Qin San, his wife and Qin Zhong arrived at Ye Cang’s private beach to observe their cooking live.

“This little bastard, how dare he not invite us for such a feast…” Qin Zhong was complaining.

“Let’s go. Look, the knives in the two chefs’ hands right there…” Qin San smiled bitterly after seeing those cooking utensils.

“An alloy combined with Meteor No. 1 and 2?” Qin Zhong did not know whether to laugh or to cry. “But these two chefs have good skills. I bet they are not weak in combat too.”

When Qin Zhong saw Lin Liang, he was stunned, “Why is he here as well?”

Qin San also noticed, “He must be a guest too.”

“Brother, your father-in-law is here,” Zhang Zhengxiong smiled.

“Hey, not father-in-law yet! Stop bullshiting…”  ThornyRose was speechless.

“Oh my great son-in-law! Grandson-in-law!” Qin San and Qin Zhong shouted from afar.

“Uncle, Lord Qin. Come and take a seat. Don’t be polite,” Ye Cang signalled them to sit anywhere they like.

“Lil’White!” Panty Uncle, Flasher Uncle and Marilyn had arrived. Wu Na was welcoming them.

Qin Zhong was observing the people around them. The longer he observed, the more terrified he felt. The founder of the Holy Elephant Religion. Not only that, I can’t see through most of the strengths of the people here, especially those middle-aged men over there. Well, except for the mushroom-head guy, the pervert and some of the youngsters...

“Old Brother Li, the tendons…” Huang Zhong was brushing that greyish white beard he had.

“No worries. I definitely have it kept for you. The tendons from the Père David's deer, the Mad Chicken and also the Mountain Goat. Since the ingredients are all laid in front of our eyes, I’ll let you try something special. As a treat for you for bringing us such rare seafood. My secret recipe - A Series of Tendon, how about that?” Huang Zhong was excited after hearing Old Li’s words.

Seeing so many unfamiliar faces, Qin San smiled at Huang Zhong, “This is?”

“Oh, my uncle, Huang Zhong,” Ye Cang was wiping his small knife. “That one over there with grey hair and in the tangzhuang is also my cousin, Jia Xu.”

In the end, Ye Cang pointed at Lin Liang, “Lin Liang, Elder Lin…”

Qin San smiled, “I know, we met before.”

Ye Cang kept quiet and Cold Moon greeted Qin San with no emotions, “Hello.”

Qin San frowned a little but still smiled back at her, “Hello, Miss Cold Moon from the 10 Commandments.”

“I’m no longer a member of the 10 Commandments. I quitted and I’m staying here temporarily,” Cold Moon’s words made Qin San look at Ye Cang.

“Yeap, she quitted and she’s now my VIP here,” Ye Cang looked at Cold Moon walking towards the people from the adventure team.

“Wow, the changes in the internal operations of the 10 Commandments have been so great?” Qin San asked.

“Yeap, most of the old ones have left but new blood is coming in. The incident with War Soul has given rise to a great impact on the Commandment,” SpyingBade answered for Ye Cang. “Uncle Qin, if you have any megaprojects, do consider working with us.”

“Of course. I do have one recently. I’m not sure whether you guys are interested…” Qin San dragged SpyingBlade to mother Qin’s side while Ye Cang continued to work with the organs, shaking his head.

Qin Zhong went over to Lin Liang, wanting to say hi to the elder.

AV was sitting on the floor, crossing his arms and legs, and staring at the members of the adventure team. “Boss and the others are preparing a feast for us. Tonight, I’ll bring you guys to The Maid Go in the Imperial Capital to celebrate our victory in the five-men category. All the expenses are on me. Treat this as the last touch of gentleness before heading to the House of Maids…”

“The Maid Go is?” Jia Xu was curious.

“Newbie, look carefully and learn. Don’t ask too many questions. The leader doesn’t have so much time to answer you. When I first joined the team, it was no different. You’ll know when you arrive there,” Lin Liang acted as if he was an elder in the group, making Jia Xu feel like beating the hell out of him. God damn it! Do you know what it means by respecting the elders?! I was born in AD 147 while you were born in AD 181. If we see the age difference, I can be your grandfather already. (Kongming and Jia Xu are 34 years difference in age). Yet, he controlled his temper and put on a smile, “Got it.”

“Old Lin, don’t talk so much. Well, it is a nice place for us to rest. The calm before the storm…” AV held Jia Xu over. “I hope that you won’t blame me for letting you experience all these after the storm…”

“Wenhe, be prepared,” Cao Cao looked serious while smoking his cigar.

“Chancellor…” Jia Xu was surprised because it was the first time Cao Cao willingly talked to him and they were enemies after setting aside the cost and benefits.

“Have a cigarette. Have a cigarette,” Liu Bei quickly gave him one stick and Sun Quan was calmly reading his book about performances. I don’t mind filming an adult video but an adult video with man and a beast... Worst still, I’ll be the one being f*cked. No way. I must become an actor with my own effort! I must prove that I, Sun Zhongmou does not need my father or brother or those virtual powers to achieve the greatest! Or at least just not being a waiter for the rest of my life!

Sun Quan was determined after knowing that Liu Bei had a chance of being promoted to the assistant branch manager of Sell More.

“Oh yeah, leader and everyone else, this is the proposal for the House of Maids. I burned the  midnight oil for this…”

Just when Qin Zhong arrived, being the leader, AV shouted, “You’re such a burden! You want to impair us again!”

“These are my sincere advice! Leader, I request your attention to look through it!”

“Lil’Wang! Drag him to the wall. Face the wall and repent on your mistakes until dinner time!”

“Alright, my lord! Strategist, let’s go.”

Huang Zhong dragged Lin Liang away.

“......” Qin Zhong realized that he was getting confused. This AV doesn’t seem strong but he is the leader of all the people whom I can identify their strengths, especially Elder Lin. With just one order and Elder Lin is dragged away. He gasped. Looks like it is not that I can see through his powers but he showed them to me on purpose! He is certainly thoughtful. He quietly returned to his seat while letting the scene of AV and Huang Zhong dragging Lin Liang away flash through his mind.

“Lil’Jia, I heard Lil’Huang, Old Cao and the rest saying that you are smart. Don’t disappoint us, alright?” AV patted Jia Xu’s hand with a heavy tone, “Never be like that member just now…”

Seeing Lin Liang being dragged away like a chicken, Jia Xu swallowed, “I, Wenhe will try my very best to support the team and repay the lord!”

“I heard Lil’Huang said that you find difficulties in targeting the most beautiful girl in that game. It is only interesting when it is hard, isn’t it? Well, why don’t you try relaxing yourself and gain enough experience before continuing what you have started? This is the latest private resource. Remember to share it with Lil’Huang too...this is what he has always wanted,” AV secretly transferred a limited edition one to his inventory.

Jia Xu looked at the name. The Battle of Lust MAX-β. Just the description was enough to make his blood boil. A magical world where strong fighters and fightresses could battle freely. What will you get from attacking with your fists, legs and weapons? Glory, body, harassment, gang rape... Welcome to the World of Super Lust! Ninjas, taoists, oshō/nuns etc. Everything is waiting for you to overcome! In the school of lust! Brain and body, courage and calm! You must give it your all to get what you wanted… An endless ending!

“Lord, I...I…” Jia Xu was touched and his eagerness was pulling him to go back to his room and play the game. AV just swung his hands, “Alright, alright, these stuff are meant to be shared since we are all friends. Lil’Jia, even though you don’t look like a good guy but I can feel that you are actually still a good one… Good luck.” 

Jia Xu stared at AV who then chit-chatted with Liu, Sun, Cao and the rest. Is it destined? I’m actually good? Since you have said it... I, Wenhe, will definitely repay you with all my might! Without stopping until the day I die!