 20. I’m pretty sure they are not any weaker.”

“Hmmm...I have some news about them too. They are new to this game but Thorns and Roses spent a large amount of effort to increase their level. I was already suspecting something when they did that...Looks like we must observe their performance carefully. ThornyRose is sure good at picking her players…” Brother Zhao said.

“Also, I’ve noticed something in the trade. There are some changes with the members of the Thorns and Roses guild. Four mysterious newbies have joined. I thought they were just substitute players but… I guess we should keep an eye on them from now onwards.” Brother Zhong displayed the human resource matter of Thorns and Roses. Even though they kept a low-profile, he smelt the taste of fresh blood. Everyone tried to be observant. That character shares...

Zuo Yiyi smirked quietly. I’ll never let go of a single share of my Lil’Huanghuang’s character!

“The match has begun. Let’s look at HappyFirmaments. The one leading them seems to be the support, OtherShoreWatchingAV. Based on his standing and the look of the others, we can be certain that he is the leader,” Brother Zhong pointed at AV.

Zuo Yiyi recalled something. Hmmm...I remember seeing the few of them sorta like giving respect to this pervert fella, including my Lil’Huanghuang.

The arena for the five-men category was exceptionally spacious and the landscape would be changing for every match. As for that moment, AV and the rest were in the rock pillar landscape.

“If it’s an all-men team, don’t go easy. Just kill them immediately. If there are any female players, we can keep them and play around with them…” The four of them nodded at AV’s words. Lil’Wang immediately summoned light elemental and mud elemental.

“Hmm...mud elemental, it’s a good idea,” AV nodded at Lil’Wang with much satisfaction. “You can keep away the light elemental. It’s more than enough with me healing you guys. Summon the water elemental.”

“Master, I see them. Five girls! Five!” Liu Bei shouted.

AV also noticed the five of them on the opposite. Oh, looks like we are lucky! It’s the Hundred Flowers, led by FieldLily!

FieldLily pondered. Why am I so unlucky?! Meeting a team full of bastards in the first match. Upon thinking about what Ye Cang and Lin Le did to them previously in the league, she grinded her teeth, “Sisters, charge!”

“Here they come~” Liu Bei drew out his dual-blades and went head on with FieldLily who was also a dual-swords user. “Hey lady, it’s fate that brings us together. Shall we talk about our relationship?”

“F*ck off!” FieldLily sent a cross slash at him but it was blocked by Liu Bei. With a leap, FieldLily accidentally crashed into Liu Bei and he grabbed her waist, “Your body language, being honest, has told the truth…”

On Cao Cao’s side, he knocked the co-leader of the opponent team, Azania and shouted, “Be careful!”

He rushed over to prevent her from falling with his hands on her hips and breasts, “Lady, are you alright? Apologies for going too hard on you. Let me see if you are injured…” He knew where to peep at, just in case he would not have the chance to in the future.

Facing the female grappler who was rushing at him, he kept away his shield and swung his sword. He opened her welcoming arms and let her crash onto him which she really did. It was a scene of a girl topping a guy. “Little girl, it’s better to be more reserved…”

Meanwhile, AV used a vine trap to restrain the opponent mage. He even used paralyzing and poison on her, harassing her with his plants. The female warrior who was battling Lil’Wang was trapped in the mud elemental, struggling to look for a way to get out. The water elemental was ceaselessly shooting water into the mud.

“......” Everyone outside the battlefield was speechless. ThornyRose facepalmed and just when ElegantFragrance wanted to speak, “I know, our club’s reputation has dropped again…”

“Wow, these five bastards...”

“Shut up! They are the heroes of the Three Brothers’ fan club! Without them, how can we enjoy such beautiful moments?!”

“You’ve got a point but you guys might face all the scoldings from Hundred Flowers.”

“So what?! Everyone in the Three Brothers’ fan club has gone through all kinds of battles. Even the argument on Verlianna’s butt is still ongoing! This little Hundred Flowers want to be enemies with us?! As a member, on a daily basis, we basically taunt on average, five times about the society, three times about the undertable deals in the industry and eight times at other nations!”

“Look at the underlings of the Three Brothers! All are talented beings! Hmph! Our fellow EmperorOfHan is perfectly playing at the edge of the rules. He is so good that you might not even succeed in reporting him for technical faults.”

“No, our fellow Mengde is better. He has continuously knocked off the opponent 18 times and he would lift her in his arms with different styles every time…”

“Look at our fellow LadyBu, his calculations are perfect. The girl is like a piledriver now…”

Brother Zhao did not know whether to cry or laugh, “These five people are interesting in their ways…”

“And they are strong. FieldLily was being oppressed but couldn’t do anything to counter.” Brother Zhong did not only investigate the difference between the equipment but also the techniques on how they used the dual-swords. Every skill is being seen through. This EmperorOfHan is surely good at dual weapons!

“It’s out. The system believed that Hundred Flowers has no ways of resisting. The match was forcefully ended,” Zuo Yiyi said.

Seeing FieldLily’s furious face, ThornyRose sweated. Looks like she has shit to rant with me about. Oh wells, gonna pretend that I’m busy. Mute all notifications and messages.

“So this is how China’s paladins behave?” RedMoon mumbled and stared at LordAsked as she slowly distanced herself from him and stuck closer to ThornyRose.

“......” LordAsked was speechless.