Even though AV and his team always ended their matches with female opponents in a fun manner, they showed exceptionally strong power when facing male opponents. Liu Bei was as sneaky as a thief, Cao Cao was slashing around with his spear while Sun Quan’s shield sword was as strong as a dragon. Behind them was Lil’Wang, the summoner. He helped in offence, defense and also support. Meanwhile, AV’s equipment was on par to Little Ye Tian’s. Since the players under his flower got their health replenished as soon as they lost it, there was no need for him to use extra skills to heal them. All he had to do was to stay behind and watch as his flowers did the job.

Along the way, they met Mad War’s core team. Although CloudDragon and VastSea were not in it, the team was relatively strong as they had BlackIce, YellowSpring, LooseCloud, FungusAndWine, and Yun Tianchang. Only during the battle did YellowSpring notice that the three paladins could actually match up to CloudDragon’s standards. They might be even more experienced than CloudDragon in terms of battling. How did HappyFirmaments find these insane players?! YellowSpring was then swiftly slashed to death by Cao Cao and the rest were defeated by the paladins too.

“Even I am not sure whether I can defeat any one of them with my current skills. They are way qualified to be in the top ten,” CloudDragon frowned.

“Yeap…” LordAsked also noticed that these three paladins were actually strong when they were carrying out the mission on the main story. I could feel that their battle instinct is above mine. As the gap between our equipment gets closer, the feeling becomes stronger. Looks like MistyVeil and the rest would be at risk during the battle. This EmperorOfHan can turn around at a fast speed which no one can beat if he wants to back off and protect his supports and mages! AV is also another disgusting player! Even if they manage to kill AV, Lil’Wang will be there to replace him too. The healing power of his light elemental is super strong! Worst still, he can summon two different elementals, one light and one water. It’s almost impossible to kill him with the three paladins lying around...

Little Ye Tian was scrutinizing their information and stared at MistyVeil and VastSea, “We only have a 30% chance of winning them. And this 30% requires Old Zhao, Uncle VastSea and Brother PureSoul to have no mistakes at all when cooperating…”

VastSea nodded. First, it’s the support. This little girl may be stronger than the opponent’s support but only for calculations and skills combination. Their equipment is more or less the same. AV is not an idiot too. He shows great improvement in the team and it can be said that he is on par with Little Ye Tian. The most troublesome one is the summoner who got his equipment way earlier and also the three paladins with master ranked battle experiences. Even though they did not contribute much to the team, the rewards from the mission have reduced the gap and that puts us behind the eight ball. Besides, we have the weakest heavenly king here. It’s hard to find any weakness in the opponent’s strategy. I’ve chatted with that paladin called Mengde’sNewBook a few times. I reckon he is experienced in all battling strategies and he could see through them with just one glance.

On the other hand, AV took out the poster of Ajasnar from Africa. “Our objective is to harass her whenever she is seen! Anyone who stops us from doing so is our enemy! If we ever meet Sister Lil’Tian’s team, don’t count me in. Good luck guys!”

“......” The four of them gave him looks of despise.

“I just meant I’m not giving my all. Not quitting altogether. I’ll still heal you guys but I won’t hurt Sister Lil’Tian! She is my crush in my dreams! I must give her a good impression…”

“Alright, I’ll follow your orders, master…” Liu Bei knew it was helpless.

“There’s always another loved one somewhere! Somewhere! Master, you…sigh...reckless love will only bring harm to yourself…” Cao Cao showed sadness to him.

“Master AV, don’t bother them. I know you’re a man with great beliefs…” Sun Quan nodded with much respect.

“Thank you guys…” AV patted their shoulders. “If we meet Ajasnar, I’ll give up my rights as the leader. You can then discuss who’ll be the first to touch her but I’ll definitely be the second.”

The four of them looked at each other and started to fight. Seeing such a scene, AV smiled gladly, “They are indeed my members…”

The finals of the five-men category in the China region was just as predicted by Brother Zhao, Little Ye Tian’s team met AV’s. They were staring at each other in the arena of clouds, with the feeling of the long kinship that brought them closer. Who would be the first to provoke their apparent opponent?

“What should I say?” MistyVeil stood out with a smile.

“Let me think…” Liu Bei smiled elegantly and then turned cold upon thinking about Ajasnar’s smile. “Winner…”

“Takes it all!” Cao Cao shouted with his spear in his hand.

“Oh, don’t make the battlefield a bloody slaughterhouse. Friendship first, competition second,” VastSea smiled naturally.

“Young Brother Vast, I agree with you. These people are just too dumb. But to be honest...lust...is always first…” Sun Quan nodded with a smile and the air between him and VastSea gradually turned cold.

“Old Zhao! I’m warning you to come back to the right path! We are a team of justice! The team who upholds the true spirit of adventure! I won’t tell you that we are here for Ajasnar! Such a lousy reason! We are here for dignity! To protect the dignity nurtured by my big brother, Brother Le, team leader, and Brother Xiong!” Lil’Wang shouted with righteousness.

“......” SpyingBlade rolled his eyes, “Just start the batte…”

“AV boy…” Little Ye Tian stared at AV.

“Sister Lil’Tian, I just want to prove myself that I...I’m...matched…” AV stuttered and then smiled. “I’ll make you understand…”

“Old Cao, you’ll be the commander of this match. For the sake of us, we can accept nothing apart from victory!” AV put an arm around Cao Cao’s shoulders and kept a serious expression on his face.

“Master...I...I got it!” Cao Cao was touched. Staring at this man, he suddenly felt that he had grown a lot. When I arrived first in this world, he was the one that enlightened my path. He showed me that life is still full of new challenges and excitement. Since he said we must win, I, Cao Mengde, will fulfill my master’s wish regardless of its cost!

When Liu Bei heard AV passing the commander rights to Cao Cao, a sense of jealousy was boiling in him. However, he had not been experiencing the pure friendship resulting from AV’s care. Count me in!

Sun Quan nodded. Master AV has given me a lot of resources! I, Zhongmou will definitely repay you someday!

“How about some treat if we win this match? Maybe inviting us to the Maid Cafe for some coffee?” Lil’Wang brushed his hair.

“Sure. I’ll pay for the bills and invite you guys to the best Maids Cafe with the best service offered in the Imperial Capital…” AV spoke as if he was announcing a pre-war manifesto.

“Who are we?!” AV shouted.

“The adventure family!” everyone shouted exactly at the same time.

“No! You guys are too soft! I can’t feel the soul of an adventurer…” After taking a deep breath, AV shouted out loud with an imaginary amplifier this time, “Who are we?! Louder please!”

“The adventure family!!!” the four of them shouted at the top of their lungs.

“Retards…” SpyingBlade who was part of the team facepalmed.

“Yet, it raised their spirits…” VastSea frowned.