AV subconsciously felt that the new member, Jia Xu’s expression was a little weird.

Meanwhile, Ye Cang was following Old Li’s orders. After preparing the beef offal, he continued to settle the organs of the duck. Its intestines were as smooth as jade. Ye Cang sliced the duck gizzards into a flower shape and scalded the greenish duck liver thrice with the duck soup. Swiftly, he mashed it and mixed with the homegrown product - Red D Horseradish and a cylindrical white fruit. The taste of the fruit was similar to the Jade Carrot but tastier. Lastly, he poured in a dip of the chili sauce prepared by Old Wang. “Old Li, how is the taste of my chili sauce? I made it according to your instructions.” 

“Fantastic. It’s better than the one Old Wang and I made. I’m really jealous of these fast hands you have. It really helps us accomplish a lot of stuff. Come over! I’ll teach you how to prepare Four Deer Chop. Its meat apportionment is different from any ordinary cow or deer. The most chewy part is its armpits, followed by the shoulder, back, legs, ankles and chest. Now, it’s called Four Deer Chop because you need to slice four pieces of meat from its armpits. A deer only has four armpits, so it has to be shared among everyone. We can grill the meat from shoulder, back, legs and tongue with charcoal. The ankles and chest can be marinated and cooked as Transparent Meat. Are there any guests in the house who love to eat brains?”

Ye Cang stared at Jia Xu, “I remember you like to eat it, right?”

“No, I don’t like…” Jia Xu shook his head with a smile. “I love…”

“Alright, I’ll ask Old Wang to make you fried brains. Old Wang’s cooking can get you addicted, ” Old Li smiled. 

“Come, have some fruits, Uncle and Lord Qin,” Wu Na came to them with two baskets of fruits. Qin Zhong, Qin San and Mother Qin stared at the weird-shaped fruits with confusion. Is that the shape of a male’s reproductive organ?

Qin San picked a pentagon blue fruit and ate it. Sweet and sour. Gosh, it is good. “What fruit is this?”

“We have a HappyFirmaments Tree in our manor. These are all its fruits,” Wu Na smiled.

After tasting some, Qin Zhong was amazed and decided to have a look at the tree. Wu Na brought them there and Qin San took a deep breath, “Calming and chilling.”

“Enlightening.” Qin Zhong picked a leaf and smelt it, “An interesting tree…”

On the other side, Old Wang opened the lid of the pot that was boiling the duck and tossed a pair of deer eyes into it, “I call this Duck Playing with Marbles.”

“It is similar to how I cook in the game, right?” Ye Cang asked the rest.

Everyone shook their heads. No, no, no. People cook edible food but you cook poisonous ones.

“Wow, it smells so good!” FrozenBlood opened the lid and exclaimed. FrozenCloud tossed her a rectangular-shaped fruit, “It’s not done yet. Eat some fruits for now.”

Old Wan then chopped the meat of the Lobster King into cubes and into paper-thin slices. Each person would get at least a stack. After that, he spiced up the broth and started preparing the ingredients for the offal. The stomach, heart, intestine and lungs of the deer were put into the aromatic brine for it to braise. Once the tail was properly cleaned, he placed it into the stock. “Preparing the first dish now! Stir-fried Face Meat! Yes, I’m not wrong. Face meat.”

Old Wang’s ladle was swinging in the midst of the flames. Yet, he served the dish after only ten strokes.

“Your stir frying skills are still as good as usual. It’s soft but also chewy at the same time. It’s perfectly cooked…” Marilyn grabbed a piece with her chopsticks and Lin Liang nodded, “This spice rings a bell... it’s different from an ordinary pickled pepper…”

“I made some pickled pepper with the Red D Horseradish I took last time. The fruit itself is more than enough. I don’t even need sugar, flame ginger slices or grave welch onion to enhance the taste. It’s sweet and spicy on its own.” Lin Liang only then realized upon hearing what Old Wang said, “It’s indeed a good appetizer.”

In a blink of an eye, the plate was emptied. The Qin family members exclaimed that his exclusive cooking skills were amazing. The high-class food served during the Great Family dinner was nothing compared to this. Even though they were made with the same ingredients, the taste was much different.

“Here comes the main dish!” Ye Cang sliced the meat of the shoulder, back, legs and tongue while Old Li sprinkled salt on them. ThornyRose and FrozenCloud were responsible for serving it. There was a mini personalized grill spot in front of everyone and Old Li distributed the Deer Chop on them for all. One bite each.

Lin Liang picked the deer chop and sort of studied it. A combination of meats? As soon as he placed it into his mouth, the juice of the grilled meat burst out. It may seem to be only a piece of meat but it was a mixture of four different tastes. The four different parts of the armpits had four different tastes and yet, it was all fused in one piece. The combination is perfect! It’s so delicious! Unfortunately, we only get one piece each. But it is enough. He then got himself a few slices of meat from the shoulder, back, legs and tongue and grilled them on the wire gauze. It sizzled upon contacting. The juice was forced out from the surface of the meat. Just then, Old Wang handed him the lobster wrap and a mashed substance in a bowl. Lin Liang sprinkled some heavenly heart onions on the wrap, wrapped the cooked meat and dipped them in the mashed sauce. With the juice swirling inside the wrap, he placed it into his mouth. Delicious. Fresh. The aroma of grilling, the juiciness of the meat and the tenderness of the lobster meat.

Covering his mouth with one hand, Lin Liang used his other hand to give a thumbs-up.

“Try the tongue. Dip it with some chili sauce,” Old Wang smiled.

Everyone quickly tasted it for themselves. The taste was beyond words. The spiciness only remained for a second before the original taste took over. It was as if their taste buds were injected with a chemical to enlarge the taste the longer they chewed. The taste of the combination of lobster meat, deer tongue and heavenly heart onion were enhanced at once. It was so tasty that they kept on feeding themselves with the wrap and the table was completely silenced. Moments later, they stared at their emptied plates with nothing they could do other than enjoying the after taste.

Old Wang then mixed the blood from the velvet antlers, the lobster’s tomalley and the Frozen Crystal Lily wine together. He served everyone a small jar of it. “How can we have no wine to go with grilled meat?”

Lin Liang took a sip of the wine mixed by Old Wang. Oh shit, this is strong. His face turned pink. The strong taste of the wine faded almost immediately and left behind the delicious and pungent smell of the frozen lily, the madness of the blood and the freshness of the tomalley. Can’t believe it will have such an effect when the three of them are mixed together.

Liu, Sun, Cao, Huang and the rest were drinking happily. Huang Zhong suddenly stood up and said, “Where can you find this blood?! I’ll go capture a few tens of deers!”

“Such wine can only be drunk occasionally. Chinese white liquor is still our main choice…” Even though Liu Bei enjoyed the wine a lot, he knew it was not so suitable for regular drinking. Without hesitation, he took out the Chinese white liquor and filled their cups.

Qin San and Qin Zhong surrendered to the delicious taste. Mother Qin was smiling happily. “Juice...juice...the delicious juice of the meat…”

Enduring the pain, Jia Xu placed the last piece of the back meat on AV's plate, “My lord, enjoy…”

“Keep it for yourself. There is still a lot of food coming. Dinner will be even more interesting,” AV craned his neck to look at the pot of duck and Old Li’s movements.

Jia Xu nodded and enjoyed the last piece of meat himself. He asked Liu Bei, “How does a woman’s meat taste like?”

“It’s none of your business, immorale bastard. Eat your brain!” Liu Bei was pissed.

“The food will be nice only when he’s helping, but not when he’s cooking,” ThornyRose mumbled as she stared at Ye Cang who was focused on observing the other chefs.

“Indeed, I only heard that Old Wang and the others praised him for preparing the ingredients …” Wu Na smiled.

“Well, after having a grilling feast, it’s best to get yourself some natural soup.” Old Li placed a mushroom cap the size of a plate on each of the wire gauzes like they were their bowls. As it was heated by the flames, juice was leaking out from the surface. Subsequently, it became a bowl of mushroom water. Lil’Wang tried to grab the mushroom but it was too hot so he used a ladle to scoop the soup instead.

Lin Liang tasted the soup. Fresh and sweet! The hot grilling taste disappeared all of a sudden. It’s so fresh! So pure! This is… He turned the mushroom cap upside down when he finished drinking the soup. The Moonlight Night Mushroom. No wonder...

“Heh, I do save myself some good stuff too even though it is nothing compared to ingredients like Lobster King…” Old Li smiled.