VastSea fought with all his might as he was pushed against the limits. He could feel his blood boiling again. He knocked away Cao Cao’s spear with his shield and attacked Sun Quan with his sword. MistyVeil was using him as a cover while launching attacks. 

“This fella is like a robot, steady and will not make any mistakes. No, he is even steadier than a robot…” LordAsked was amazed by VastSea. Even though Evergreen isn't a famous title, it is portraying him. Steady and making a comeback despite losing. There were many times when he turned the table around. If he continues to play until he is willing to retire, he will definitely enter the Hall of Fame. 

LordAsked recalled the moments when he was on the same team with VastSea during the all-star competition. Assured. That's the impression he gave me, especially when everyone saw him defeating FlameEmperor. In that battle, he showed the inner side of him that would try everything possible just for victory. It was that determination of his that dragged FlameEmperor down from the throne. Although CloudDragon played his role in that battle too, the true factor that decided the victory of the match was this player from Evergreen. 

Seeing VastSea getting himself stuck in such a horrible situation, CloudDragon recalled the talk he had with him that night. They discussed why and how VastSea decided to be a professional player, abandoned the normal life, tortured themselves with intense training, and be more disciplined than anyone ever. All these happened from the moment he got the signature of his favourite player when he was young. 

“Big Brother GhostDragonMan, I…I’m… your fan...Can I have your signature?”

GhostDragonMan frustratedly scribbled his signature and pushed Little VastSea away. 

Little VastSea did not mind the arrogance and said, “I’ll become a player like you in the future.”

GhostDragonMan was stunned for a moment and grabbed his hand forcefully, “Young fella, it's impossible. Let me tell you this. You have no talent at all. Wanting to become a professional player or even a player like me? With this untalented body of yours? Can't believe you are this innocent! Just because you’re getting one signature… Now get along, little kid. Go to your mama. Shoo shoo...”

Little VastSea lowered his head and tore the autograph right in front of the player. With a cold and serious look, he told GhostDragonMan, “I...will definitely become China’s, no, the world’s top professional player. And you will look up to me like how I used to look up to you…”

He turned away and left after he finished his sentence. Despite the sneers at him from a lot of people, he did not bother.

CloudDragon remembered who GhostDragonMan was. He used to be Lord’s Reign core assassin. However, he only shone for two seasons and was only the third strongest player in the guild. He was later disqualified from the guild and became the fallen dirt under the Wall of Fame. I bet he could never expect that the fan he once laughed at is currently the one who won the most world championships and my favourite supportive MVP for nine consecutive seasons.

Sun Quan also felt that VastSea was troublesome to deal with. The more terrible the situation he faced, the braver and cautious he is. Until now, I can’t identify any big weaknesses he has. Even if he does, they could be immediately recovered.

Noticing Cao Cao’s Ancient Evil buff had gone, VastSea gave Little Ye Tian a signal.

Glory of the Brave Warrior!

VastSea was blessed by Athena and activated the Prince of Lanling - Massacre. The sudden increase of speed and power put Cao Cao and Sun Quan in a tough situation, not to mention MistyVeil’s Silver Dragon Piercing. Cao Cao was the first to die and Sun Quan backed off after killing MistyVeil. SpyingBlade, Liu Bei, Sun Quan and VastSea got into a fight together. VastSea, equipped with the blessings from Athena and the buff from Prince of Lanling, was the strongest player at the moment. No one dared to go head on with him. Meanwhile, Lil’Wang successfully countered NalanPureSoul’s attack although he faced some difficulties. I’ve used up most of my skills, all I can do is to wait for the birth of the winner from the close-ranged combaters. Old Liu can sacrifice himself now...

SpyingBlade was fierce and agile like a mad warrior. Even though Liu Bei’s hero spirit skill was not any weaker, SpyingBlade was able to oppress him due to the level difference and skills. Sun Quan knew he could not block the attacks anymore. I’m about to die. I’ll confer the title to Big Ear. However, Liu Bei was killed by SpyingBlade right before. A moment later, Liu Bei resurrected with full health and status. Seeing Sun Quan who was low in health blocking SpyingBlade’s attacks, he was confused. Why would I be killed instantly when I was in full health but he is still there blocking?

Sun Quan was then killed but he smirked, “Confer!”

Liu Bei felt his attributes were enhanced all of a sudden and his hero spirit skills were strengthened. Liu Bei’s extra skills - Yunchang’s Dragon of the Field had turned into Humble Rising Dragon and Yide’s Straight Spear Piercing had turned into Ghostly Howl. Without any doubts, he activated Overjoy! As he unleashed Humble Rising Dragon, a green dragon flashed out along with the slash. It caught SpyingBlade off guard as the dragon knocked him far away.


SpyingBlade had died.

VastSea and Liu Bei were the only close-ranged combaters left. They knew they must put an end to this. Right here! Right now!

However, VastSea was getting more anxious as he battled. He had launched a few fatal attacks but they dealt no damage. What?! Some of the damages are even reflected back at me! He then slowed down his pace on attacking and changed to a defensive mode. I can’t let him use any hero spirit skills anymore!

Liu Bei wanted to use Ghostly Howl but he had no chance of doing so. This fella is good at estimating the distance. If I accumulate energy now, I will definitely die!

Without MistyVeil and SpyingBlade, AV and Lil’Wang were relaxed. Having Liu Bei’s buff, they randomly refreshed three skills and fortunately, they were all important class skills. Their health and mana were full. They turned the table around by oppressing NalanPureSoul who planned to get involved in the fight with Liu Bei. Yet, with Little Ye Tian’s accurate healing skills and combination of skills, it was tough for AV to provide sufficient support. There were a few times when the channelling of his skills were interrupted and he was silenced. If it wasn’t for Lil’Wang water elemental, I bet I would be dead under the Ring of Hell Flames.

“Lil’White, do you think the winner will be cousin’s team or VastSea’s team?” ThornyRose asked.

“I think cousin’s team. Old Liu is very strong. VastSea’s speed and strength are no match for him now and he had used his trump card. It’s just a matter of time for him to be killed. It’s all on Brother PureSoul now.” Regardless, Ye Cang thought highly of VastSea. If Sun Quan’s Confer is cast on him, I bet he could kill everyone on the field, just like flipping a wok. Speaking of a wok, when will my cooking utensils made out of super meteor arrive? Don’t tell me that elder Lin hasn't told Heavenly Sword’s Sect about it. To welcome them, I even took water from the River of Forgetfulness and the Grass of Forgetfulness. And I’m just waiting for the utensils to arrive. I’ve also prepared the Père David's deer from XingYun (provided by Lin Liang), Nine-star Clam from Lin Hai (provided by Explosion King), the Mad Chicken from Shan Lan (provided by 10 Commandments), the White Smooth Feathered Duck from the Imperial Capital (provided by MistyVeil), the Royal Mountain Goat from the Imperial City (provided by Ji Xiao) and Peppa Suckling Pig from G City. “Oh yeah, it’s likely there’ll be a feast tomorrow. I’ve prepared a lot of food…”

“I’ll come over to your side to stay over since there isn’t much for me to do in the Imperial Capital at the moment.” Upon thinking about food, ThornyRose quickly asked, “You aren’t the one cooking it, are you?”

“Old Wang, Old Li and the rest will be there too,” ThornyRose heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing what Ye Cang said. Luckily. Luckily. “Oh yeah, the Chrysanthemum Cup is just around the corner. You, Lele, A’Xiong, and Old Zhao will definitely get the invitation.”

“Chrysanthemum Cup?”

“Yeap, one of the three world’s greatest emperor cups. The Shadow, the Chrysanthemum and the Power. The weightages of these three competitions are heavy, especially the Chrysanthemum Cup and the Shadow Cup. The Chrysanthemum Emperor is the founder of the Chrysanthemum Cup. For the past few years, Flame Dragon had been the one in charge of it. During the period of the competition, the federal will close the game for players to enter.”

“Oh, let’s go and have a look when the time comes…”