With eyes filled with determination, the five of them were fearless against the so-called Heavenly Kings and EverGreen.

“I’m sorry but I hate people blocking my route the most…” Sun Quan took out his shield and sword. “I’m definitely drinking this cup of coffee!”

Self-sacrifice! Cao Cao activated his hero spirit skill! All of his attributes were enhanced! He was immune to all controlling skills, negative effects and the damage he received would be reduced by 60% until he dies in the battle.

“The White Rainbow!” SpyingBlade turned into a white flash and light exploded from the center of the five enemies.

“Asking A’Yu To Destroy Snow Palace!” Feeling like he was about to die, AV quickly activated his hero spirit skill. Sun Quan dragged AV away, blocked an attack and was knocked away. His long sword changed into green spiritual light, shining and blocking the assassination from The White Rainbow. Meanwhile, Cao Cao did not bother as he took on the attack himself but before he knew it, his health points depleted to critical low. Lil’Wang hid into his mud elemental while Liu Bei did not bother about the attack as well. It’s even better if I die… However, when the white light pierced through his body, the damage was blocked, thanks to the immediate offset of his chances for immunity. His wish to obtain Guan Yu’s and Zhang Fei’s skills did not come true.

In the status granted by the hero spirit skill, one of AV’s pollen could recover Cao Cao’s health to full. MistyVeil quickly used her hero spirit skill from the Snake Queen. A chill breeze surged towards them but Sun Quan activated Compassion In The Emperor’s Harem (Lady Bu). A strong and firm wall was established to block it and activated The Balance of Good and Bad, connecting to MistyVeil and Little Ye Tian.

Little Ye Tian knew what kind of a skill that was. If I don’t dispel it, MistyVeil and I will definitely die. The damage he received will be directed to us. Immediately, she dispelled it with Athena’s Glory Light, allowing everyone to be immune to negative effects.

Sun Quan and VastSea dashed at each other, both swords and shields were clashing together. Liu Bei was distracting SpyingBlade who wanted to get to the back and kill AV. Cao Cao aimed right at MistyVeil but MistyVeil leaned towards VastSea for protection as she knew she could not battle Cao Cao in this status. On the other hand, NalanPureSoul was battling Lil’Wang’s water elemental with his Flame Demon. A sea of flames roared in their direction. The Flame of Red Cliff!

A sky full of flames poured like a fiery lava waterfall. Seeing such a scene, Lil’Wang pondered. Well, luckily I went to the hero spirit realm before this competition. He used his scepter to write the word ‘invincible’ in the air and the energy from the ink emerged and circled him. The flames and the second explosion caused no damage to him.

This hero spirit skill was The Power of Ink from the ancestor of Chinese calligraphy - Zhong Yao. It allowed one to write either a word, a phrase or an idiom in Chinese calligraphy in a certain period of time and the meaning of the words would come true. However, it was limited to a person’s attributes. The stronger the attributes, the more powerful the words. For example, the ‘invincible’ Lil’Wang wrote only lasted for six seconds. The cooldown was an hour for a word, two hours for a phrase and twelve hours for a Chinese idiom.

NalanPureSoul frowned and rushed at Sun Quan with a smile. Lil’Wang quickly brushed down a Chinese Idiom. Miles to an Inch! He appeared in front of Sun Quan and stared into NalanPureSoul. Fortunately, his Body of Long Yang faced NalanPureSoul’s skill, Yang Yuhuan’s Beauty Illusion, successfully preventing Sun Quan from being controlled and illusioned by the enemy. On the other side, Liu Bei was deliberately making thousands of mistakes for SpyingBlade to kill him but SpyingBlade knew. Killing him will not only revive him in full status and refreshing his skills but also those of his teammates! That’s not something I want to see. He countered Liu Bei’s mistake with a lot of fake attacks. With a smooth motion, he left a shadow and dashed towards AV.

AV smiled coldly, “I’m The Third Brother (from Calabash Brother)!”

The muscular plant user poised up and SpyingBlade’s swords clashed on him. *Dang* *Dang* He could not deal any damage at all as 90% of damage was nullified. Not only that, its armor was so thick that it blocked out any form of penetration. Calmly, AV continued to cast healing pollens to a large area.

Both sides had used a few hero spirit skills and the battle was truly intense. All the audience were excited and Brother Zhao exclaimed, “Now, that’s what I call real battle. Both sides used all kinds of hero spirit skills and techniques to defeat each other and emerged to the international arena. Gosh, those battles before this are nothing. They were like overconfident insects standing on a train track trying to stop the train but were still eventually crushed and nothing was left.”

“It looks like AV’s team may win this match. VastSea and MistyVeil are being greatly oppressed. I can’t believe the spear techniques from Misty Rain House are not useful against Mengde’sNewBook who is also using such a long weapon. If it wasn’t for VastSea’s rescue, MistyVeil would have died way earlier under Mengde’s spear. Well, I would say VastSea is truly one of the best tankers in distracting other players in China.”

“Old Liu! Save me! My Three Brother buff is almost ending!” knowing that the buff had only ten seconds left, AV shouted without hesitation.

Liu Bei was dodging NalanPureSoul’s flame magic while rushing back for the rescue. He launched his Roars of Dragon and Phoenix and SpyingBlade jumped up into the sky, changing to a long sword and a dagger. Flying Spirit of Heaven! Appearing in hundreds, the SpyingBlades were holding long swords and rushing down from the sky like spirits ambushing them from all directions. Unfortunately, Liu Bei’s skill could only be launched to a certain direction. Just then, Cao Cao knocked MistyVeil away and a crystalized short halberd appeared in his hand. He tossed it out and it pierced through VastSea’s shield.

“Sticking To The Rules!” VastSea sweated as the blade of the halberd had pierced a little into his body. If I didn’t expect this in the beginning, I would be dead by now! The skill resisted the halberd and dropped it on the ground. VastSea was unable to deal damage to Cao Cao and neither could Cao Cao do the same. Both were frustrated.

Can’t keep it anymore! VastSea activated the Prince of Lanling’s status. A monstrous face appeared on his face. Cao cao also followed up to activate The Ancient Evil. MistyVeil smiled bitterly. Gosh, how are we going to fight? Must the difference between hero spirit skills be this great?! Alright, I’ll just use it. Dragon’s Guts! Activate!

“Oh, Zilong?” Liu Bei smiled at MistyVeil.

“Seven Attacks of Silver Dragon!” MistyVeil dashed like a flashing silver light. However, with the double buff from Self-sacrifice and Ancient Evil, MistyVeil’s attack was still ineffective against Cao Cao. Yet, Sun Quan was suffering as he was oppressed by VastSea while enduring the damage from MistyVeil. His health was dropping low. However, as Sun Quan’s health went lower, VastSea felt that he was losing his calm and it was getting harder to deal with him. He will get an explosive buff effect when his HP is low! Currently, his health is at 16%. When he reaches 15%, he will be able to fight with me again!

With The Will of Father and Brother, Sun Quan who had 15% of health got his attributes increased by fourfold. NalanPureSoul’s fire damage was now ineffective against him as it was mostly reflected by the passive effect from The Ruler of Eastern Wu. “Master V, don’t care about me! Take care of Mengde!”

Liu Bei dropped his blades and opened his arms wide, preparing to die. SpyingBlade knew it was too late for him to reverse the attack. In the last three seconds, AV hugged Liu Bei, trying to block the damage. “As the leader, I can’t just helplessly look at you giving up just like this! I know you can be revived but... you’re our last hope! You can’t just throw out the trump card this early! Have you forgotten how we were being bullied in the Big Four?! It was our arrogance that betrayed us and we used our trump card too early…”

Suddenly, Liu Bei realized something. Ya, I haven’t used Overjoy yet. Why should I waste so much health?! Just because I want to see Yunchang and Yide? Would they use this skill so early? “I’m sorry, master…”

He picked up the blades and blocked the fatal attack for AV. Like in a Waltz dance, he spun around and got AV to hide behind him. “Master, take cover behind me! I’ll handle everything here! I, Emperor of Han will protect you from no matter the fiercest or the most dangerous!”

“Shameless bastard. Asshole Emperor of Han…” Sun Quan could not help but to blurt it out upon hearing what he said, “That job of protecting the master was yours in the first place! Just a petty little job and you can’t even perform! Next time when we head out for adventures, queue behind that good for nothing bastard when picking the numbers!”

Little Ye Tian was constantly keeping MistyVeil’s and her teammates’ health at a safe amount. All of my crowd control skills are useless against them now. I don't have any skills that can reach that far. What can I do?! I’ll just have to wait and place my bet on VastSea!