In the end, the outcome was just as what Ye Cang had expected. VastSea and Liu Bei both died together. Everyone was amazed and had a better impression on VastSea by the name of Evergreen. Even though he did not have the upper hand, he never gave up finding opportunities. Just when both of them were making mistakes on purpose, VastSea grabbed the chance and decided to take Liu Bei’s life with his own life. It’s obvious that I will die sooner or later and he can’t be killed by any ordinary skill. With that health points and damage reduction he has, he will never die. This fake mistake that he gave me, imma just take it! VastSea accumulated energy with his blade to slash, covering the true intention of him using his hero skill. Death Reflection! This skill reflects 50% of real damage of the skill that causes one’s death to the opponent. As a result, Liu Bei’s health points were also depleting as he used Ghost Howl on VastSea. Both of them perished in the fight.

“He is indeed the Evergreen…” Brother Zhong exclaimed. From the day he debuted, I’ve been observing him. He climbed his way up to the peak, step by step. No one has the rights to say that he is not hardworking enough nor lazy. Yet, the only regret is that he wasn’t born a genius with great talents.

Staring at VastSea who got out from the arena, CloudDragon began to understand why the golden commentator, Saya would rank VastSea before FlameEmperor before his death. It is not because of strength but determination and effort. When your talent is not good enough, you undergo massive training and you need strong discipline. If it still doesn’t work, you have to do some research on strategies. Most of his time is spent on the game and nothing else as if a little laziness from him would drag him down and be defeated.

“That’s all I can do…” VastSea looked at MistyVeil with a weird expression and sighed.

“I understand...not going to Misty Rain House is a wise choice,” CloudDragon patted his shoulder. The weakest heavenly really weak…

VastSea then looked at the female players from Misty Rain House surrounding MistyVeil. Before my retirement, I might change to that guild for an easier life… A man’s heaven… Would I be able to own a harem like those emperors in ancient novels? might be possible. Alright, Misty Rain House is my retirement place. He then stared at CloudDragon, “I might need to meditate at night, don’t come into my room…”

CloudDragon nodded. Meditation. This is also a thing he must do. After truly understanding him well, I realized I’m still far from being hardworking.

In the end, VastSea sighed at their defeat. NalanPureSoul had no more mana and Little Ye Tian had no more energy to provide him with more mana. AV and Lil’Wang managed to survive all the attacks and avoid the fatal explosion with the word ‘extinguish’. Their creatures had been summoned and the outcome was fixed.

AV, Lil’Wang and the rest were waiting for the international round with the excitement of their lives. However, they got hold of the news that the Africa team was knocked out in the first round. Their hopes vanished all of a sudden. They later defeated the Southeast Asia region, Middle East region and faced the European team - Knights of the Round Table. Even though there were a few occasions when they were at the brink of death, they still managed to come up first for the five-men category. Yet, the five of them were not happy about it. The last event was the ten-men category. When Ye Cang and the rest stood on the stage, their line-up was amazing.

“Although we know that it is these ten people being in the same team, seeing them real life on stage is a different experience. Looks like I’ve underestimated their influencing power…” Brother Zhong was observing the massive comments and criticisms in the forum. The Chinese players were being insulted by many other bigger regions. Arguments and discriminations were flooding the page.

“Do they even need to fight?” Brother Zhao stared at the first ten-men who went onto the stage. They were shivering and trembling. In the end, it turned out to be them rushing towards Ye Cang and the rest in all sorts of poses and some even took a selfie before they died.

With their overwhelming strength, the competition ended way earlier than the individual category. It was the same when they entered the international round. At the final round, the Europe team led by ChildOfLight was defeated even before he could use his Light Swords Circle. FlameEmperor’s slash put an end to the Martial Arts Competition perfectly.

“Why do I feel like they are just killing normal monsters? It looks like the entire competition has become a place for them to get rewards and equipment.” Zuo Yiyi did not know how to host the competition anymore. With a professional smile, she concluded, “Congratulations to the China region for killing mons... I mean winning the individual, doubles, three-men, five-men, and ten-men categories! The rewards will be given by the system automatically later on. Well, I’ll not waste your precious time to visit the virtual world for some fun…”

She quickly left after finishing the sentence.

“I think it is you who wanted to join the crowd, alright…” Brother Zhao was speechless.

“Let’s forget about it and head to the Star Players City (a virtual and neutral city formed by the game developers for all players from various regions to enter and leave as they wish),” Brother Zhong smiled.

“The China region is so shameless! Butt-licking dogs!”

“You guys are just too weak. Do know that most of them in this ten-men team have the bloodline of our Korean federation, especially the three emperors… Congratulations to them for successfully defending the champion!”


“Where are the Japanese dogs? Why did you guys bark so softly today?”

“Shameless Shinas. We don’t want to waste our time talking to you!”

“Oh, you forgot how your Sword Saint Aota got rekted by our Acting Emperor in the individual category? Hmm...why don’t you check with him whether his private part is still functioning…”

“Well, to be honest, having these ten people or not, the outcome will be the same. The three emperors will win anyways. Look at the attributes and auras of Roar Emperor. Do you think you can hit him? Who knows maybe he can take on ten people alone…’

“About that…”

“It’s cheating!”

“Why don’t you try cheating and see what happens?”

“Not only his defense, his attack damage is very high too. With one slam of that hammer, I think there won’t be more than two people left standing in the arena.”

The headquarters of the game federations were in a total mess. Their mailbox was full of complaints and their phones had been ringing non-stop. In the end, they swiftly came up with a new set of rules forbidding top-ranked players in the league from different guilds to form a team participating in events like the Martial Arts Competition. Only then was the matter solved.

The next morning.

Ye Cang received cooking utensils from Lin Liang. He then notified Old Wang and the rest and many fresh ingredients were delivered. Huang Zhong went out to the sea for some hunting again.

“A’Cang, how about us changing a new boat for Cousin Huang? I feel like the boat is going to be broken any time soon and it may sink to the unimaginable bottom of the sea…” Wu Na’s words made Ye Cang nod. He then asked Little Ye Tian to order a new big ship but the worst had already happened. True enough, Huang Zhong could be seen swimming back with a Lobster King and a Black Tuna. He looked extraordinarily calm, “That boat was broken. I think there’s something wrong with the structure and quality. Can we complain to the supplier…”

“......” Everyone dropped their jaws when they saw him dragging the Lobster King which was way bigger than the boat and the Black Tuna which was 1.5 times the size of the boat. Hey, the boat collapsed because of your illegal actions and the overweight catch!

Old Wang and Old Li stared at the precious rare lobster and fish that could only be found in the deep sea. Where did they get this from… That place is extremely off limits. Ever since the mutated era had begun, the deep sea has been a forbidden place for humans. But they were still excited when they saw the precious ingredient.

“The Lobster King is mine,” Old Wang’s hands were itching to cook it.

“I’ll take the Black Tuna,” Old Li patted the toolbag hanging on his waist.